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  1. dtneter

    Bf2142 1.51 Beta Patch With 4 Maps

    Even though i'm showing this while playing 2142NE this does count for vanilla too.
  2. dtneter

    My First Map

    You wouldn't mind if I would edit the map to my needs for use in 2142 Northern Excursion right? http://www.moddb.com/mods/2142ne We could use a awesome map like this.
  3. dtneter

    Made Six Feet Cv

    Do want do want god these vehicles look sick. I wonder how you got that awesome smoke working, i couldnt get it working properly. What mod are these vehicles gonna be for?
  4. There IS another way without re-exporting the models, (counts for apc's air transports and the titans) All you have to do is to remove the EU_pod from the vehicles folder and manually edit out the tweaks of the vehicles so the passengers don't use the pod launcher anymore note the titan will lagg bad in the editor so best thing to do for that is to remove the exterior shield and maybe the engine effects.
  5. dtneter

    Automatic Shooting Firearm

    Bf2 does not support Autocontrollers so it isnt possible
  6. dtneter

    Count Static Objects?

    It seems that a lot of trees can cause trouble with zooming a weapon for example, it has to draw all the trees from lod2 to lod1 for example which is really annoying.
  7. dtneter

    Rpg Flight Path

    This has been asked over at BFSP too i havent followed the topic so im not sure if its realised or not. http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...p;hl=rpg+flight
  8. dtneter

    W.i.p. Marbella Outpost

    Oh wow that map looks amazing Dling now and testing asap.
  9. dtneter

    Geometrypart Limit For Bf2142

    A walker tutorial would be nice and i don't know about the limit, Ive been trying to get a apc into the editor for ages but i gave up because of the constant crashing, the hierarchy is identical to the other apc's in game though.
  10. upload the pdf or doc i dont care this tutorial is nice.
  11. dtneter

    Repairing Popable Tires?

    Popable tires? sweet why havent i found this yet. you probably need to add some other tweaks from the main vehicle to it like CanBeRepairedWhenWreck 1 or so
  12. dtneter

    How Can I Improve Vehicle Physics

    try to copy the engine and wheel grip too i sorta got the same problem with my custom civilian truck im using. Edit: seems having this page open for a few hours and replying to it later results in bad things lol ^^
  13. dtneter

    Need Help!loading Mech Problem

    Mechs cannot be loaded because the editor probably doesnt like the bones in the mesh? i dont know ive read it somewhere. the only way to load air transports and apcs in the editor is to delete the EU_POD vehicle and removing all lines in the apc/AT tweaks.
  14. dtneter

    Putting Bf2 Vehicle Into Bf2142 Map.

    what if its for personnal use? maybe thats what he wants?
  15. dtneter

    Creating Your First Static In Max / Gmax

    Amazing schoeldgen now me and my modelers can create some statics sticky?