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  1. Hey guys, it's not Vista related, but i've got the exact same problem as chloemarqz on Win 7. Turned the mouse trail on and off, but it doesn't make a difference, any ideas? Pretty impossible to work on a map that way.. :-(
  2. so this is going to be my first map wich will make appearance in PR 0.9. thought i'd post it up here as well, i certainly wouldn't have a clue about mapping without his forum. A big THANKS to everyone for taking the time and writing tutorials and helping us noobs out with your knowledge. MINIMAP INGAME: more pictures here: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-de...valley-wip.html
  3. so i did that and it works on his rig, so i guess 2 gigs are to less..
  4. yea already did that and the minimap works on other maps, no probs. and yea the script is where it should be (ea games/bf2), and it hasn't been changed. the only thing i can think off is the map is scale 4. but then again it works fine with other scale 4 maps (just checked it out). so it seems to be down to the map itself somehow, i just can't figure out what's going on.
  5. yes, i've got the latest version, 100% sure. no, i didn't open the minimap in ps since there's nothing to open because the editor crashes instead of creating a minimap. i'll try reinstalling bfe, though i had not to do any reinstallings for a good while now.. actually i had no probs with the editor at all for over a year now. i think before i'll do that, i just hand it over to a m8 with 4 gigs to see what happens there. cheers for the comments, cb!
  6. 2 gigs of ram. yea i already thought it might be a memory problem but i don't think it is ram related tbh, since i never had that prob with any map and i have some projects that have realy loads of overgrowth/ objects etc plus uneven and complicated terrain etc and no probs with rendering the minimap..
  7. hey fellas, as the title says - the editor crashes when i hit the show minimap button. the dumpfile points to an RendDX9 error, the debuglog can be found at the bottom of the post. i didn't make any major changes to the map, it's just basic terrain, main roads, rivers etc... it showed up fine yesterday but today it crashes for some reason??? deleting the minimap from the editor folder doesn't solve the problem and i have no idea what's going on at the mo since this never happend to me before nor did i find any threads about this prob... anyone's got an idea?!
  8. hey marcoe, ctd at 15% usually means there's something wrong with your objects. from my experience, a fubar'd over/undergrowth crashes at ~70%. you can pm me the link as well and i see if i can spot the bugger (had several crashes with certain pr objects in the past as well, maybe i should write down a list sometime )
  9. yea good point! i'll play around with it and try different settings. 4096 scale 1 also works nice and the results aren't that bad so far.. :-)
  10. thanks for the reply, mschoeldgen! maybe i didn't make it clear. in the bf2 editor i create a terrain: 1024, scale 4 = level size 4096. so in terragen i create a heightmap with 4097 size and when i export and open the map in the bfeditor it looks like in the pic from 'dragunov's post, all over the map. i've also adjusted the height range from 0 - 164 (terrain units) so is this just too big or - maybe - do i mix the wrong sizes together? and yea i'm aware of the 8/16 bit difference of primary and surrounding terrain. EDIT: btw. this is how my terrain looks like: EDIT2: ok nvm, problem solved. i simply had to adjust the 'meters point spacing' and take a 1025 size terrain and everything is as it should be.
  11. sorry to bump this, but anyone knows how to fix that problem? i'm getting the same messed up terrain with larger maps, 513, 1025 works ok, but it gets messed up with 4097 after i load up the heightmap in the editor.. i'm exporting in 16bit intel order and i'm sure i'm using the right size (checked it twice) any ideas?
  12. so you dug out this old thread.. didn't know about the ladders limit, interesting! but yea 1023 is the limit for networkables, wich means destroyables or other dynamic objects including pickup kits, stationary weapons, vehicles, commander assets etc. (correct me if i'm wrong) - not just the stuff in the staticobjects. to answer my question in the first post: looks like i don't have to count dynamic and unique objects together, the dynamic objects is the number that counts + i have to be aware to have enough 'slots' for com. assets, maybe weapon caches etc.. to stay within the limit. thanks anyways guys, i'll let you know if i find out something different.
  13. hey fellas.. i need some light here please. i know the maximum number of destroyable/ dynamic objects is 1024, that includes gameplay objects (vehicles, kits etc..) afaik. now do i simply have to add those numbers together (dynamic object count + destroyable object count + vehicles etc)..? what about the 'unique objects' - do they count to the 1024 limit? i'm talking about the tool window btw: thanks in advance. -h.m.slayer-
  14. LOL! just a small note there: you can edit the file while the editor is running. you just have to load the map again afterwards. that saves some minutes from time to time since my rig is lacking ram
  15. sorry bumping this 2006 stuff ;-) mschoeldgen writes about a mirrored navmesh. could someone explain how i can fix this, please?
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