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  1. Thank you very much bergerkiller
  2. Guys i am tryng to fix this problem about 2 days...anybody know how to fix it?
  3. just edit this files on your text editor... client.zip\Lightmaps\Objects\LightmapAtlas.tai client.zip\terraindata.raw ( for this file you gonna need a hexadecimal editor ) server.zip\CompiledRoads.con server.zip\Heightdata.con server.zip\Init.con server.zip\Sky.con server.zip\Terrain.con server.zip\UndergrowthAtlas.tai server.zip\Overgrowth\Overgrowth.con server.zip\Overgrowth\OvergrowthAtlas.tai info\old_name.desc to info\new_name.desc new_name.desc
  4. I dont know how to put rain music effect, i tried but it didnt worked
  5. ...and about de sound ambient guys, i didnt see nothing about this, i dont know how to do it? I saw a tutorial here(bfeditor) but it was very confused for me...
  6. so how i have to do to pack the map? where and which file have to in *.zip files
  7. Thank very much again mschoeldgen[Xww2]
  8. Thank you very much MS!!!!
  9. guys i did follow the tutorial step by step, export my_bunker...but in the step 35 i dont have this window like you can see in this picture down please help, i am trying to export a staticobject...
  10. where can i find a tutorial to this great tool? I tried to search here but i didnt found!
  11. Guys please can you explain better step by step how to do it? 3) Open a DOS prompt and drag the utility into it. Type " How??? drag???? utility? which utility, name!!!! link!!!!
  12. I cant use it, i need more information like after slice de image where i can find it? I need a tutorial please!
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