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  1. Hello All. I've been away from modding BF maps for a few years. I once knew how to modify BF1942 Desert Combat maps but it's been a long time. However. I now want to add a vehicle to an BF2 AIX2 map because the map is large, has no vehicles at all and could use a vehicle or two. I've managed to get the BF2 Editor working on my Win 8.1 system and have watched a few tutorials but I'm still overwellemed with some of the tutorials teaching more stuff then i need. So I'd like someone to tell me just how to add a vehicle to an existing Bf2 map in very simple terms. Or how to modify a map so that i can order a "Vehicle Drop". On some maps when I'm the commander an I try to order a Vehicle Drop the response is " No transport availible". Can I change this?
  2. !Yo zephyr; I may be able to help you get the BF2 Editor working on you computer if you don't already have it working. However. you did not mentsion just what version of Windows or operating system you are using. If you are using Win 7,8,8.1,or 10 you will have to run it in the compatiability mode for Win Xp Sp3.
  3. You have the same problem that I have. The only mention of Maya is in the tutorials. I guess we have it but I don't know how to activate or install the plug-in.
  4. I'd like someone to tell me the process for changing one of the land vehicles to a chopper. I know how to edit the .con files in BF42 with the WinRFA program in BC1942. (I added a AH64 & Hind to the 73 Eastling map for BF1942 Desert Combat SP.) I'd just like to modify (add or remove some vehicles) some of the BF2 Single Player levels. I don't want to make or create a new mod right now. What files do I modify and where are they located in BF2?.. Thank's DC..
  5. I may be missing something but here goes. I'm doing the "Building the Bunker" tutorial and it asks to luanch Maya. I did not see any Maya icons or anything related to Maya, so I so dnloaded and installed Maya PLE. I was able to continue with the tutorials wntill the "Importing the Bunker" Tutoiral 5 asked me to open the Maya folder in the BF2 Editor. I have no Maya folder on my "Choose mesh to import.." like it shows in the tutorials. The "Choose mesh to import" window of the tutorial lists in this order an :Animation, Common, Levels, Maya and then the Objects Folder. My "Choose mesh to import "folder is missing the Maya folder. Everything else is there. So my ?'s are : How do I install Maya in the BF2 Editor? . (I have the latest 49.3 meg BF2Editor) Was Maya included in the BF2Editor? Or, do you think my Maya PLE removed Maya from the BF2 Editor. Can I use the Maya PLE? (I think one of the posts say's no.) Please Help? & Thank's DC
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