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  1. Yes, I searched the forum for that issue, but i didn't found anything useable. So, I know this is a known problem in the bf-community. The Problem: When I try to move a object in the bf2 editor it isn't moving with the mouse. I click on the object - move it - and it only changes position when I release the mouse button again. So there is no smooth movement of the object. It isn't THAT fatal, but it SUCKS! I also tryed to use the "Photoshop Fix" but it didn't helped me. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Particle ● system ● emitter If you don't know, what it is, pls leave this discussion!
  3. Me too! Not for ages, but for days and UberWazuSoldier... You don't got the point of this thread.. pls read the whole Thread before posting anything!
  4. got it! The particles used as the parameters are defined in the file "e_ref_bundle" in the "misc"-folder in the effects folder
  5. I know hoe to create a effect! And I'm using both, the BFeditor and the notepad. I only wanted to know how to import custom effects in my Particlesystememitter and where I must save it so I can use it correctly in my Pa
  6. Hey! I made a satic-effect in a effect-bundle + Bundle for placing in the level editor.. they are placed on the map and don't disappear! But they are not shown ingame! I can see them in the effect-editor but not ingame Anyone knows a solution? Thanks! SirCommandant
  7. Same Thing ... nobody an idea?
  8. Hi! I want to make an effect of a colapsing woodfence. First I used the tweakfile of the exploding barrel of vanilla but my fence part are flying in the air with this settings. Can some tell me how to make an(working) effect of a collapsing fence? I should look like the effect of the trafficlight of vanilla. greetz SirCommandant
  9. Hey! I have a BIG problem! I created a effect for a phosphorgrenade... The sound file isnt finished yet so took the normal BF2 handgrenade sounds. But when I trough the greande ingame I get a BTD (BackToDesktop) So I deletetd the Soundthing in my effect and know it works! How can I fix this Sound-BTD-bug? Greetz SirCommadant
  10. Hey Guys! I have a simple question. In bf2 exsists a object named "ParticleSystemEmitter". But it only works with an parameter like "em_exp_firefinger_large" My question now is: Is there a list of parameters (altenatives) wich I can type in there?
  11. Simply and clever.... but not waht I mean...anyway...I´ll do it like this :B
  12. Because many people asked me how to open the *.dmp files of BF2 because their map crashes I wrote (paint ^.^) a small tutorial in useing "Windbg". To download Windbg just click HERE And here is how to use it! Description: 1. Search for actually dump-file. 2. Check Date to prevent a confusion. 3. Start Windbg. 4. Open the actually .dmp file per drag and drop into the Windbg window. 5. View .dmp-file and search errormessage. Fin Hope I could help! Greetz SirCommandant
  13. And can I tell an effect that only he rects on wind the others (same effect) don´t?
  14. Operation Smoke Screen? Its a Map out of EuroForces!
  15. Hey! I have a new problem... How can I tell a Staticeffect that he must react on ambient wind? Like in Operation Smoke Screen? I think I´m anoing... Tanks!
  16. I have the Answer! I had the complete effect bundle of the bf2-grenade in my effect so the editor just loded the normal bf2 effect and not the effect with my settings...so he don´t saved the normel bf2 grenade... But I have a new question! How can I tell a Staticeffect that he must react on ambient wind? Like in Operation Smoke Screen?
  17. First it is an explosion but in the next seconds it is a looping fire... Its made for a Phosphorgrenade.
  18. sry... I mean exPlosion.. And there is no relly way to fix this bug or something?
  19. Own Mod...OPK Its an exlosion...
  20. What do you mean with effectcontainer?!
  21. Hi @ all! I have a BIG prblem in making effects... I made a effekt for a phosphoreffect and when I tell the editor to save the effect he saves it... But when I launch my editor again the effect is not saved and I can make all again! Can someone help me please! Damn! thx!
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