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  1. First off, sorry if this is the wrong section...? What ever happened to this mod? It looked really promising, but it just seems like it got abandoned near completion.. I also recognize some bfsolo content in there I think? Translated to english-
  2. Good to hear TNE, haven't seen you in awhile
  3. Filefront is back! http://battlefield2.filefront.com/news/And...Gentlemen;41892
  4. That looks awesome! Excellent placement of the statics.
  5. Yeah, its legit CB. They put that up a few days ago
  6. Nah, I was talking about the one with like 15 flags or whatever.
  7. Hey M.O.A.B, still working on the map you showed off on bf2s?
  8. Broken link? Fixed now. Nice looking map
  9. Awesome. The detail is fantastic. Will this be ready for the next PR update?
  10. ... Haven't seen this one before. Also anyone know why battlerecorder always crashes for me on my map's load? It works for everything but SF. Thanks.
  11. I might try that, but my main focus is finishing up the minimap, sky settings, and a navmesh. Thanks
  12. Meh, I tried that also. I've spent almost a whole day trying to get them to work. I don't think I'm going to include them in my map. Thanks for your help guys.
  13. Some more WIP. Don't worry TNE, the minimap is coming soon.
  14. Alright, I didn't change any of these settings and got this: I just did what 1/2 Hawk said and I think it worked... Now I just need to lighten the hemimap (that controls the vehicle/flag colors right?) and lighted my minimap. Thanks guys.
  15. Alright, so I just spent that last few hours generating my lightmaps. I load up the game and see this: I do realize that I need to darken the ground. But, there are no shadows... I placed all of my .dds files in my map/lightmaps/objects and have my shadows in game on high. I also generated my groundhemi if that makes a difference. So anyway, I copied my sky from Leviathan and my sky.con looks likes this. Lightmanager.init Lightmanager.skycolor 1/1/1 Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.1/0.1/0.2 Lightmanager.sunColor 1/1/1 Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.3/0.3/0.3 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 0.00/0.00/0.00 LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.40/0.40/0.44 LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0.8 else terrain.sunColor 0.00/0.00/0.00 terrain.GIColor 0.40/0.40/0.44 terrain.waterSunIntensity 0.8 endIf Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.00/0.00/0.00 Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.10/0.10/0.10 Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.24/0.26/0.29 Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.35/0.40/0.45 Lightmanager.sunDirection 0.63244/-0.732827/0.250968 Lightmanager.enableSun 0 Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.25/0.25/0.25 Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.20/0.20/0.20 Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1 Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 0.4 hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/Operation_Nighthawk/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 1024.000000 500.000000 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.00/0.00/0.00 Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.40/0.40/0.40 Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 0.10/0.10/0.10 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor else run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydome.con run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con endIf Skydome.skyTemplate skydome Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer Skydome.hasCloudLayer 1 Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 0 Skydome.scrolldirection 0.003/0.003 Skydome.scrolldirection2 0.004/0.005 Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\Cloud10 Skydome.cloudTexture2 common\textures\cloud\Cloud07 Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\leviathan_sky Skydome.domeRotation 265 Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 10/800 Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.3/0.2 Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\Nightflight_32bitglow Skydome.flareDirection 0.63/-0.73/0.25 Renderer.fogColor 3.00/5.00/11.00 Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 0.00/150.00/1.00/0.00 Is this becuase of: Lightmanager.enableSun 0 ? If so, do I need to change that to a one and redo the lightmaps? If so /facepalm...
  16. Thanks CB "you should have a new .tga image in the /Temp folder you setup initially that says something like tallship01_bottom=00=11=34=-5~point.tga" I don't have a tga file. I selected Mosque=01 and rendered the selected object with the correct lighting turned on, and the other one off.
  17. Need some more help "Lets go back and take a closer look at the Utility. See the drop down top right under Light Pass? Its got three options: point, sky and sun. Make sure that when you do the point light pass, only the Omni lights are turned on. For the sky pass, only the ambient light is on and for the sun pass, just the sun light is turned on. For the test, you may wish to only do the primary mesh and not wait for all the LODs to lightmap too. You can control this by setting the Specific LOD dropdown to 0. When we're ready for the whole thing, set this back to All. Cool ... did I lose you yet? Hopefully not. Lets pick one of our LOD meshes (a bigger one with a =0 in its name) and then choose Render Selected Objects. After a few seconds of thumb twiddling, you should have a new .tga image in the /Temp folder you setup initially that says something like tallship01_bottom=00=11=34=-5~point.tga. The 00 tells you what LOD this goes on. The next three numbers are the coordinates on the map given that you may have several copies of that object scattered about. The ~point suffix tells you that this is the pass for the omni lights, in my case the lanterns. Feel free to take a peek at the texture so see whats going on. The larger the # you put in that text file, the bigger this file will be in Photoshop. Go do the passes for sun and sky now remembering to turn on and off the lights appropriate for each pass." Where is the option to turn off the specific lighting? Also do I need to do point lighting if I skipped that step?
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