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    Destroyable And Spawnable Statics

    Why not just spawn in an actual "dummy" soldier that you can shoot at with a very short respawn time. I did the same in the training map I was working on(till a badass virus got thru my firewall and wiped my hd of ALL of my maps). You cant get more real than shooting at a real soldier. And you have the plus that the dummy reacts realistically to being shot. The map I did this for was a BF2142 map, so Im not sure if the same applies to bf2, just assuming it does.

    Editor Help

    I think the best advice your going to get at this point is to go thru every tutorial this forum has to offer, which is quite a few. Get comfortable with the editor and the basics. Make a few maps to get your hands dirty, and dont worry, youll go through a lot of junk maps to start with, just consider it the learning curve of the editor. Then when you have specific questions, post them up in the appropriate part of the forum, and you will get swift help from the experienced members here.

    Working With Layers

    Thank you sir for the fast response. I did not know about the "master" GPO file in the editor folder the first time I save a multilayer map. I will definitly remember that for future maps, and will not write over it. For now I will just do it the hard way and get it done. Thanks again sir for the valuable information.

    Working With Layers

    Ive completed a map that I have the default layer (1) for statics and such, another layer (2) for 32_player, and a third layer (3) for 64_player. I have the control/spawnpoints properly setup as I want them, and everything saved properly. I end up with the 32 and 64 player gameplayobjects.cons in the Gamemodes folder, no problems, and the layer.con as well in the main map directory. My question is when I go back and reload the map into the editor, say to add some more spawnpoints or objectspawners, how can I see the layers I have previously worked with, the 32 and 64. If I place the 64_player GPO.con in the editor folder, that is the only layer I can see, and its listed as the default layer. If I try to put the Gamemodes folder into the editor folder in the map folder, I don't see any control points etc, due to more than likely the editor not reading into the Gamemodes folder. Is there a way to be able to see my previously worked on layers in the editor again? Or do I have to put one at a time the 32 GPO.con in the editor folder, work on them individually, save and then switch the GPO.con for the 64? Seems tedious and time consuming. Hope there is another way to do this, or am I not seeing the forest through the trees with this one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all for helping me out.

    How Do You Make The Uav Scan Radius Larger?

    Has this been usefull info or not?

    How Do You Make The Uav Scan Radius Larger?

    Add this to your Init.con gameLogic.RadialLevelIndex 3 This can control the commander's UAV radius. On bigger maps you can make it so the commander UAV covers a larger area, and smaller area on small maps. This info does not come from me, but was taken from a post made by master mapper/modder Soduka.

    Not All Objects Available In The Editor

    Sounds like you have not loaded everything thru your Modmanager. Make sure all of the boxes are highlighed, you know your loading everything because it should take quite awhile for everything to load. Also make sure that the objects you are expecting to load in the editor are actually in your mod folder. If there is nothing in there, there will be nothing to load.

    Import Export

    You cannot directly take a bf2 object(staticmesh/collisionmesh/.con/tweak) and modify it in gmax. Im not sure but i do believe you can do in 3dsmax. And of course if you have 3dsmax to mod with you dont need gmax.

    Help I'm New, Texture Problems

    That was a problem i was having. I would texture everything really nice, but forgot to hit the generate lowdetails button. Took a few times and going over the tutorials to figure out my mistake.

    Help I'm New, Texture Problems

    When you are painting your texture, are on the right hand side in the general area, there are 3 buttons related to painting Detail, Color, and Both. Are you making sure you have it on Both to paint the detail texture and color texture, or did you do them separately? Click on the Both button and see what you get, it will work. Hope this helps. Heres a screenshot, look to the right, below where it says Paint mode. Those are the buttons im referring to.

    Training Map: Firing Range

    First off thank you to those who gave such a quick response. It makes a guy feel welcome. Jumping straight to your question 1/2Hawk about my experience level, im afraid to announce my noobness to you all. Ive been using the editor for about 4months now only. Ive made many bf2 maps so have a good feel for terrain, object, level editing and getting a basic map working. Thats the clincher though, ive only done basic bf2 maps. Ive been able to make just 2 bf2142 maps, yet again very basic, no real plan to them just a bunch of things put in with cp's,sp's,vp's, roads bridges etc. As far as doing ANY out of the ordinary custom textures/skinning mods ive done none, due to the simple fact of not having a purpose to do it. So now it looks as though i have a steep hill to climb, but believe me ive got my boots on and ready to start getting up the mountain!! So i Pirate i will take your suggestions to heart as well and will start gathering info from the sources you referenced. And 1/2 Hawk now that you know me somewhat perhaps you can better send me in the right direction. I plan to start today laying down the basic terrain setup, very simple just some raised berms for the recruits to go prone on for the sniper long range areas, and a smaller section for a pistol range. Then ill work on my killhouse ideal, i think ill do something like a warehouse that i will place cargo containers in and boxes to make "rooms" and force the recruits into a specific direction. Again thanks all for the help and ill keep all informed with my project.
  12. Im want to develop a map to be used with my tournaments basic training program. It will be a firing range model'd after the ones i used during my tour in the Marine Corps. There with be a section for medium to long range firing as well as a pistol range. Also will look at a "kill house" senario where you can go into a building and kill dummy soldiers to clear out rooms. Questions/suggestions needed are as follows: 1) How to put different targets onto objecto to fire at( standard military mansize targets as well as round targets), this will require re-skinning some objects like a metal fence or wall but whats the best way to do it. 2) How to make these targets either interactive, so say they fall down when hit, or a bullet hole shows and stays in the target so a scorekeeper can see the impact and take score from a distance as a spotter. 3) Be able to to have a dummy spawn in at say a first spawn point, kill him, then he re-spawns at a little farther distance, kill him, re-spawn etc. so at each re-spawn he gets farther away. This could also be a random event as far as where the dummy spawns which could be accomplished i suppose by placing multiple spawn points from a CP, but can these be control as far as what SP it spawns from and how quickly. Im thinking a kind of sniper training session where the recruit in training is going for only headshots at varying distances. 4) A pistol range setup where the targets start out on edge to you so you cant fire on them, then at a signal or interaction from the "pitboss" the targets turn to face you for x number of seconds, say 2-3, and you have to get off a double-tap or single shot on your target. This is recreating the same range i fired on in Okinawa japan for my piston qualification. I just dont know how to be able to control the targets so they move toward the shooting line by being manipulated by a player or some other means. 5) Kill house, where recruits progess thru rooms clearing them as they go, maybe have the dummy solidiers start out as dumb(they just stand still), but as you progess thru the house they get more aggressive and smarter to re-act to the recruit like evasive action, and a last stage where they would be totally expert level AI. So how to adjust the level of AI for the dummy soldiers i guess is the question. I know its a long post, and im putting it in the General discussion area to try to get answers to all of the questions instead of trying to figure out where to post each individual question either object editor, animation etc, so dont bite my head off please. I think the map/firing range ideal is a good one and will help out clans and tournaments basic training for new recruits, especially in my case where my tournament is involved with its own mod, so the recruits need to deal with none vanilla weapons. So thanks in advance for any and all help with this, ive got they layout drawn up on paper at least and will be starting the terrain part of the map tomorrow, so by the time thats done, and i get some static objects placed ill have to start thinking of the particulars of how to conrtol the things i want. Again thanks for the help.