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  1. Hey I'm back from the dead. Couldn't find this forums or my account link or password (Argh!) I've been too busy to keep up on all my forum accounts. I know that isn't much help, but hopefully I'll get to each request and check out the new projects and responses soon!
  2. Well done. I liked it a lot- haven't played BF for ages and I plugged in the mod and had a go- it's one of my faves so far. nice installer, nice set up, well done- you got all the bugs out so far... felt totally pro! I especially liked how as the maps changed one almost has a theme going on- like you almost were heading for a story-line sort of plot- VERY cool!!! So now I have to say, I'm tearing some things apart (say, that pesky medic's kit- in single player it is too challenging to play a medic- argh! CQB is the only thing that mp7 is good for!!! And that sniper rifle- grrr, not those reticles again! I can't hit a truck broadside with it!!!) and having fun on my machine. GREAT new kits and weapons and vehicles, and the MAPS are quite nice; little lag and a TON of overgrowth- qudos to your mappers and dev team- and testers!!! Lots of good ideas, but not just ideas, you guys IMPLEMENTED them. As a consumer, I am VERY pleased. I'd pay for this mod, or the next release. But you didn't hear that from me! LOL!!! I'm looking foward to more, for SURE!!! Peace. -JP
  3. P.S. Careful with Dice's ambient FX- it is buggy and crashes maps on clients a lot. It's best, unfortunately, to leave these things out. Remember when the first BF came out- unless people set their soundcards to minimum, half the clients out there CTDT. This was BECAUSE of the ambient sound effects on the maps. It hasn't changed much. I recommend leaving it OUT COMPLETELY until you got everything working and working perfect, then in a 2nd release later on add them in, if you must. A trick someone found out, was to add a music track in with the ambient FX and set it up.. dang it.. I forget what they did... like custom music for their mod, per map... but with the ambient quiet in the background sort of thing. This got PAST the Fx being "ON" the maps, and provided the CLIENT with the FEELING of the ambient background noise (I.E. if they were playing MUSIC they wouldn't NOTICE the ambient FX, and so it wasn't NEEDED in the maps/mod usually, so kill the music, get ambient sound FX- get it?)...
  4. We dealt with this sort of "corporate" interests in protecting profits when we were modding for the R6 and early games, when no one knew if their original game would make them enough money and were super protective of the community from making a BETTER product than their crew. so the TRICK is. do what you WANT, when you want to, and... if DICE has a problem with it (I.E. you start making something nicer and better than they do- and could FEASIBLY SELL something) then you'll hear from them. If you provoke them in the beginning by FLAGRANT use of the new un-OK stuff in your mods, you'll hear about it. Just remember, they are TRYING to protect the production costs for their crews they HIRED to make the new packs. Imagine someone ripping off YOUR work HERE, after a year of full-time work, and then giving it out for free when you needed your income. So just respect that part of their BUSINESS, and use things with respect, and no one will violate the copyrights. For instance, you can probably use the config files no problem, but if they SEE their 3D characters, vehicles or kits IN a vanilla mod that will work IN A vanilla BF2 situation, FROM one of the new booster packs, you're in trouble. Stay below the radar and you'll be fine. so if your mod makes a major release (like more than a few dozen testers) or is on a major download server, you're in trouble if it GIVES non paying clients the kits, weapons and vehicles from a booster pack DICE charges for. This will continue until their "P&R" costs have been met- and then it will probably just exist as a general deterent- in the same was as downloading and sharing old copyrighted material and apps on the internet that belonged to companies and legal holders that no longer EXIST (it's still technically illegal, but there is no one who objects anymore so it can be done). By the way, it's ok to TALK about illegal situations and things- like what exactly we CAN and can not do. Like we can talk about DL illegal torrent software and rips, and it breaks no laws- unless we host them. Same with modding- we can talk, but technically we're not "allowed" to share, least in the open public (what you do in PM's is up to you, or in emails) files even from booster packs EVEN to work on IN our own mods with friends who don't own the boosters. *grin* Ya gotta understand the legaleese to be on control of it. p.s. By the way, it still is a plus to be able to take a booster item and mod it, for 3d modders. Just make sure it does not resemble the original- in texture or 3d result. That means you can not leave some part of it like the original, or you violate copyright and registration protection laws that DICE controls- and they got money and lawyers, so watch it!!! *chuckle*
  5. Something else that works, that often does NOT recieve much attention is collision meshes- a LOT of the BF objects were sloppily mapped in 3D (take a look at Hayabusa's new "Oil Rigs" map- underneath, from in the water... my FTP is down so I don't have some screenies to post for ya). When you cross objects (one object on top of another) it brings the lag right up. This was a NIGHTMARE for the HL/Quake series- as the maps simply would not compile. BF engine WILL compile, but the maps still render everything as if it was shown, visible or NOT. So to reduce some lag, make sure you've got the least amount of objects crossing over each other- or hidden. It's ok to have, say, trees or buildings "stuck" in the ground- and grass (I.E. overgrowth) is irrelevant as it's opaque to the code (a ton of grass/overgorwth will create lag unless you have some sort of VIS blocking or, in the BF engine case, FOG or DISTANCE reduction)... which is why BF1 was all sand. Check the maps for hidden objects if it's got some kind of crazy lag- you might have something high-poly you are not SEEING, but the code IS. Kinda obscure I know, but it might be part of the problem. I haven't tested this out in relation to server-client situations, but I know on individual clients it kills timing and rendering- and hence affects the tranfer of data between server-client. Just a thought. *wink*
  6. That usually works for me. So Load it up- le'ts take a look-see, wot? *grin* You got my attention with the custom driver kit- however, this will be difficult. Python for sure, IMHO. It will probably exclude your kits and mod from working with anything else in the game though- really. I mean, once this parameter is working, your mod becomes proprietory over the usual mechanics of the game- figuratively and litterally, since it loads this first. THIS will make normal maps crash- so you'll have to make all your own maps- least that's my opinion (I don't know for sure) as you'll have to edit the vehicles to exclude everything but the drivers when you only want that driver to have access (this is how I'd try going about it) -which means you not only have custom kits, but none of the usual vehicles will work- right? You gotta edit the vehicles. I've not been modding BF for over 6 months, and just started to play with the kits again last week, so I'm just remembering everything all over, and I might really be ignorant here.... I'm thinking that the config files for the vehicles are where you'd start. Exclude in your mod everything but the drivers. Try it on a vanilla map- customize the usual vanilla kits (just alter one of them vs. adding yours in) and then alter one of the vehicles with that code and see if that does the job. It will be facinating to see if it works. Could make a whole bunch of interesting changes!!! Yeah... jet pilots no longer know HOW to fly heli's and tank drivers can't fly jets. NICE. from there you might be able to include some skill levels per kit slot with different items/objects (in this case, vehicles) so that there is some errors in handling... might try that one out by altering a vanilla assault kit with the sniper rifle if they pick it up. We did this in other game engines but I haven't tried it in BF2- nothing with the code yet. I know it CAN be done though... You need a modifier on handling and accuracy with controls... some x/y//z stuff with a percentage off modifier- a few lines of code per item added in ought to work (I.E. if the controls are triggered, they don't respond quite the same- the easy example is when one fires a weapon such as the m249 on full auto how it spreads out over the cross hairs... this is a x/y/z accuracy modifier). You could possibly also add this modifier in to the kits with great innaccuracies to everything bUT the driver... Hmmm... that's another approach that might work. If you figure out where to TURN TO to get some more concrete answers or results- let us know. Resources are great to share in the community. I don't know who does this code (I don't have time to sit down and open up all the config files and get to know them that well) so I can't direct you to someone more experienced or where to even look... It might be already in the configs, for something else, if you look hard enough- I'd begin with the full-auto firing accuracy mode parameters and customize that for a kit with a vehicles/s and if the handler can't control the vehicle/s, you're SET! Add the code to everyone BUT the driver and you got some wicked parameters -AND it increases teamwork and gameplay fun ("YEAH.. go ahead and TRY and fly that chopper, buddy...*crash*- best leave it to the pros!"). I know not much help, but I'll be watching! If I find something I'll let you know. thanks JP
  7. Thanks Harry. Way cool. I don't like command line stuff either. Made my day!
  8. Experienced Mapper-Skinner-GUI, modeler available Got a project? Need some help??? My name is Jason Potter. I am a professional Architectural Designer. I am ALSO an experienced (10 years) mapper, skinner and mod-maker from the early days of Quake, HL, HL2, CS (all) and the older FPS games by Red Storm (Rainbow 6, Rogue Spear, Urban Ops, Covert Ops, Ghost Recon) who has been playing BF since it came out, and only for the last 2 years been tinkering around with the engine and customizing the game (mapping, new kits, new vehicles, weapons, textures, etc). I'm putting up a topic here as I don't have time to go through all the posts to see who needs what- I'm hoping if you need of some help with the things I can do you'll find me- if not I'll keep working on my own mod for the BF series and eventually, release it and use it as my "resume" to find a team- or let people find me. I am looking for a p/t fun crew of pro or semi-pro people who either need some help on a current mod, need some help with updates or changes to a current mod, or have begun something and still need some visual-rendering and skinning/mapping help (my preference). Smaller teams are fine as well as individual modders like myself. My recent projects were mapping for HL-CS; I did complete maps and texturing and rendering, models, characters, weapons and play-style as well as bot waypoints and fixing problems in new maps and pathways and rendering errors for maps. I’m "new" to BF since Vietnam came out (as a MOD) and I’ve only played around with the basics (made some maps, reskinned the chatacters, made different times of day on some maps, added flags and things to the game, played around with the config files and teams and kits…) I would love to work on something smaller for now- as I only have about 2-4 hours a day for this max. If you need some help, drop me a note/email and tell me what you need done and I’ll see what I can do. Software I am experienced with BF editor(s) some basic config file coding for the BF2 engine (*hey, I use bb4win) 3dsmax (7-8-9) CS3/photoshop DDS stuff texture editors (all the HL tools and older obsolete software) ALL the architecture applications Professional rendering apps I am currently working on: for BF2(all) -Restructuring the folder organization of the BF games so that when mods come out they don't use up so much FREAKIN' SPACE on the users HD's (like mine). It's a PAIN because all the locations and directorys have to be remapped, as well as kits need renaming completely to all sit together in the same section of folders for different mods (Why oh WHY didn't the BF crews think about this when they released the initial game- didn't it OCCUR to them to make ROOM for modding??? PLAN AHEAD PEOPLE!!!). I noticed this need when I started installing custom mods when they began to come out, and it copied all my maps and huge files to new folders- as well as all the freakin' DL's are so HUGE- and they DON'T NEED TO BE!!!! (you can not get mods now unless you can DL a hue semi-gig file off the internet- that SUCKS). If we make all the folders sit within each other, and map the locations of new items in with the old then when, say, new kits and items come out (I.E. CQB, OpP2k, etc) one can write them into a map fairly easily, without needing to make a whole new giant folder and copy everything over. Arghhh! I am also working on a small themed mod with new characters, kits and just basic stuff to demonstrate my abilities and skills with the engine. I'm still taking things apart, but mapping is easy and we need more custom buildings and objects for sure... I’d like to eventually connect with some people who wish to build up their resume’s with a professional product (vs. just the gamer looking for some new things or to have fun, which is great and I’m a shooter too) for giving back to the community or getting work in the industry that pays, as architecture doesn’t pay as well! *chuckle* (you might be able to find my stuff on the internet here and there, though all those old games no longer have much communities... I haven't been maintaining my website). Peace JP Aka "TangoGrandma"
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