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    Converting A Maya Object To Max

    Where can I download the .obj plug-in for maya 8.5? It's the unlimited version. I can't seem to convert it without a plug-in.
  2. Kurtzund

    Downgrading To Maya 6?

    Well I've learned that only maya 6 is compatible with bf2... and source and unreal and basically everything else. So I'm wondering is it possible to downgrade to maya 6? I have 8.5. Or is there another program with a similar interface as maya? Because I tried Gmax and couldn't stand the interface, same with blender. And preferably something I can convert my maya files into.
  3. Kurtzund

    Importing Models To Bf2

    I'm using 8.5. So that means I can't import it? Thanks, where do I check the number of polys?
  4. Kurtzund

    Importing Models To Bf2

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know how I import models from maya into BF2. I just wanted to make this Ontario SP19 I made into a replacement knife for the one in BF2.