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  1. jumpjet

    Maya - Merging Vertices

    Great, thanks very much, I will give that a go ...........
  2. jumpjet

    Maya - Merging Vertices

    Hi I would be grateful if someone could help me to join an island to the main navmesh using Maya 8.5. First let me say that I have followed the excellent tutorial here :- http://bf2.e-plaza.de/page4.htm It's just that I can't get it to work, perhaps it's because I am using a different version of Maya than the tutorial. Pictues are worth a thousand words, to I'll use them to explain my problem :- 1/ Here is my island selected at the bottom, and I want to join it to the top main mesh 2/ I go into to EDGE mode mode and extrude one of the edges toward the main mesh 3/ I now swap to VERTEX mode, move 2 vertices of the recently extruded edge toward two vertices on the main mesh, where I want to join the main mesh. I jiggle them about in 3D space until they are very close to each other 4/ Here where it all goes wrong, the picture is from the left side of the island where I want to make my first pair of vertices merge. I just CANNOT select the 2 vertices to join, I can select one or the other, but NOT both at the same time, therefore I cannot merge the island at all. I can select multiple vertices on any one polygon, either on the island or on the main mesh, but CAN'T select 1 from the island and 1 from the main mesh. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong? Also as a side question, does anyone know how to raise the whole navmesh up in space by a small amount, so that when it is exported back into BF2 Editor it is totally visible? You may have guessed that I am new to this mapping/navmeshing lark, and I navmeshed a map 3 times because of perceived gaps in the navmesh, when in actual fact the gaps were not there, it was just that the navmesh was lurking just below the terrain of the map ........ doh! Anyway, my thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out, especially for the island joining bit, as it gets a bit frustrating having to delete EVERY island. Cheers
  3. jumpjet

    Editor Boot - Antialiasing Warning

    Funny enough, it was the bf2.exe that fixed it, though I did try the bf2editor.exe also. I can only assume that as the editor is loading the bf2 mod (when the error occured), it is picking up the antialias settings for bf2. Anyway ....... it's working now, thanks Now to ask some questions about Maya ............
  4. jumpjet

    Editor Boot - Antialiasing Warning

    It's funny how things go .......... PC's ........ don't a luv' 'em ? I re-installed my video drivers, went back to all the (inbuilt) bf2 profiles, selected them all to 'application controlled' again ...... and hey presto! ......... warning gone. It looks like my new settings were not 'sticking', so I was stuck with x4 antialiasing on, even though I had changed the setting. Thanks
  5. jumpjet

    Editor Boot - Antialiasing Warning

    Hi Beex Thanks for the reply. I probably described what I have done poorly ......... but that is what I meant when I said 'I have set the bf2.exe to not use these settings, but use the in game settings (application controlled)' i.e I went into my card drivers and told it that the antialiasing (and some other stuff) should be 'application' controlled' by the game and not by the drivers. ............ but I still have the warning
  6. Hi It would be much appreciated if someone know how to prevent this warning (picture below) from appearing every time I load the BF2 editor. I have 3D nvidea video drivers for my video card, there are various settings for different games. I have set the bf2.exe to not use these settings, but use the in game settings (application controlled) in an attempt to get rid of this warning, but it hasn't worked. It is really annoying me, especially if I want to Navmesh a map, because the python scripts that do the navmeshing have to load the editor, and everything will hang waiting for me to hit the OK button. This is no good when I want to leave my PC to do the navmeshing whilst I am away. I have searched and searched for a fix for this but cannot find one. Please, has anyone any idea what I can do to disable this warning? Thanks