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  1. look at the tutorials section of this forum, both 2142 and 2
  2. ok. this worked now how do i make a dedicated server which runs my mod?
  3. but can i then still choose my secondary weapon. what you suggest is to replace the pistol with the zeller(?) but i want it the way you can choose your primary and secondary weapon. like: support kit: primary you can choose from lmg, hmg, and shotgun, and for secondary you can choose one of the remaining two...
  4. N3()K


    yay! got the map working! my very first map finished now for the next ^^
  5. N3()K


    geez, i can't find anywhere what i'm doing wrong...... i have textures on my map now, done everything i could find what might be missing and still it doesn't work. btw in the level settings there's still nothing. i tried editing the init.con file and there it says what it should be saying but in the editor i get this:
  6. is it even possible to choose a secondary weapon? for example: for primary you choose a shotgun and for secondary you choose the zeller (instead of the pistols)
  7. so should there stand: C:\Documents and Settings\koen>cd\cd program files\electronic arts\battlefield 2142\python generate_md5.py? because i get the message: 'The system cannot find the path specified.' i have everything installed at the default places.....
  8. N3()K


    ok, so now i've done as you told and finished my map. then i made a mod of it and tried to play it. but when i click on 'create' in multipay, local, i get a ctd. could someone plz look what's wrong/missing?: my mod ty
  9. N3()K


    Yeah, but what to fill in for 2142?
  10. N3()K


    thnx. but what do i have to fill in here?:
  11. N3()K


    What do i have to fill in? if you build a cp and name it, then you click level editor (with the cp selected) and the there's a screen with 'team 1' and ' team 2' and then 'language' and then 'flag' etc. what do i have to fill in to get the cp working?
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