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  1. This isnt in the object editor this is about moving objects in the level editor, ill try to explain it more simpler, Im finding it hard to describe it though: Ok you have a flat plain, you place a building onto it, you click the Blue (Z Zxis) arrow and drag it 1 inch to the right on your screen (not ingame terms, real life inch), as your dragging it you see it move to that position right?then when you let go it stays, but for me if I drag that same object an inch to the right the object stays where it is untill I have let go of the mous then it goes straigt to the new position, I was wondering can I get the animation back for moving the objects. Does that make more sense?
  2. Firstly I'd like to say amazing forum, its like a light in a sea of excrement and sharks aka BF2 Editor. Anyway in editor when you rotate or move an dobject, you can see in realtime how it moves and what not. But all of a sudden now when I try to rotate an object nothing happens untill a let go of the mouse and it snaps into the new position straight away. Is there a button I pressed to make the objects stop acting in realtime and just snaping?Because its very frustrating when your trying to do small adjustments and you cant actually tell where its moving to when you are moving it untill you let go of the mouse button. Anway Im not sure what I did, maybe a pressed a button to many times or when I was using my TS talk key I pressed another key to disable realtime movement, but I could be completely wrong, any ideas? - Thawk
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