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  1. [EA]pixelat3d

    Importing My_bunker.mb error

    try re-pathing the textures in Maya. This is located in the attribute editor for the shader. Also check your environment path. Try to keep the objects on the same drive as the editor so you can keep the relative path.
  2. [EA]pixelat3d

    Maya Tools Installation Issues.

    Either way would be fine. Here prefered ; )
  3. [EA]pixelat3d

    Err 134

    If you receive this error, or something similar: Error: cgfxShader internal error 134 with args: -e -fx C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/maya/CGFX6.0/StaticMesh.fx cgfxShader1 This is because the Maya tools do not currently work with ATI cards. If you are not using an ATI card and are still receiving this error, please post more information here, as there are also some other causes.
  4. [EA]pixelat3d

    Maya Tools Installation Issues.

    I've sent this to a few of you already... If you’ve been having some trouble with the Maya tools, EA needs more information from you. We would like you to reply to this thread with your EAsyinfo (launched from the start menu, or directly from <BF2Install>supporteasyinfo.exe) as well as the directories you have Maya (along with the version), the editor, and your BF2 game installed to. Also if you have an ATI card, please make special note of it. Also if you have multiple versions of Maya installed on the same system, please make a special note of that as well. We are currently working hard to try and resolve all the issues you guys are seeing with the tools, but again we need your help to get the full spectrum of separate install conditions.
  5. [EA]pixelat3d

    New CTD question, lol

    Make sure you have an armor component on your vehicle bundle itself. Not just the engine.
  6. [EA]pixelat3d

    Maya 6.0/6.0.1 Plug in problems: MayaParser60, ProgsiveMesh

    It does this because you do not have MAYA_LOCATION set as an environment variable, set this to your maya directory as a System var and you will no longer get the question of where Maya is installed.
  7. [EA]pixelat3d

    Setup for Maya tools 6.0.1

    Couple of questions for you guys. Are you running Maya 6.0.1 complete, or Maya 6.0.1 Unlimited ? Also, could you give some spcefic information about where you have BF2 as well as maya.
  8. [EA]pixelat3d

    error on importing objects

    Sorry, your MAYA_LOCATION should not be set to your bin directory. Just C:program filesaliasMaya6.0.1 or whatever you have it set to. Then check to make sure your path in the editor is set to the relative one. If this does not work where do you have the editor installed to?
  9. [EA]pixelat3d

    Setup for Maya tools 6.0.1

    These files are included with the editor install. check <BF2 Install>mayaMaya ToolsScripts and <BF2 Install>mayaMaya ToolsPlugins
  10. [EA]pixelat3d

    error on importing objects

    thank you for the help pixelat3d. i've setup an environment path in the bf2editor, and i have now also setup a environment path for maya in windows. this is what i have done: does that look correct? i was not sure if the MAYA_LOCATION path should point to the folder (bin) or to the executable (maya.exe), so i tried both. it's still not working. i still get the same message when testing straight from MParser60.exe, and a i get the same message when importing from the editor. i also reinstalled the bf2editor after setting the windows env path, just in case. still nothing. does all of that look correct? am i still missing something? thanks again, i appreciate the help. Leto The problem seems to be that if you are working from the default BF2 directory you need to make your path in the editor relative, not absolute. Try changing it to bf2editorRawData Should fix your problem
  11. [EA]pixelat3d

    Setup for Maya tools 6.0.1

    How to correctly install the Maya CGFX tools. Make sure you have run the CGFX utiility installer. Copy (Located in <Battlefield2>mayamaya-toolsscripts) ak_renameToolBox.mel BatchUtils.mel DICE.mel DiceSix.mel dnyUVPanel.mel exportSkinMap.mel LodTool.mel ModelTool.mel ProgressiveMeshUI.mel remote.mel setupScript.mel ShaderTool.mel ShaderToolSix.mel userSetup.mel Util.mel UvAnimTool.mel WeaponTool.mel to C:Documents and Settings<USER>mayascripts Copy Copy (Located in <Battlefield2>mayamaya-toolsplugins) AEcgfxShaderTemplate.mel AEcgfxVectorTemplate.mel AErscMeshShaderTemplate.mel cgfxShader_dummyl.mel cgfxShader_initUI.mel cgfxShader_util.mel ProgressiveMesh_Release.mll cgfxShader.mll to <MAYA>binplug-ins Copy everything in the icons Folder <MAYA>icons Environment Variables that need to be set. These are example directories, use the correct ones for your maya install. [ System Environment vars ] MAYA_LOCATION = C:Program FilesAliasMaya6.0.1 PATH needs C:Program FilesAliasMaya6.0.1bin In it [ User Environment Vars ] CG_BIN_PATH = C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationCgbin CG_INC_PATH = C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationCginclude CG_LIB_PATH = C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationCglib PATH needs C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationCgbin in it Updated. Try this guys. Also if more of you are having issues and using Maya Unlimited as well, please post something here.
  12. [EA]pixelat3d

    error on importing objects

    Make sure your path is setup in the editor as well as in windows. You need to have a var MAYA_LOCATION set in your environment variables for windows.
  13. [EA]pixelat3d

    Another question....sorry.

    Open up the bf2 editor Switch to the level editor via the combo box (top left by default) Select Level editor Select File > Load Once your level is loaded just right click on it in the view port (preview window if you will) and select Create new Control point.
  14. [EA]pixelat3d

    Public version any different?

    yes, upgrade ; )
  15. [EA]pixelat3d

    Anyone know how to kill a player with python?

    should be able to take a player object through a function and make em' dead. In BF2 there are two states to "dead", try something like def foo( player ) player.killed = true