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  1. I did a search for this but couldn't find anything... I made a custom map for special forces. The teams are US and MEC. I was on MEC and the kits didn't have the grapple hooks or zip lines - they were just the standard bf2 kits. How do I fix this, considering I'm making a special forces map FOR these equipment effects? Thanks, Blade P.S.... On a side note, why is it that when I try to import my resources through Mod Manager, the only option I have to import is "Weapons"? I have to manually import all of my objects and vegetation and such through the resource bar every time I open BF Editor. **EDIT: Now I have the kits (teargas for support, flash bangs for assult) but still no zip line or grapple. .
  2. Oh okay! That would definitely make a difference haha. I didn't think you had to - I thought it was like maps where you could test without packaging.
  3. I really have no idea what's going wrong... I did that to the US_AT.con in this exact directory... F:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\TestMod\Objects\Kits\US and absolutely nothing changed... I'm the only one on the map so maybe I have the pilot look (the vest/helmet) now, but I still have the gun and the AT rocket, not just a knife and pistol.. :/
  4. Ohhhh there we go! Awesome, thank you!
  5. well i changed the rotation scale to 0.1 but they're still crooked :/ I see how that works, and that method would work if I were just doing a single hillside...But I have the same overgrowth paint all over my map and they cover different angled hillsides :/
  6. Yeah I got that part thankfully, but how about when I change weapon's loadout? That doesn't change when I get in game...It's just the standard loadout. Or even when i change the .tweak files for the weapons, they stay the same.
  7. When I put my overgrowth on hills, they're crooked... How can I fix that? I have a very "hilly" map, and I don't want to have to manually install a forest...
  8. I'm trying to replace the US Anti-Tank kit with a pilot kit that has just a pistol, but is wearing the vest and helmet of a chopper pilot. I know how to change the weapons, but I'm not sure how to make the soldier have the vest and helmet. Any ideas?
  9. thanks! so i import my infantry mesh and i still have like, 25 island files...haha
  10. I'm having trouble following a step in a tut on creating your own navmeshes... I'm using this tutorial. I get stuck on step 5... I'm unfamiliar with 3ds max and don't know how to elete isolated elements, polies and vertices from my infantry.obj and vehicles.obj. Any help would be great!
  11. I created a mod and put Zatar Wetlands in the levels list. All I did for editing the level was delete a few spawnpoints from a control point and add 2 littlebirds from SF (I'm running the mod under BF2, not SF, but I figured out how to get the SF vehicles). When I start up my mod and start a local server with Zatar, I have no map to select a spawn point on, nor do I have a minimap. What's the deal with this? I've also changed the camera view settings for the start screen... so you see the carrier when you first join the map instead of the trees and a pond, which was the original setting. that didn't work either. What I just did was delete my client.zip and server.zip from my level folder... and then i could at least choose a spawn point and spawn on the carrier. **BUT** NONE of my changes took place. The F35's were still there (I deleted them), the spawn points that I deleted were still there, and my little birds were NOT there... Lame!
  12. I can put in the big tall powerline towers, but where do I find the wires/what are they called? (to string wires between the towers) Also, what are the telephone poles called/where are they in the file system? Can't seem to locate those...
  13. sorry to open this topic again after 5 years... but none of this worked for me. i know, im a noob. first of all, i dont have that option on the right when creating my mod "load parent mod content". i also tried just creating a new mod and then moving the C4 or M24 file into my new mod and editing the .tweak file. But the changes were "not made" in game, meaning they were there in the tweak file but it didnt appear or act as so in game.
  14. well im not trying to modify a map - i know how to do that. im trying to modify weapons so that say an m24 will shoot a fish or something or an eryx missile. and id like to have a new mod so that i can change stuff around without touching my BF2 files, so that i can still play online.
  15. I've followed tutorials how to start a new mod, and when i get to the "load parent mod content" section, i dont have that option on the right side of my mod manager screen. image here. the reason im creating a new mod is to change weapon characteristics. so in my new mod, i followed this tutorial but it didnt work... i played in SP AND a local, neither worked. so i tried changing the C4 instead. that didn't work either. i dont know what the deal is!! as a side note, would it be easier to copy a weapon file from bf2, rename it, edit it within bf editor, and then import it into my mod? of course, i have to get my mod working first though, as stated above.
  16. My map works for me and one of my other friends running windows 7...but for my friend with vista, it crashes once he joins game. any ideas? **EDIT** It crashes for him when I host the local (we're using Hamachi), but then when he hosts the local, it crashes for me and not him.
  17. How do I get multiple selectable spawnpoints on one control point? Not just spawn points, but spawn point selections... An example of this is on Dragon Valley at the Refinery flag, where once capped, you can select to spawn near the flag or next to the runway, and then the spawn points of course vary for each of those "selectable" spawnpoints... I'd like to do this, but I'm not sure how.
  18. If I create a new mod and start editing my objects such as guns and vehicles, will I still be able to play MP because I'm editing a mod? Or do I still need to back up and replace my ObjectsServer.zip every time I want to play MP?
  19. When I put objects down, they tend to "disappear" unless I look at them the right way. Too far or too close and I can't see them. I can deal, it's just a wicked pain to organize a city when you can only see a few objects at a time... How can I change that so I can see all of my objects all the time? I've been playing with the "Render" menu, but haven't found anything.
  20. figured it out! somehow i got switched out of Detail Texture Mode...
  21. My water is pea green... My water color is set to blue. When I look at my water in the editor, it's the blue that I have selected. When I look at my water in game, the shadowed areas (shadowed by trees/rocks/buildings/etc) are the blue that I have selected, but the other areas are this nasty pea green. I can't find anywhere that I have ANY colors set to this nasty green. Any ideas on why this is, and how to fix it?! ***EDIT*** Well, I changed WaterFogColor to white as well as WaterSpecularColor... They were shades of blue. It changed the green to black. For some reason my TerrainWaterColor is stuck on black... I changed it to white and then saved, regenerated EnvMaps, but my water is still blackish... (see it here) And I want my water to look like THIS..
  22. okay thank you! now for some reason i was painting last night... and nothing would show up until i clicked on "merge" in the painting menu. whats up with that? i never had to do that before
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