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  1. Wow! That is an EXCELLENT looking level, when someone gets the time, could they please write up a tutorial on this, going more in detail.
  2. I think it is created by the editor when you use the modify/smooth tools etc. Because my map has it and I haven't even done anything with the HeightmapPrimary in Photoshop, only the editor.
  3. This is just a tip for creating random, realistic, detailed terrain using Photoshop. I know there is already a tutorial on making it, but this is just adding to that. I was going through DICE's map files, and it seems on all their surrounding terrain they just generated clouds. So I tested this out, and it comes out very nice, with lots of ups and downs everywhere in the terrain. Just thought this was helpful.
  4. tweekbee


    they only work if you test with more than 1 person..so you cannot test it alone.
  5. Wow...that looks very good..sucks it doesnt work with rapids.
  6. Here is a question.. How do you line up these damn fences so perfect. If I have to place them one by on with no align feature Im going to die. I tried the align feature and it aligned them on the damn wrong side of the fence. I wanted it like this: |____ And it came out like this: ____ .....................................| (Wouldnt let me put just spaces)
  7. To place treeEXACTLY where you want them you would have to place them as an object in the Levelediotr, under Vegitation. Sometimes, with the Overgrowth tool, you must press Generate all on the left hand toolbar.
  8. Here is my newest problem(have not solved the other one) http://briandoherty.org/Tweekbee/Black.JPG
  9. That made it so that everywhere I paint it paints the texture with a black outline...*sigh*
  10. Ok..My Level has some texture problems...If you look at these pictures you will see... First, in this picture, the blocky textures. Note that 1. is blocky, but the hills(2.), which are further off, are not. Also take note of the line going through the texture..that is very ugly if you ask me. http://briandoherty.org/Tweekbee/level.JPG In this picture, you see the line again, going the opposite direction, and more of the blocks. http://briandoherty.org/Tweekbee/level2.JPG Thanks!
  11. Can I copy my terrain from one level and import it into a new one of the same size?
  12. I know what he means..he means a mounted machine gun.. In the Leveleditor, Right click where you want it and click create object spawner. In the list locate CH_US_SMG or ME_US_SMG(depending on your teams) and press OK. Press Ok for the name. Now, most likely it didnt place it where you wanted it to, so move it to your desired position. If you are putting it on a ledge, make sure to put it as close to where the player would be standing as possible, otherwise he cannot get out. There you go.
  13. I don't think that the Overgrowth tool is for EXACT placement, use the leveleditor vegitation for this. To get the Overgrowth Working: Make sure in the Render menu you have Toggle Draw Overgrowth on. Select the overgrowth tool, in the resources toolbar, right click Material, then Name it and choose any of the materials. Press Ok. Now right click that and add type. Name it and press OK. Select the Model you would like to use and set the density(amount). Be sure to play with the density. Then just paint it on like any other texture(use Overgrowth mode to see where you are painting.)
  14. Here is what I gathered from his post... 1. Select the Texture Tool from the terrain Editor 2. Select your layer, and in the tweak section, scroll down to LowDetailType, located above Envmap 3. Change it from 0 to 1 4. In the Editor toolbar, scroll all the way down, choose the Set Low detail Texture, set it to the default one, then press generate. 5. Do this for each layer. I dont know if this is right or not.
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