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  1. AUSLiNK

    The Lost Village

    Yeah i cant play it, everytime i try is crashes to desktop? has anyone else played it yet?!?! fix how?
  2. AUSLiNK

    How To Install The Maya Tools.

    MParser60.exe - Unable to Locate Component This application has failed to start because OpenMayaAnim.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem help plz. And btw im not much of a computer person plz dont get WAY to technical unless u have to
  3. AUSLiNK

    Maya Probs

    itll take bout 2+ hours might have to find aus website to dl quicker. and i couldnt find 6.0 on that sight >.<. Thanks anyway mate!
  4. AUSLiNK

    Maya Probs

    Im not sure if its normal. it seems to be 20X the size of 6.0.1 >.<
  5. AUSLiNK

    Maya Probs

    i think i have 6.0.1, should i dl 6.1? i know i have the version which CAME with editor
  6. AUSLiNK

    Maya Probs

    First when i started is had a few errors i fixed. i read the forum of how to fix the lastest version of 6.01 maya. i got to the part saying Copy all the icons from the "Icon" folder to "C:Program FilesAliasMaya6.0.1icons". (Not the folder itself, just the files inside it!) -Copy everything inside the "Plugins" folder to "C:Program FilesAliasMaya6.0.1binplug-ins". (note the hyphen in the name. They do not go in "plugins"!) I dont have those folders... ive searched everywhere and copy pasted it, nothing, plz reply quick : ( Also 1 more thing when i launch setup it says 'An error has accured while launching setup, The remote procedure cell failed' But it lets me continue and install Plz help where my folder or how to fix it!