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    Weapon Creation

    Edit: mscho: huh - quoting yourself ? Trying to increase post count ?
  2. sxdemon

    Weapon Creation

    thanks. Just to be sure I understand completly: Where to I put the BF2BundledMesh shader and the 'ColormapGloss' shader thing? Also is there any special name I give to the material "globe" like for a vehicle I have to give rubber and other name like that so the game understand. So its fine If I just call it metal? When using the wizzard it make the Geom0/1+lod0/1 itself? Or I need to make advance stuff? edit:wait I have found something....material editor>standard>BF2BundledMesh thats it? then...color>...dont find anything there but anyway.
  3. sxdemon

    Weapon Creation

    I'm creating my own weapon. I have almost the main pieces done and I have some questions that I need to get anwsered. First: I've search alot on google and on this forum After all my model is complete do I run the bf2 tool with the option: Static/building->run wizzard to make the proper hierarchy? What type (in max) of material do I set for the weapon? Is this all the same or different one? My main hull I name it "WEAPONNAME__GenericFireArm right? How do I create the animation of the weapon? and what about the view, from the hierarchy collection topic, a riffle (or rocket) dont need any 3p/1p view but the sniper do, why? Thats it. Thanks for your help.
  4. Oh no...a thread that I already found and note as "useless" dude I don't even post if I dont search before, thats basic law of intelligence. I wasnt locking for a picture with "where you set co0" and all but how I set them. edit:mschoeldgen will never beleave me....Im understanding hierarchie!
  5. Ok I want to make a special barbwire in-game. I have 3dsmax (never used it though, only the demo of max) I really want help and I have the special faculty to learn very quickly but with small description. I have no exact idea how I will place it but I want to create a special effect with it. Thank you for your future help. edit: well kind of only needing help for collision and effect. (both visual and not)
  6. lolz. You sure it wasnt editable mesh? I didnt tried at the good tool, then.
  7. Errr....me no comprender, me...cousin demon made this jk actually: Will it kill me to know what to do before even knowing how to do it??? The "different destruction" depending on whers I shoot is optional. I only say is hard to create stuff in gmax, but what I want to do is very simple. (more simple than making a house) (The trial of 3dsmax gave me the time to make sum models...) I think if you really want to do something, you have to be persevering and determine and I am. And for your personal knowledge I already made the model of a weapon but I didnt find anywhere how to code it. Btw sudoka, how can a game of 11month being old? lol Sorry, no one have cookie. Also, I think for the "only destroyable by certain weapon" I need to create a new material, right?
  8. I talked about the "official" incomprensible tut of EA lol. Gmax is so damn hard.....I only want to try to make a simple housse, anything to begin with but man, cant find something simple and easy to undestand. Only want to make a whole for the door but I cant even find how lol.
  9. So, the tut made by EA is easy to understand? I though their laziness and making them do half of what they work on lol. Gmax may be able to rotate (didnt find out how) but you cant reallly edit vertices a la 3ds so is alot harder. Oh and what the gmax plugging (bf2) suppose to do? And I think I can only export into a gmax specific file, so how do a convert them into w/e file for bf? Also is the method to do stuff 4 bf2 is the same 4 2142?
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