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    Weapon Creation

    Edit: mscho: huh - quoting yourself ? Trying to increase post count ?
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  3. sxdemon

    Weapon Creation

    thanks. Just to be sure I understand completly: Where to I put the BF2BundledMesh shader and the 'ColormapGloss' shader thing? Also is there any special name I give to the material "globe" like for a vehicle I have to give rubber and other name like that so the game understand. So its fine If I just call it metal? When using the wizzard it make the Geom0/1+lod0/1 itself? Or I need to make advance stuff? edit:wait I have found something....material editor>standard>BF2BundledMesh thats it? then...color>...dont find anything there but anyway.
  4. sxdemon

    Weapon Creation

    I'm creating my own weapon. I have almost the main pieces done and I have some questions that I need to get anwsered. First: I've search alot on google and on this forum After all my model is complete do I run the bf2 tool with the option: Static/building->run wizzard to make the proper hierarchy? What type (in max) of material do I set for the weapon? Is this all the same or different one? My main hull I name it "WEAPONNAME__GenericFireArm right? How do I create the animation of the weapon? and what about the view, from the hierarchy collection topic, a riffle (or rocket) dont need any 3p/1p view but the sniper do, why? Thats it. Thanks for your help.
  5. sxdemon

    Uv Mapping Tutorial

    Tutorial Hope it help.
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    Oh no...a thread that I already found and note as "useless" dude I don't even post if I dont search before, thats basic law of intelligence. I wasnt locking for a picture with "where you set co0" and all but how I set them. edit:mschoeldgen will never beleave me....Im understanding hierarchie!
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    Ok I want to make a special barbwire in-game. I have 3dsmax (never used it though, only the demo of max) I really want help and I have the special faculty to learn very quickly but with small description. I have no exact idea how I will place it but I want to create a special effect with it. Thank you for your future help. edit: well kind of only needing help for collision and effect. (both visual and not)
  8. sxdemon

    Any Novice Modeller Tutorial Coming?

    lolz. You sure it wasnt editable mesh? I didnt tried at the good tool, then.
  9. sxdemon

    Google Earth Plugin?

  10. sxdemon

    Creating New Object

    Errr....me no comprender, me...cousin demon made this jk actually: Will it kill me to know what to do before even knowing how to do it??? The "different destruction" depending on whers I shoot is optional. I only say is hard to create stuff in gmax, but what I want to do is very simple. (more simple than making a house) (The trial of 3dsmax gave me the time to make sum models...) I think if you really want to do something, you have to be persevering and determine and I am. And for your personal knowledge I already made the model of a weapon but I didnt find anywhere how to code it. Btw sudoka, how can a game of 11month being old? lol Sorry, no one have cookie. Also, I think for the "only destroyable by certain weapon" I need to create a new material, right?
  11. sxdemon

    Any Novice Modeller Tutorial Coming?

    I talked about the "official" incomprensible tut of EA lol. Gmax is so damn hard.....I only want to try to make a simple housse, anything to begin with but man, cant find something simple and easy to undestand. Only want to make a whole for the door but I cant even find how lol.
  12. sxdemon

    GMax - Static Building for Export

    Wow! Best tutorial ever!
  13. sxdemon

    Static Invisible Supplyobject

    reload geometry?
  14. sxdemon

    Any Novice Modeller Tutorial Coming?

    So, the tut made by EA is easy to understand? I though their laziness and making them do half of what they work on lol. Gmax may be able to rotate (didnt find out how) but you cant reallly edit vertices a la 3ds so is alot harder. Oh and what the gmax plugging (bf2) suppose to do? And I think I can only export into a gmax specific file, so how do a convert them into w/e file for bf? Also is the method to do stuff 4 bf2 is the same 4 2142?