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    I am the devil. I am god. They made stock. I made mod.

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  1. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

    Taking my airplane going through a Taco Bell Drive through... I also got the "Taking your airplane through a tunnel" achievement unlock... twice. Indiana Jones through Tunnel
  2. cobrachoppergirl

    EA releasing the BF1.0 / BFVietnam / BF2 / BF2142 source code

    I know right! Let's make it happen! Even though I've completely forgotten the game and moved on... By now BF2 is probably about as old as Doom or Wolfenstein or maybe even more was when ID released the source code... It would be a boon to EA, and we'd have to couch it that way... creating new potential players and customers for their later BF releases... should such new players decided to graduate and move on/up to a richer game environment. Me, I like the austerity of BF2142/BF2.... the interface just feels right. I never did take to any of the later Frostbite games. I pushed Server Side Modding only to the absolute limit and made the free demos rock and then ported it all over to the full games. Such a shame 5 years of coding work gone to waste. All polished nad sleeping dormant in a desk drawer on one USB stick,...
  3. I wonder if there is any chance of this ever happening if someone from whatever is left of the community made some dogged inquiries. We could write out the Gamespy dependencies and fix a whole heck of a lot of bugs... I wonder who we should talk to first at EA to make this happen? Oddly, I actually went to class in high school with someone, who ended up working at EA sports at their Atlanta office in marketing.... whether they still have a job there or not, I'd have to look on Linkedin... CHOPPERGIRL @ AIR-WAR.ORG
  4. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

    Youtube - Choppergirl's AIRWAR Cartoons! AIR-WAR.ORG
  5. Where do I place flowers on the grave for the Battlefield series....? Who wants to start a small collection for me to actually make a real tombstone (like, the cost of buying a bag of quick concrete, maybe Devilman can give me some advice in that department) and a grave site.... maybe I'll bury all my plastic candy box copies I bought from CompUSA (which also died, along with Circuit City, Computer City, and Radio Shack... and probably a long, long list of other tech companies)... CHOPPERGIRL http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/member.php?u=37217
  6. cobrachoppergirl

    Billboard Hacker Wanted

    What are you doing putting Elvis up there, put me up there instead... ;-P
  7. Alice, my second plane project... bought for $99... ! The Bad: I destroyed just about every wing rib getting it home, from the vibration on the trailer and having the wings stacked with no stand off board between them... arg! Stupid monkey moment. Would have to take apart the wing and build a jig to build 6-8 new wing ribs anyway... so... now I have to do 24... so not like its a big deal, I just created work for myself, and it looks more pitiful and less like a real nice wing The Good: Two mint condition, never used or run, Chotia 460 engines! The packing newspaper in the box says December 1984 from Dallas. Thread about it: http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26045&page=2 Surprisingly, I'd say about 70% complete plane, for $99, not bad. Missing prop, exhaust pipes, carbs (he sold the carbs), gas tank, and I'm sure odds and ends... and of course, new wing ribs I need to make and cover the wings... and then rig up all the wires... which it looks like I got most of them.