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  1. sushiman

    Which Maya Plugins Need I For Bf2

    Hi Were can i download the plugins and importer/exporter, need for Bf2? and maybe tutorials for download. cya
  2. hi And i can make the same importer button in Poe2 Tool like the 3dsmax tool ?? cya sushi
  3. Hello I will work with 3ds max/BF2 Objects, but i can`t take the tools. --> always the same error --> Unknown property: "importMeshFile" in undefined. can anbody help me
  4. sushiman

    Help Me Please

    Yes it was the EnvMap, i delete this, thank you for helping
  5. sushiman

    Help Me Please

    I will lock at my map and i see this, a big withe cycle rund at my soldier. and the big cycle is going with me. "" I dont kow, what can i do??? Bye Sorry for my bad english