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  1. here it is http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6769
  2. is that that non fullscreenthing? i made my mod shortcut run in not fullscreen and it does ctd with no message at 14% now it crashes when i click multiplayer or single player
  3. thats what i want, an army with wrenches (MEC), and another with shotguns (US). then set the bot ratio to 1/48
  4. the only reason i want it on 3 is because 6 causes crash i need to get rid of combatzone too, and make it for 64 size, if possible after this starts working edit ok i did that and it crashed, what now edit3 oh, i have no idea how to edit kits if this helps, because EA didnt make a tutorial. edit4 is there a tutorial for making kits? ea made a stupid making new soldier and new equipment tut for what reason? not for what i need. edit5 i tried giving them all index 6 wrenches, still a crash. what now
  5. ok lemme try how do i do that? i dont know how to make a new weapon i made botwrench, and renamed all the tweak, txt and con to be botwrench, any else?
  6. same place for millions of things i do too XD plz help me
  7. i wanna see a better mod kit, not these half-info tutorials that EA appearently didn't finish (half the stuff is left out! Boundries, AI, weapon kits, etc ) a fully, non-crashing-at-random-savings-of-info editors. PLEASE EA, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE BF2 EDITOR lol thx
  8. i can't get this to work, mainly because i don't know how to make a "itemIndex 6" item become a "itemIndex 3", and still work plz help, making Bot mod (run them over, blow em up, etc) xfire jvanover i dont get an error message in not-fullscreen mode, it straight CTD, I really need someone to get me a AI working wrench in index 3. hello? anyone? im using gulf of oman as a map
  9. he said he was going to take the halo map and put it in bf2, not that he was going to make a map that looks like it. making one that looks like it is fine, but taking the original is illegal and impossible, as halo uses .map files
  10. how do i make my map like that? thats cool! would be great for cops and robbers mod lol
  12. nope it doesnt matter if i set radius to 1 million, not check unabletocap, it wont let me have it idk watta do *is there a minimum to be able to take it? ill go experiment to see brb
  13. oh and can i have a link to a undergrowth and overgrowth? cuz i dont know what they are i was tryin to help, thats wat i was doin with this, not really making "The best tut" **i added more to it, like lowdetailmaps and such, a few little changes and add-ons ***IMPORTANT: LOWDETAILMAPS GET RID OF THE GRID lol thx *oh can you guys fix the links for tuts on makin new teams and kits? ****hey catbox, plz change ur pic, it makes me think ur a psycho killer
  14. youd think so, but when i try to take it, it doesnt even give me the capture bar! wtf?
  15. ok, i read the posts and know they are made of glowshits, but how do i create a glowshit? thx
  16. yeah and taking a halo map into bf2 is very illegal too
  17. Ok, Since some (for me, all) of those tutorials aren't very helpful, I've decided to make a "Advanced Level" tutorial. I would add screenshots, but idk how XD make sure youve done the first two already, so i wont go over it all -=-=-=-=- Step 1 : New Mod, and Level's Terrain Open the editor and select "bf2" when it loads, Switch to Terrain Editor Go to File>New in the screen that pops up, put in the level name as --> BasicMap -=-=- In the box below where it says size, click the box with the arrow and scroll down to 256. The map is made up of squares on a giant grid, the more squares you have, the more detailed the terrain can be. The Size # 256, is how many squares there are on the map, this would be 256x256 squares. Not really big, but good for now. The box below that says Scale; this is pretty much self explanitory. It makes the size of each square on the grid x1, x2, x4 size. So if you put in 2, and size as 256, the map would be 512, but with 1/2 as many squares. But if you only wanted 512, you would want to go with a 512 map scaled to x1. Next, comes the slider bar with "Default Height". This is how high the map is when you start. The map starts as a big flat grid, which you then mold and conform to your liking. So if it was at 50, you could go 50+, or 50-. Always set your map at 50, unless you need little lowering, but much more Elevation. I use sizes of 25, 50, and 75, but my default is 50. Then there is "Low-Res Size". For this map, set it to 256. It creates that terrain that surrounds the map, but you shouldn't (but we always do ) get to. The whole point of this feature, is mainly for maps that have planes. Explanation : It creates that "Neon Green" around your map, which you then paint and mold. The size # it gives, is how many squares again, but scale is how many big the squares are again. I.E. : If you had a jet map, of course people are going to fly straight out of the map in the jets, so why should they not see a terrain around the map? The terrain is there untill they die, and it ends into this, ocean. The ocean you see, is not water, as if you land on it, you go straight through to the bottom of a void where you walk on...nothing. But back on task. Set this to 256 and the box below it should say "Low-Res Scale : 1" -=-=- Click Ok -=-=- the Camera is controled with the mouse wheel, and the W, A, S, and D keys. use the wheel to change the speed, or hold it and push W to move forward. same for A, S, and D. Press the Z key to move upwards. -=-=- Let the editor do its thing, and look at your tool buttons on the right side, you'll see two sliders, strength, and size. use these with the buttons I'm about to list and create a random terrain. The first one, is the basic raise and lower tool, make a few random hills The second is the Smoother, smooth out a few, leave a few The Third and fourth ones are the same, but different. They make the terrain to a certain height. Move to a spot on a hill, and use the 3rd one. it will move to one set height. now click thfourth, and click anywhere. the terrain will move to that height. the 3rd one changes height depending on the height of the terrain, but the fourth one makes it one set height. now, there is a bar with some numbers in it. DO NOT push delete, as this will cause a crash on most occasions, so use backspace and make it 5 numbers higher. now click on your terrain. it will move higher than before. good for making runways. next comes the most fun tool, the randomizer! best used with a large size, and low strength. use it and watch. press and hold the mouse wheel, and press S. It may be a bit strange looking, so use the smoother on it at full strength. ok, now create a basic terrain with these tools. make sure it has flat spots, and a low area for a lake. Step 2 : The Texture Make sure you have this tool before trying to make a big map, @ tpaint.alffx.nl ok, now to make this easier, do what the instructions for TPaint say, and then for the textures, click the button with the brush next to the randomizer. wait for it and in the far right box, scroll down and expand the Layers folder (layer # makes no difference, unless you are using TPaint) Set layer 1 to a rocky texture and color using the tweaker bar (the second one on the right side) DetailTexture, and ColorTexture, are different. Color is what you see from far away, texture is up close. Scroll down in this box to "LowDetailType" and set to 1. This prevents ugly squares from what im told. Follow TPaint's guide and switch to Level Editor Now go to the top bar, TerrainEditor, and scroll down to "GenerateLowDetailMaps" appearently, this lets you run on low, kinda strange you have to do this...o well make sure ya update whenever you mess with the terrain, it only takes a second Step 3 : Flags, And Spawns Select the white arrow and right-click on the terrain where you want a flag. when the list drops down, select CreateNewControlPoint. Name it debugTeam1. Right Click where you would like some spawns, and make at least 5. Now right click, and select CreateNewObjectSpawner. click cancel on the first screen, (the first screen is predetermined spawns, ie Humvee/Vodnik) and put in a name, car, where it says (vehicletype). Now go to the tweaker, and select vehicleteam 1. scroll down and select usjep_hmmv or watev the humvee should appear. make a spawn for a jet, air_f35b, and then go to the tweaker bar. next to tweak, is BasicMap, or the name of ur map. click that, and click WaterSettings. This is how high the water would be. select 10 below what your default height was. you will see a few colored boxes. double click the watercolor box, and select a color.' -=- while we are here, ill go over lighting, and making night maps the first box is levelsettings, and under that is IsNightMap. dont really expect this to make it a night map that easily, this is for SF maps. wat it does is tells it to activate SF stuff (nightvision, etc) If you want to make a "night" map for bf2 or a mod, we have to fool the players. -go to LightSettings, and most of the boxes have colors in them, as you adjust them, certain kinds of objects change how they look, especially if you pick an outlandish color like purple! this is how we trick players, we make the boxes the preset darkgrey, not light grey, and then we slide the slider on the right to change it. an advantage of this is making it able to have some things darker than the rest, ie trees and plants this is also the place to set a sky, just click in the boxes and set a sky from the appearing menu. clouds work like this too (LOTS of players like having day AND night versions of the map, so its clever to make a night version of a cool map, Karkand on night anyone?) -=- now go to the lake and make a spawner that spawns boat_rib. now go to the right side toolbar and scroll down to levelsettings, and click it set team two as US, and Team one as MEC. now create a second CP (control point) set. select the flag, and go to the tweaker. select team, right below layer. the #'s are 0, 1 , and 2 for teams, 0 being neutral. select the #1. The map is now playable, and you changed the kits from china and us, to mec and us -=- Level Settings help EU is not and army, so just select us mec or china, and change the language, soldiers, and kits to their respective properties. Language: EU, MEC, CHINESE, English Flags: flag_mec, flag_us, flag_ch, flag_eu -=- Click show on the minimap. now click reload. close the editor after saving, and go to your bf2 mods folder. go to levels, select your level, and click on the editor folder. copy the minimap.dds, and go to the hud folder and then minimap. paste and rename it ingameMap. teh M mustbe caps! Now go to the info folder and open the document with wordpad. change the LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_BasicMap to anything you want. this is the discripition of the level. Step 4 : Objects Switch to Level Editor, and click the select tool. Now go to the right side with the green folder next to bf2 and open it. from what drops down, go to static objects. now go to common, and open com_objects. Ok, it takes a while of messin around to figure out all the parts and their names, so open the first one named antennamast a new tab should pop up with a white sheet for an icon. click and drag this into the window where you would like it. Now, select the green rotate icon. right click the red circle. this is a shortcut for turning 90 degrees. go ahead and pull out a few more objects. if you get one you dont want, select it, and press the Delete Key. The move tool has 4 ways of moving objects (lock=army term for location) X- X Lock on map Y- Altitude Factor Z- Z Lock on map like graphing. click and hold any of the arrows, and pull them to move it. there is a little square in the middle of these arrows, click it and hold it, now drag it accross the map, and you will notice that it moves up with the terrain. its the best one ive found. For making roads, you have 2 choices : painted and static Painted is using one of your six layers for a road, best for urban environments. Karkand, in the city uses painted. Then there are statics, which are those roads outside the city in Karkand. These are best for highways, roads, etc. I prefer these, but you decide. Next time ya play Karkand, watch the transition. its pretty quick, but you dont notice, cool for making statics, here's a tutorial, its pretty good http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...&hl=splines Follow the tutorial above, and make a small oval, or a street, now place some buildings around it from the middle_east/city_archatexture folder. Now go to the game and try it. i'm too lazy to do this all at once, check back for more, i'll update during the ungodly long save time for terrain (or lightmaps)
  18. yea hes right. you guys act like these tutorials ae the freakin' ten commandments! lol they dont tell me what any of the tools are in the building the car one, and i cant get the ones after that, because the links are STILL broken. its rediculous, just make a topic that has it plz, so we can not have to worry about broken links. <----------------------------><----------------------------><----------------------------> Im going to make some tutorials for the new guys, im like an encyclopedia for mapping
  19. wow. he was right when he told me you guys arent very helpful oh well dirtbox will make it without trains
  20. lol completely random..................wait, wtf? lol
  21. nice idea about the crashes its so obvious im wondering why i didnt see it lol
  22. can we plz get some that arent in max? maybe maya because some of us dont have any money to buy max...?
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