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  1. izrabf2

    Brush Size Workaround

    This is reminding me of Cheat Engine or TSearch to make trainers
  2. izrabf2

    Creating Your First Static In Max / Gmax

    Make it stickied, please Also, thanks for the tutorial
  3. izrabf2

    Rb, Genericfirearms (i.e Cannons) + More

    You might need to see mscho's thread about 3ds Max/Gmax hierarchy. Keep in mind on what clive have said.
  4. izrabf2

    P26 Peashooter

    Looking good But it's kinda bad with "meshsmooth" or something
  5. izrabf2

    Dividing Blueprints

    P38 Lightning tutorial? Don't you mean... THIS
  6. izrabf2

    3ds/gmax Model Hierarchy Collection (56k Warning)

    Awesome tut mscho Sorry for dumb question but, are col0, col1, col2, and col3 geometries? Thanks
  7. izrabf2

    [release] Wookie Sniper Mod 1.2

    Awesome! Gonna download it after my computer is fixed
  8. izrabf2

    Python Codding

    That's what I'm doing
  9. izrabf2

    Weapon Re-loading

    Please ao1902, don't piss everyone here and, PATIENCE!! You piss me off! And what does ao1902 mean is reloading bar on M1A2 Abrams MBT in AIX. Gonna post the screen to explain it. But I have some works to do. Maybe later
  10. izrabf2

    Make Texture For Model

    Thank you very much mschoeldgen Gonna try it. Walyon tutorial is helpful and so's unwrap model to texture tut
  11. izrabf2

    Glock 17

    Feel so happy with my Glock 17 and I think I better share this to community. And, here it is! My Glock 17 mini-mod Link IzraBF2's Glock-17 mini-mod (Alpha Stage) Credits: - Futon from FPSBanana for the glock sounds (edited by izrabf2) - Dogbox for helping me with exporting - GhostWriter DOF for testing and report the big bug Programs used: - Battlefield 2 - Battlefield 2 Editor - Gmax with BF2 tools for modeling - Sony Sound Forge 9.0 for sounds editing How to install: 1. Before you start, make a backup of ServerArchives.con. Extract everything inside of izrabf2_glock17.zip to [gamedir]/mods/bf2 2a. When you're asked to overwrite the original ServerArchives.con, click yes 2b. Edit the original ServerArchives.con and add this line on the top (you must add it on the top otherwise it won't work): fileManager.mountArchive glock17_minimod.zip Objects How to uninstall: Replace edited ServerArchives.con with the original one Note: - You may use this as personal use, NOT public use. - Give the credits to me (the creator) if you're going to use it for public use and permission if needed - This will replace US Assault Beretta to Glock - Fixed: Crashing when changing the weapon in US Assault
  12. Need help here. I make a model, say, desert eagle and the model is based from this pic: And I want to make the texture based from the picture above. How to make it? PS: Sorry for my noobish things
  13. izrabf2

    Make Weapon Icon

    That's what stupid people doing. Renaming .tga to .dds won't work and it's like renaming the file but the format still same. Open editor, select the weapon, take the screenshot and bring it to image editor is way more harder and won't work (I've tried before you say this) @mscho Simply, render the model in Max and take the screenshot and edit it? Hmm, kinda hard way Good idea btw.
  14. izrabf2

    Bf2: Air-strike Mod

    You said the mod is shut down in BFSP a few days ago
  15. izrabf2

    Last Human Mod Recruiting!

    And I've just got Sony Sound Forge 9 and which mean we have sound editor