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  1. They were talking about BF:BC2 is coming out in march.
  2. Your mod looks pretty awesome well done! also are you the guy that was picked up by DICE?
  3. I lol'd, if you make a mod. it will be unranked. Why not run your stat padding server in nonranked?
  4. Burnouts

    Juttish Heath

    nice map, all you need to do now is lightmap it!
  5. Burnouts

    Hits Taken

    Soz for the thread rez, But saves making a new one Im also trying to work out how to "show a message if the player was killed by headshot like clanmod." also. Any help would be great. thanks EDIT: ahh i found it http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10689
  6. Lol, im running a Q6600 @ 3.2 W/C, and 2 ultras. And still only get 30-40fps. but thats maxxed..
  7. I dont think 2008 works with these tools, I had a go the other day, no good
  8. Lol, Try 200 bots with total maxxed out in Crysis. Hello Sir lagalot
  9. best to jump on Sir website and ask them there, not sure if elxx comes on here anymore.. www (dot) sircommunity (dot) com
  10. lawl....... Do you mean gamemode?
  11. lawl, i didn't even read it :lol: (Just the feeling he can have that he thinks hes helped someone out)
  12. Does the line around the flag update in the editor?, Other wise you must be doing something wrong.
  13. how is it illegal?, hes not importing objects?, copying any files from it ...
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