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  1. Tried to download it from ur Filefront link,and when i extracted it,it said client.zip was corrupted..The file-upload.net link worked fine tho. Map looks great,about to try it out.
  2. love the spawn,and SEAL ones beex,nice work!
  3. Yeah,my mod didn't even have a folder in there,lol.But now it's fixed.Thanks a lot man!
  4. Hey guys,I've been having this problem ever since I put my pc on Windows 7..When I go to place an object spawner,it lets me,but the list that you usually get,to choose which vehicle you want to spawn,is blank..I've tried loading all of my mod content in,and all that,but it doesn't help anything.All help is appreciated.
  5. Great post Beex,this should be helpful to alot of people.
  6. Map looks good,maybe go and smooth the hills a bit,they look a bit odd,and possibly add some cover/blown up cars in the streets..But other than that,map looks sweet!
  7. Oh,love that gun,good luck on the model,it seems to be coming along well man,keep it up!
  8. Ohh,that looks much better,keep up the work!
  9. oh nice,can't wait to see the final result!
  10. Good work,loving the planes..Think you'll ever make a regular F-22??
  11. Lookin awesome so far Junglist,great work as usual man!
  12. BF1943 has been out..On console at least.I don't know if it's coming to PC or not..And Bad Company 2 doesn't release until Mar.2 2010.
  13. Well,I thought I'd post this here,since BFBC2 will be the next BF title coming to PC.But I found this really nice gameplay video of BFBC2 on 360,but it'll pretty much be the same over on PC. http://xboxmovies.teamxbox.com/xbox-360-hi...s-Episode-1-HD/ Enjoy!
  14. Wow,I wasted 20 dollars on those expansions when they came out,and now people get em' for free...how lame..I would be happy about this patch,but I don't play vBF2..
  15. Great work as usual Clivewil !! Love Mustangs!
  16. Hey guys,i've been working on this map for a while,and i left it alone for a little while so i could work on some other things,and complete another map project..But i rescently went back to begin to finish this map up,but i'm having one major issue that's preventing me from doing that..I have already painted most of the map with a grassy texture..But now when i go to paint more of it,it paints a diff. color...And i can't erase the past grass i have painted..It's like the grass texture i was painting before is on the map,but i can't paint it again...And i've tried to get the color back of what's already painted,and nothing will match up..My other textures,of like dirt,gravel,etc. are fine,but the grassy one is acting up..
  17. Hello patient Insurgent strike fans. It has been quite a while since the last update, but over that time of silence, the development team here at insurgent strike has been effortlessy working on getting insurgent strike ready for it's v0.11 release. the main reason for the release taking so long were some complicated issues with getting singleplayer to run stable, but some compromises were made so that insurgent strike could move on and get to this stage. For any of you insurgent strike fans that have played our ancient 0.1 beta FROM LONG AGO, the .11 release will be far different. Expect realistic gameplay that will better immerse you into the virtual combat situations you experience on the battlefield 2 engine. WE'VE BEEN HARD AT WORK GETTING NEW MAPS READY, ADDING NEW WEAPONS, AND NEW FACTIONS, AS WELL AS TWEAKING CURRENT VEHICLES, AND WEAPONS. WE ARE SURE INSURGENT STRIKE v0.11 WILL NOT DISSAPOINT, AND WE ASSURE YOU THE WAIT HAS BEEN WORTH IT. So without further ado, we present you, insurgent strike v0.11 http://www.moddb.com/mods/insurgent-strike...11b-client-full http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Ins...l_Client;100040 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4HjMonn7O8 (how to embed this on here? lol) Teaser ^^ v0.11 Changelog http://www.ismod.co.uk/changelog.txt We'd also like to give you a little bit of info on what to look forward to in the v0.12 update of insurgent strike. This update will mainly include various bug fixes, and updates, but will also have some other goodies. Like the FV107 scimitar that the U.K. faction will get their hands on, and the Militia and Insurgents will be getting a new AK-74.Also look for the USMC faction to appear in .12 By: [iS-DEV]Agent & [iS-DEV]Canny
  18. Is it true that editing the menu is "illegal".Say like linking the SinglePlayer button,so that when you click it,it takes you to create local or something along those lines.Would that be illegal to do,or is it ok.? -Thanks.
  19. I think it was some terrain issues,I got it working now though,funny,lol. Thanks though CB.
  20. The latest map I'm working on crashes on me everytime when i try to load it..It crashes at 66%,and I do not get an error message.Any help??
  21. ^ You sure you're not talking about FilePlanet Rhino?? Because you don't have to subscribe at all for anything on FileFront,everything is completely free,and you don't have to have an account or anything to download from there..I think you may be talking about FilePlanet.
  22. PLZ Help..lol..Other threads keep covering this up,just wondering if anyone can help..lol.
  23. Any help plz,lol. Like for instance..The City CP will have the label of "Hotel"..It's like the names on the map get jumbled up.
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