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  1. Due to some requests, the tool has now been repackaged in order to "work" with Windows 10 (tested with Java 8). Please note: This software is UNSUPPORTED and only works PARTIALLY. There's no guarantee the tool will work in the future USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Keep in Mind, this software is now ten years old and was meant to run on Windows 2000 and XP (as Rexmans original CLI tool was too). The original .exe wrapper has been removed due to compatibility problems (especially with newer Java versions > 1.9). You will need to extract the software to a user writable directory (for example: C:\Users\YourUser\something) - due to the introduction of UAC in Windows Vista You will need to run the tool with administrator privileges if you want to access files within your Program Files directory - also because of UAC and sandboxing Drag n' Drop will not work when running with administrator privileges (batch processing unfortunately relies on this feature, so consider it broken with admin privs), due to Windows limitations The FileTree plugin is broken due to the introduction of symlinks and other file system features in Windows Vista and newer. 17 year old me used to print all the assets and glue their materials to the wall for a better overview. Sounds stupid, I know - but this was primarily a tool for myself :) Kind regards, mccae
  2. What's on your mind?

  3. Hi! On a well designed track (no sharp curves) the train should stay on the rails. You can add springs to the back and front of the train too, allowing you to push other trains on the track. Connecting two wagons with Springs should be possible too, so you could pull them. The only problem are collisions with other vehicles, causing derailments due to the buggy collsion calculations done by the engine. If there are no other vehicles crossing the rails, or airplanes there shouldn't be any problems. Regards, Martin
  4. Hey mscho, I think he means dynamic lights...
  5. Hi! Thank you for that tip! The editor works with overridden AA, but displays a warning dialog: Do I have to fear any side-effects?!
  6. Why do you want to create everything vor BF2 version 1.0 ? The current version is 1.5 Please note, that there is no support for any hacked games (hacked demo servers, no-cd-key 1.0 servers etc.). You need to buy the game to modify it... Yes, if you write your own game-mode, etc. it will work online. Battlefield 2 knows usually 2 types of files ending with ".con" or ".tweak" Each object has a pair of these files (you can edit them in a texteditor,... PLEASE NOTE: MICROSOFT WORD IS NOT A TEXTEDITOR). An object will be described in it's con (Objectname, subobjects/effects, object position/rotation, materials). It's tweak, defines all settings of this object and it's subcomponents/effects, etc. You have to set up your model according to some rules, and then you have to export it from inside 3ds Max or Maya using tools available here in the forum (Check out the tutorial section for BF2 please)
  7. I found the original thread: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13033 Yes, they are definitively editor screens (You can see the radius of some ambient object on the screenshots).
  8. Have you tried the "texturemanager --> reloadtextures --> all" command? Any errors on the bf2 editor console? Have you tried to restart the editor? How do your color and detailtexture look like? Don't forget: Color and Detail channel will be multiplied. I usually use a dirty white for the color texture, and the real texture comes into the detail slot...
  9. Hi! Does someone know how to improve the rendering quality of the bf2editor?! I saw some awesome WIP screenshots of a map (called Crete) which where made in the bf2editor (Forgotten Hope, XWW2 or PR,.. not sure)... So what's the secret?! Thanks in advance. Martin
  10. Hi! You can use bf2materials.exe directly (It's a commandline tool), or use one of the GUI tools which you can find here in these forums... For a quick test, you can use bf2materials.exe directly: Open your commandline and navigate to the bf2materials.exe (should be near your meshes to avoid entering loooong paths). Start bf2materials.exe using these parameters (change the paths): bf2Materials.exe -getMaterial mods/wintermod/vehicles/seilbahn/meshes/seilbahn.staticmesh C:\seilbahn.txt The command above reads the mesh in the first path, and outputs it's material settings to C:\seilbahn.txt Change these paths according to your model, etc. In the textfile you will find the material setting. Navigate to your material containing the alpha channel and change the value of type from 0 to 2. Save the textfile. Open your commandprompt again and navigate to the bf2materialsexe folder... Start the exe with: bf2Materials.exe -applyMaterial mods/wintermod/vehicles/seilbahn/meshes/seilbahn.staticmesh C:\seilbahn.txt The line above would apply the materialsettings of C:\seilbahn.txt to mods/wintermod/vehicles/seilbahn/meshes/seilbahn.staticmesh Reload the geometry in the editor, and Ta-Da! (Please note that this way of manipulating a model is very annoying and slows down the workflow, so I highly recommend to use a GUI tool) Sincerely, Martin PS Both, absolute and relative paths are allowed when using bf2materials.exe! Edit: GUI Tools for bf2materials.exe: ShaderWrapper (Requires .NET): http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5923 or http://ul.to/wqff1x BF2MaterialTool (Requires Java): http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13705
  11. Thank you for this really clear tutorial! I must confess that, I did not knew that there is a built in lightning function since now...
  12. What do you think if this forum about?! DING DING DING Yes, BF2 modding xD (Congratulations, you won a washing machine!). Please check out the tutorial section here: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showforum=17 Infos: For creating models you will need 3ds max or Maya. If you want to change the behaviour of existing elements, you just need a texteditor. You can write or modifiy the gamelogic using Python (All public game-logic code is written in python) To organize models, create and edit maps, you will need the BF2Editor for 1.3 (Check out the tutorial section) Sincerely, Martin Edit: Post #100 \:D/ PS Before you request additional assistance I recommend you to use the search function at the top of this page. Most questions are already answered. Ah, And welcome to the bfeditor forums!
  13. Well, I use for my camo-net and fence statics BaseDetailNDetail The alpha channel resides in the Detail-Texture which is DXT5 with interpolated alpha. So I have: Color --> DDS DXT 1 no alpha Detail --> DDS DXT 5 with interpolated alpha NDetail --> DDS DXT 1 no alpha Then I change the type from 0 to 2 which has the effect, that the alpha channel of the detail texture won't be used for gloss, but for rendering 1-bit alpha. If the type stays 0, the alpha channel in the detail texture controls the gloss of the static (white --> very glossy, black --> matt). Only, but only if you switch the type of this material to 2 (Using bf2materials.exe or one of the GUI-Wrappers) 1bit alpha will be rendered using the alpha channel in the detail texture.
  14. Well, it is possible to do the terrain lightmaps in 3ds Max,... All you need is a PC with 4-64 Gb RAM and of course 3ds Max. The next step would be importing the whole map using the lightmapping tools. Then you have to replace all transparent statics with the real ones, containing a 3ds max Standard material with alpha channel. I use a script to replace all these objects. If you haven't placed overgrowth as statics, you have to import them somehow. Once all Objects are placed you need to set up the lights (Chose a technique which supports transparency). Under the Render Tab, hit "Render to texture". Add a lightmap with the size you wish to the list. Wait a few days (depending on lighting technique). Ta-da, a wonderful lightmap. (more or less... It may be true that it will appear very blocky - depending on lighting and other settings I forgot) edit: You need to lightmap 3 times (sun, ambient, point). I still can't figure out, how to handle seawater and waterplanes PS I know, this thread is oooold.
  15. Yea, and I recommend to set the lightmap-sample size manually (depending on the model size) instead of using the automatic function. I had serval problems with it... For example, the exporter created 256² samples instead of the biger ones (1024,2048) for my huge statics (100m x 100m x 30m). The consequence was, that all shadows looked too blocky in the game.
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