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  1. here it is http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6769
  2. is that that non fullscreenthing? i made my mod shortcut run in not fullscreen and it does ctd with no message at 14% now it crashes when i click multiplayer or single player
  3. thats what i want, an army with wrenches (MEC), and another with shotguns (US). then set the bot ratio to 1/48
  4. the only reason i want it on 3 is because 6 causes crash i need to get rid of combatzone too, and make it for 64 size, if possible after this starts working edit ok i did that and it crashed, what now edit3 oh, i have no idea how to edit kits if this helps, because EA didnt make a tutorial. edit4 is there a tutorial for making kits? ea made a stupid making new soldier and new equipment tut for what reason? not for what i need. edit5 i tried giving them all index 6 wrenches, still a crash. what now
  5. ok lemme try how do i do that? i dont know how to make a new weapon i made botwrench, and renamed all the tweak, txt and con to be botwrench, any else?
  6. same place for millions of things i do too XD plz help me
  7. i wanna see a better mod kit, not these half-info tutorials that EA appearently didn't finish (half the stuff is left out! Boundries, AI, weapon kits, etc ) a fully, non-crashing-at-random-savings-of-info editors. PLEASE EA, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE BF2 EDITOR lol thx
  8. i can't get this to work, mainly because i don't know how to make a "itemIndex 6" item become a "itemIndex 3", and still work plz help, making Bot mod (run them over, blow em up, etc) xfire jvanover i dont get an error message in not-fullscreen mode, it straight CTD, I really need someone to get me a AI working wrench in index 3. hello? anyone? im using gulf of oman as a map
  9. he said he was going to take the halo map and put it in bf2, not that he was going to make a map that looks like it. making one that looks like it is fine, but taking the original is illegal and impossible, as halo uses .map files
  10. how do i make my map like that? thats cool! would be great for cops and robbers mod lol
  12. nope it doesnt matter if i set radius to 1 million, not check unabletocap, it wont let me have it idk watta do *is there a minimum to be able to take it? ill go experiment to see brb
  13. oh and can i have a link to a undergrowth and overgrowth? cuz i dont know what they are i was tryin to help, thats wat i was doin with this, not really making "The best tut" **i added more to it, like lowdetailmaps and such, a few little changes and add-ons ***IMPORTANT: LOWDETAILMAPS GET RID OF THE GRID lol thx *oh can you guys fix the links for tuts on makin new teams and kits? ****hey catbox, plz change ur pic, it makes me think ur a psycho killer
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