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    M1a2 Tank

    WTF Ok what can we do. I want to edit the tracks and the tank and make it next gen. I want to work on the tank. The treads are. Fucked Up So what do we do about?
  2. Yes I would like the model to be 100 k poly so I can make it into 16 parts in game.
  3. Can someone make a model that is 100 k poly for us in game?
  4. Ok how do I make a bf1942 map import not 2m polys I would like 50k poly
  5. Hey thank you for that it does not work though I get a error. Is there another way or is that the only way?
  6. Hey when I use the height map import it says I want to get wake island as a model so I can import it in game.
  7. Hi I am working on a battlefield modification and we are creating destructible terrain but we need to get a hieghtmap into 3ds max and make the polygons into box object format. How do you import a height map.raw into 3ds max? I want to do it for wake island and have it textured also! Someone help lol. Mabey I can use a wrap texture or something for the terrain how do we do this? Someone teach me how I will give you 5$. -Josh_sg1
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  9. I tried that lol. Ok I will work on that, I dont care about shadows ex..
  10. Yeah I am getting this same problem. I have the mod and map packed right too. I cannot get 2 players in game.
  11. Ok may not work then, instead I will make usable objects spawn at different times that set them off randomly.
  12. That looks cool I will try that the in game.
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