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  1. thumper34

    Maya 8 Plugin

    Hi I just bought Maya 8 off of www.acedemicsuperstore.com because I am a student I got it for $400.00 I was wondering whether or not they have Maya 8 plugins and if they were ever going to make them.
  2. thumper34

    Getting a gun into bf2 editor

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get lets say an m-4carbine thats pimped out with a silencer and stuff into the game. I use maya 7 for modeling.
  3. thumper34

    Character modelling

    thats 3dsmax7 I need a Maya 6.0 tutorial 3ds max is very different
  4. thumper34

    Character modelling

    Hey, I am looking for a great character modelling tutorial, I am new to modelling and can create weapons and vehicles but when it comes to models i am completly out of the loop. Can anyone help me?
  5. thumper34

    How do you measure in Maya

    I know that now but does it measure in feet or meters?
  6. thumper34

    How do you measure in Maya

    I just bought maya and am currently making buildings for Line Of Fire mod, but I was wondering how to measure in Maya.
  7. I wanted to make some small stories with the models from the game and i was wondering if there is a way to export them from the game into maya.
  8. thumper34

    when will the fixed maya tools come?

    no clue, but im guessing when the whole bf 2 editor is realeased
  9. thumper34

    Does Zbrush work with the BF2 mod editor?

    ya that was the jist of it, adding better ridges and some better detail to some guns with some low enough polys
  10. I was thinking about purchasing Zbrush for Maya. But first i was wondering if it would work with the BF2 Editor
  11. I was wondering if it would be possible to have two different sets of physics on the same map. EX Have a space station that has gravity, once outside the gravity is turned real low so u can jump farther.
  12. thumper34

    Installing the Tools for Maya 6.0

    I followed the tutorials until the part where it says dnyUVPanel, I know that there is tools that go along with this. I also know that there is a tutorial to do it with, but it is way to techy for a noob, will someone plz help me.
  13. thumper34

    LInking .py files to external files

    Just wondering if it is at all possible to link the python files in the python/game/gamemode section to anotehr external record within another text document? I wish to link some of the game triggers and event to certain HUD elements and i'm having a bit of difficulty working out how to get to the relative directory tree. I want to go [my mod]/Menu/HUD/[whatever] from the gpm_[gamemode].py file...is there anyone who can help me with the relevant lines of code, or at least poitn me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  14. thumper34

    Creating Collision meshes

    I did, they are confusing.
  15. I am currently working on a mod, I was thinking is it possible to add elevators? If so, how?