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  1. I was digging around through some old files on my mapping computer and found this copy of Kysterama's Navmesh Tutorial and Maya tips. I saw that his server is no longer online so I wanted to make this available to everyone. It is a PDF file and I uploaded it to my Filefront account. Kysterama Navmesh Tutorial
  2. That's some excellent looking terrain CB. Are those custom textures on the mountainsides?
  3. If you've added more objects and buildings to a map that was already navmeshed, you'll need to create a new navmesh so that these new items are "recognized" by the bots. You'll also need to create a new minimap too.
  4. hey prman, Use TPaint to automatically paint your first three texture layers (steep, high, and low) http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13136
  5. Thanks for your input sosser. I've tried everything I know to get those wacky bots to drive on the roads. I tried waypoints and I tried adding SA's between the home flag and the motel (in 16 player mode). The Chinese team seem to stay on the road OK, it's just the USA team that wants to detour. Due to a random CTD, I've reworked the map with much less overgrowth so that the navmesh would have a greatly reduced poly count. I added some large rocks for cover and to restrict vehicles near the lake edge approaching the motel. I've adjusted the CP radius and infantry order positions inside the motel. I have not noticed any problems capping the motel flags, though. All motel flags are cappable from inside. I added the "for Infantry only" flag to the motel CP's, but it seemed to cause problems so I had to uncheck those boxes in the tweaker. That is certainly an ugly loading screen pic, but it is of the unfinished motel. The final release will certainly have a better image. Thanks again everybody for your suggestions. I find them very helpful.
  6. The flat surface in your photo is the terrain. I assume you did not export the heightmap correctly from L3DT. This link will take you to a video tutorial for using L3DT. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...683&hl=L3DT It's an excellent tut, and very detailed.
  7. start by making a very small map, such as a 512 scale 2. L3DT is awesome. I used it in my newest map to generate the heightmap, texture map, colormap, and the alpha maps used for undergrowth and overgrowth. But I would recommend that you do the under/overgrowth by hand for the first map. TPaint is awesome. I overlay the colormap from L3DT with the colormap from TPaint and blend them with Photoshop to get a really nice colormap. Save backup copies of your work as you progress. I add the date to the folder name, such as MyMap_091207. Also, I always add a ReadMe text file with the backup copies with information about the map. I like to run Lightmaps early in the mapping process. Just the Primary Terrain and at Medium setting. This way your undergrowth will show up correctly and not look all black and discolored. Read the tutorials, especially the "sticky" threads here in the forums. Make sure your map works good in conquest mode before doing the singleplayer stuff. I use the "Roads" tool to help create a slope in the terrain. Use the Level tool and the Platform tool in the Terrain Editor to create a perfectly flat plateau area. Use the Search button. There's a wealth of information here in the forums, and everything you need to know to get started is already here for your reading pleasure. Welcome aboard!
  8. From the thread referenced: For all Blender 3d users: Import OBJ... Import: Smooth Groups Options: Keep Vert Order, Clamp Scale = 0 Separate objects from obj...: Object, Group, Material. I tried to use these settings, but it only lets me select either "Keep Vertical Order" or the "Object, Group, Material" buttons. I had to turn off the "Keep Vertical Order" button to use the other three buttons. Only the Ground material is being shown, the water and deepwater are all green.
  9. I made a short tutorial on Importing objects created in Maya 6.0.1 into the BF2 editor. It can be found on Filefront here: http://www.filefront.com/15067157/importin...ects_to_BF2.zip
  10. simon, I uploaded my temple_steps Maya .mb file to my Filefront page here: http://www.filefront.com/15057203/temple_steps_MB.zip/ Just unzip this file, and inside it is the temple_steps folder. Place this folder into this staticobjects directory EA Games/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/RawData/Objects/staticobjects/ Then open your Editor and select your MyMod (or whatever your custom mod is for importing) Switch to the Object Editor, then from the menu select Import, then open the temple_steps folder and select the temple_steps.mb file and hit OK. Let me know if it imported correctly for you. I hope this is of some help to you.
  11. simon, Regarding your earlier post with importing the Maya .mb file: Navigate to the Program Files/EA Games/BF2/bf2editor/settings/default/ open the "customize" file In my file, the first line reads: Environment.RawDataPath "bf2editor/rawdata" I believe that is the path the editor needs to find your .mb files ready to be imported. Are you going to try and learn both Max and Maya?
  12. Thanks ms, If it's just a problem during the loading process and the correct munuMaps display correctly in-game, then I can still have totally different layouts for the different modes. That would be great since I want to use an area of the map in the Conquest_64 mode that is beyond the SinglePlayer_64 combat zone boundary (navmeshed area). I just need to design 3 "generic" menuMaps for the conquest mode images, something that shows the basic minimap image with perhaps some text or a logo superimposed over it to conceal variations between modes. "As there's a lot of miscoded properties in the menumap system and no chance of a fix 'cause DICE would break their own maps we simply have to live with it. " Is this problem specific to the bf2 mod, and not to custom mods? I thought I saw nine different menuMap images in some of the AIX levels? Just curious.
  13. Thank you for your interest in using this map in your mod blowupyou, but I'd like to test the map first. I have a large building in the map that I created in Maya, and I'd like to make sure that it doesn't create any lag issues. Also, the building needs better looking textures applied to it. Once I'm convinced that the map is bug-free, I don't foresee any problems with letting you add it to your mod.
  14. spam? from the TLB site. not a chance, but thanks anyway clive , it's always best to go with your instints I uploaded the file to my old FileFront acct, but it's a big file, I'm not sure how long it will be available before they delete it. I've had nothing but problems with Filefront over the years. Here's the link: http://www.filefront.com/15008263/airwolf.zip
  15. I have a new map that I'd like to test online before making a "final release" of it. It is called Airwolf and can be downloaded here: http://www.clan-tlb.com/forum/downloads.ph...=file&id=66 I have the map running on this server: and it is currently playing the Co-Op_16 level. It has three levels, and all are playable in Multi-player, Single-player, and Co-Op modes. The 16 player level has both teams fighting for control of a huge Motel that I made with Maya. It is four stories tall, and each floor has dozens of rooms. There are four flags in the Motel, and as your team captures the flags, your enemy may acquitre a tank or APC to launch their counter attack. The 32 and 64 player levels are both large area maps, and feature a volcano that hides the only attack chopper on the map, a Command Post that has the only helo repair pad and also gives the occupants Commander 2 additional arty pieces. The map is densely forested and has a huge lake. The Motel has two elevators, but they are a little buggy. If you get a chance to try it, please post any problems, comments, or suggestions in this thread. Thanks!
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