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  1. Ah, finally got it, thanks for the help. (oh yea, the problem was that I was extracting all the SF models into the bf2/Objects folder. Extracting the models into the xpack/Objects folder is probobly one of the only things I didn't try).
  2. I crash at 70% on the 32 and 64 versions, but the 16 version works fine.
  3. I don't have a mod, I'm using Special Forces. (The map I'm trying to edit is "Warlord"). I don't understand this part, what does it mean? If I delete them, then they wouldn't do anything anyway?. Not only that, but I can't find these files anywhere. And a filesearch on my computer didn't turn up any results.
  4. Yea, so I have decided to do a little mapping so I can customize some of the maps I have. But I run into a problem, everything from Special Forces is invisible! I only started today and have figured out some basics (even though I can't even figure out how to save!). But does anyone know why this happens? I started the editor under "xpack", not "bf2". And yes, I have SF installed (I also have armored fury and euro force). I would also like to point out that I cannot spawn any SF objects. Anybody know what I did wrong?
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