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  1. 1. Killcam (when you are killed you see how you were killed by the opponents view) 2. when a enemy shoots it gives their position away for a second 3. when you kill an enemy can a +10 or some thing come up on the screen 4. when stabbing an enemy is it possible to have a .png file come up in the middle of the screen (like 2142), nut just say my mate stabs me i will have a .png pop up on his screen of dogtags with my name on it and visa versa 5. when on a kill streak is it possible for it to have it on the top left corner so everyone can see it [whoevers name] is on a kill streak of 2,3,4,5 etc 6. when a headshot occurs a sound plays on both PC's saying BOOM HEADSHOT all these questions are for a 1v1 mod i am making for me and a mate ONLY, i might post screenies of the mod, but i doubt it cause all the maps look horrible with out lightmaps , and my GFX is s**thouse (w00t for low on everything ) Further explanations 4. it is just like 2142 but for BF2, but there will be 2 seperate .png files, one with his name and the other with mine, is there a way to code it to show a .png when you stab an enemy. the .png will be roughly 400x200 thanks in advance
  2. what exactly is your mod for???
  3. i did search but i didnt find the rigth answers but i guess that i wouldnt have found my answers just by looking up " custom skins "
  4. Thank you msch and sorry if this has p***ed you off
  5. ok i think i know what to save it as now is it 8:8:8:8 ARGB (32 bit) or DXT5 ARGB (interpolated Alpha) thats all i want to know i wont ask any more Q's
  6. i have tried multiple times trying to make custom skins for some vehicles but when i save them they are all glossy how do i get rid of that and also is there a PSD ( photoshop document ) of the editable parts of every editable part on every vehicle thanks in advance
  7. yes and when i want to edit a retail map i unzip it so i can edit it in the editor but when i got to render/detailed texture mode the terrain is black, will be like this in game or will it stay normal
  8. ok cause i wanted to do a shooting range like map for training
  9. ok i tried the wheelLatFrictionMod and it didnt work
  10. so how can i make it a objectspawner
  11. can someone answer me please
  12. alright im gona look at the paratrooper ( MEC & PLA light vehicle ) cause that sorta drifts DPV = ObjectTemplate.newCar2.wheelLatFrictionMod 1.3 paratrooper = ObjectTemplate.newCar2.wheelLatFrictionMod 1.4 so im guessing if i raise it the car will slide more
  13. so just put all the files in the objects_client in a mod of mine, got it ill do that later on
  14. when i was mucking around in BFeditor i noticed that you can spawn soldiers ( they are like dummies that just stand there ) my question is if you drop and drag one onto a custom map will it stay there in game and when you shoot it will it respawn if it "dies"
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