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  1. thx 1/2 hawk. and i know i started a little late on the bf2 modding (with BF3 almost comming out) but yea i made a map for BF2 with the clan im in realy loves so yea im getting hooked on the modding part and i realy want to make a complete mod for bf2 and in time switching over to making some for BF3. but i know i have a long way to go, learning all the ins and outs. and now to get back on topic. does these tools work with max 2008?
  2. if this is posted in the wrong section im sorry. and now for the question. is it possible to resize objects? im working on a map where i want to place some objects from reg bf2 but i would like to see them a little smaller or bigger depends on the object. and im to noobish to just go and create them from scratch (just got maya and 3ds max, and im lost in those progs for now) any help is more then welcome
  3. i painted it with tpaint. but i forgot to use some settings in the editor. i know shame on me. but after i did the settings and running lightmapping its came out allright. thx for the reply tho. i'm just back home after getting the new 3ds max. i guess im gonna use that to do most things now.
  4. hey guys i just started to make some maps for bf2 and i have some weird ingame terrain. something wrong with the mountains? i think so ok does anyone know how i can fix these probably nooby problems? thx
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