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  1. Oh yeah please do this. It always confused me that I get seemingly random results on my search topic. After reading this post I know why... btw: ISN represent!^^
  2. BUMP We are currently searching for talented or at least motivated mappers to increase our current map pool. We want to offer a wide variety of interesting maps, ranging from huge battle maps to race and fun maps in our final release. If you are interested, apply at http://isnitro.com/forum/! Check out our media gallery for some impressions!
  3. Hi, First to the texture distortion: Recheck your color and detail uvw channels in max. Triangulate your object in complex areas. If there is no triangulation done by you, it could be that the uvw is getting f**ked up by the exporter. triangulates. Lightmaps: Open up the channel info window and clear all uvw channels you don't use on your static. Create new lightmap samples with the exporter. Another option that will get you better results is creating custom lightmap samples. But this is a bit tricky and you probably need bf2 meshview by Remdul. Read the instructions on his site. GLHF
  4. Which texture format did you use and which tool for creating them? Also check your textures mip-maps in photoshop. Textures must be in the *.dds format!
  5. The BF2 Editor is also rendering terrain lightmaps. If you are a student, you can get 3ds max, Maya, Softimage XSI, MotionBuilder and Mudbox for about 130 €/$ in one box. This are 5 top-notch programs literally for free! There is also no time limit for using, only commercial use is not allowed.
  6. You have to greate an environment-map texture. Load the "DefaultEnvMap" and place it on your map some meters (~20m) above the terrain. Render the envmaps.
  7. If you didn't change anything in the render settings everything should be fine there. Why are you using the bundled mesh material for the walls? Make sure you filled al necessary texture slots. The default staticmesh material shows only the active texture anyway. Does the object appear in the render if you apply a default material to them?
  8. In texture mode, set a lowdetailtexture and then generate lowdetaimaps. Search the forum for further information.
  9. Make sure your object is set to renderable by rightclicking on the object, than options. Also check if you set show in viewport in the maeterial dialog (but it should show in the render anyway...). Did you set all ID's correctly? Don't use the realtime bf2-shader, its not being rendered (at least for me). Check your render settings for anything suspicious.
  10. Sure, change the material ID of the red object to something different than the main object. Use a multi material with the number of slots you need (in this case only 2). Create 2 bf2 staticmesh materials with your textures. Drag and drop the materials into the multi material slots. Select instance when asked. Set the objects material ID to the ID of the material in the multi material. Note that all of your models UVW's are shown in the edit uvw modifier, even if you only want to edit one of the objects. Just ignore them. Hope I could help.
  11. Wow, prone, jets and 64 players! Maybe even fastropes? Are they serious about calling this new features? Without mod support it will be like BC2 - fun to play for a few weeks, then get you will get bored of playing the same few maps all the time and finally you will forget the game after a very short time compared with bf2. Also they announced the remakes of BF2 maps as DLC you can buy for cash - does anyone really thinks there will be free modding tools?
  12. Good work! Somewere in the roads tweak you can edit the fading at the start and end of the road.
  13. ISN-Test in a few hours, visit http://isnitro.com/forum/ for informations!

  14. Test today, visit http://isnitro.com/forum/ for details. Apply as tester, DL the mod and have a nice evening
  15. We would like to see all you guys in this weeks test on saturday
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