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    I am the devil. I am god. They made stock. I made mod.

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Over many, many years of running Battlefield servers, I have observed the following...

There are 3 types of Battlefield players, and as a group, they are not much better than run of the mill prison garbage:

1. 60% Server Whores, who are like lemmings without a brain and join the most full server

2. 25% Mentally Retarded, who join any server at random, and often decide full servers, for the server whores will cascade dogpile like lemmings once critical mass is achieved. I've observed this over and over, there is no rhyme nor reason, what server is full at any given time has often been determined by pure mental retardation and lemmingdom

3. And 10% Douchebags, which god created in his own image, just to spice things up. Trash talkers, base campers, team killers, idlers, tea baggers, wall glitchers, you name it, a thousand different varieties.

The last 5%, I put in an Other category. Could be you, could be actual good players, could be old timers, could be admins or modders themselves. Either way, its only 5% total.

Am I right, or am I right. Yeah, I'm right.

All three will do all they can to F*** up your server. Contrary to what you might think, about 33% of the players you do not want on your server. You want to push that 33% onto other servers. A great server admin, writes thosuands of lines code to micromanage all of them and neutralize as much as possible their douchebaggery and the impact of their pure stupidity, just so said admin can play a decent game. A poor server admin, thinks, hey, I got a cool name for a server, lets fire up my own little server with XXXX clan name!

Quanity does not equal Quality….

You players are stupid as ever. You’d chose a game server full of idiots over a server with a few hard core good players on it. Because you’re stupid. And you do it over and over and over and over again. Like lemmings. You join only the servers full of players, because you’re stupid followers and groupies.

If you had your choice to eat of one single steak on a plate, or a shovel full of dirt, which would you chose? How about I up that, with a dump truck load of dirt. Why, you’d chose the dirt every time! Because it must be better. Because there’s more of it… Dumb asses.

I’ve run Battlefield servers for 6 years now, and the best gaming experience falls somewhere between 12 and 24 players. Anything more than 24, and it just becomes a stupid impersonal madhouse.

Here’s the deal. If Battlefield 4 sucks at 16 players, and sucks at 24 players, increasing the player count to 70 is not going to make it suck any less….

Battlefield 3 sucked… because they focused too much on destructible environments and the Frostbite engine, and totally ignored or screwed up game play. If I would of been on the product team, BF3 would of never left the door without me walking out and quitting. Because… its… unplayable. Unplayable as a death match, unplayable, period. Boring.

My guess is BF4 is going to go further down the toilet, because they are probably going to continue heading in the wrong direction….

Away from the awesome hardcore Quake Style Deathmatch Multiplayer Arena with ragdolls and vehicle warfare… that was BF2 and BF2142… and towards this stupid idiot scripted single player missions game, or multiplayer gaming polluted by the trinkets of ranking up and metals and collecting icons and crap.

My Youtube Videos - yeah whatever ?


FORWARD: Forewarned is forearmed

If you're viewing this profile, you're probably a BF2 hot shot modder comfy in your little dev world, who sets foot on this page with a lot of preconceived snobbery against BF2142, and server side only modding. For starters, there's nothing to love about BF2142, its was just a quick modded stripped down version of BF2 for EA to cash in on a quick extra buck. Hmm, yes, sure. Who could love such a bastard child, you say... even worse, who could love the tiny abandoned little world of the BF2142 demo? Of all the fish ponds, it has to be the smallest. CHOPPERGIRL, that's who! I adopted this little pond as my own and I rule it like the violent yet benevolent bannana republic warlord warlady that I am.

Its often the ugliest child who grows up to be the most beautiful. Allow me to smash your bigotry for a moment, and suck you into my server from which you can steal ideas from... its just a free download away. What else are you going to do, play your own mod YET AGAIN tonight? I dare you to STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX and step up to the ULTRAVIOLENCE that is AIRWAR. Swim with the sharks. It will only cost you a small amount of harddrive space to get into my hotspot treehouse. You know you want to. Cause its GIRLS ONLY. From then on, a BF2142 Demo link pinned to your start menu, will forever vex you to try your mad skillz against me and the other punks on my server in the air. I'm not some plastic fake model some photographer put a nintendo controller in her hand and called her a gamer girl. Those girls are so much bullshit, in real life they play Neopets and Farmville. I fly, I seat jump, I terminate with ultimate prejudice, I frequently pull off a high score against seasoned veterans, YOU WILL find me in the game, and I WILL kill you. If you want to know where I am, all you have to do is look behind you.



I am not one of the first girls, nor one of the first programmers, nor one of the first helicopter test pilots. I am however CHOPPERGIRL - I run two demo servers, a BF2 demo and BF2142 demo server, for which I guess you could say, I am er notoriously famous for in the BF community. And every single mod you see on them is SERVER SIDE ONLY. Come over to the dark side, server side only modding. All mods should be server side, only a slipshot bunch of hacks under incredible development pressure and time constraints would build something otherwise like this BF crap. I build with passion, and when I do it, I try to get it RIGHT!


Once upon a time...

Way back in pre-history, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, I grew tired of the violence in BF1 demo, so I'd fly the Huey and land it on a dime in a hot LZ, or pick up players marooned at the main base spawn point with my catcall 'Fly CHOPPERGIRL air!' I dreamed of flying and loved to fly most of all, for me its like riding horses in the sky in 3 dimensions, and the Huey, well, its quintisential Vietnam you know. The bird is the word! It was a fat target for the jets so I'd have to fly low and dangerous like a hotshot pilot. My uncle drove a supply truck in combat in Vietnam, and I'm a History Channel buff, so yeah, I knew what a Huey is. One of my grandfathers was a motorcycle troop in the German Regular Army Wehrmacht, and the other flew P-40's, P-47's, and P-38's out of New Guinea fresh out of college. I was born on a Marine Corp base, but with all this military history in the family, I am completly and totally politically anti-military. FTA! Funny, huh. If no more people become soldiers, there can be no more wars, and war is a total bullshit scam by governments grafting for territory and power.

So anyway I downloaded BF2142 demo and for some reason got hooked, but I always had to fight and wait on one single gunship on JEEPSOFDEATH stock conquest map, and if some retard stole it, I'd have to chase them down with the transport and land on their head like the old video game JOUST just so I could get my precious gunship. Nobody else flew, there were no dogfights worth shit ever, once in a blue moon. I had had enough.

I started my own server, and ask in the public forums, how the phrack do you mutispawn a vehicle. Satan himself responded, the Devilman (Upon reading my profile, Devilman informs me, hw'a not that kind of Devilman, but

). The code had simply not been there, I had to add a line. I drilled deeper into the smallness of hell that is the fantasy escape world of virtual reality. What else was I going to do, play SecondLife or Sims2? No guns in Sims2, I'm a girl, I need conflict and drama. There's nothing even to fly in Sims2, and I love to fly. And I couldn't take listening to that crap Simlish one second longer. Secondlife I could build lots of cool stuff, but outside a sandbox, you had to spend money to rent virtual land which was stupid as hell. And again, no dog fighting and grappling in the air in a mad dance of death outnumbered by multiple bogeys, which is what I love to do.

So once I could multispawn the gunships, I took all my Sims2 building ability and thought,hey, I need more targets, tweak all the others to multispawn just right. Then I thought, I want this wreckage to persist longer. Then I had a game. And one weapon mod here, porting all my experience with BASIC programming over to Python, some scoreboard code there, a thousand other subtle tweaks here and there, a notoriously brilliant piece of code in my dogpile kicker, and the rest is history.

Airwar is now the most heavily server side only modded BF2142 server in the world. However, it didn't happen just over night. Three years of adding, tweaking, playtesting, brainstorming new ideas and trying new things ideas which die a horrible death because they can't be done at all server side, it all builds up. If you enter AIRWAR and play for just 3 minutes, you'll barely notice any different from a stock map, but the more you play, and the deeper you get into, you find out, subtly, everywhere, I've fixed everything and changed everything, always tweaking game play balance between all the forces until its just the perfect game that scales off the chart as better and better players pile in and raise the level of ultraviolence. As the worst player always gets kicked off the server for a new better one to come in, if good players are around the game heats up until its a viscious violent battle in the skies with broken wreckage rainging down to earth all over the map. The more people that fly, the more hella fun AIRWAR becomes.

Airwar has filled the skies with gunships, created literally thousands of new dangerous pilots for me to fight in an endless ocean of tangly dancy dogfights in the sky, and its taken BF2142 to a whole new level, from an essentially 2 dimensional game into the 3rd dimension. There is nothing like AIRWAR in the full game. You don't need the full game, and you don't need to download or install anything but the freely available BF2142 demo client to play. We have a hell of a lot of fun on my server.

After that, I actually went 'backwards in time' and started modding up a BF2 demo server, porting all my mods to it. I became known over there for what players called 'the bridge', an awesomly huge build out called WaterWorld I did on the Gulf of Oman server side using ONLY TWO BRIDGE PARTS! I got lots of wow comments on it from other game admins and players, as to how 'seamless' it was all put together. All done by figuring out every single blasted X/Z/Y coordinate (and XZY!@#$ rotation) for every single part by hand too, down to sometimes the 4th and 5th decimal place!


What to know about me, as far as being here on bfeditor.org is concerned? Well, I curse and rant at the horrid programming inside Battlefield a lot. And I mean a lot. It is just that bad. Its the worst I've ever seen for programming code, I have no idea how it runs at all. Witchcraft. That is what I suspect. My guess is it was written by professional programmers with college degrees who have no idea how to write maintainable or expandable code. I would never hire any programmer with a college degree. They suck ass.


Give me one of those way out there hackers who dropped out of school, cause they live for coding and could care about nothing else in the world while they are working on their project which they have a passion for. That's who you want writing your game, or rather, their game, that they feel passionate about. This BF crap is not written by hackers, because hackers would never write code this bad. There's not a single damn comment anywhere through the entire code, its closed source, cryptic, undocumented (except by the user community), buggy, and just plain... bad. No, its not bad, its garbage.


If DICE/EA released the source code, along with some documentation, maybe we could get in there and fix it. Most of us with the know how would. But they are so stupid pigheaded about it, you can forget that.


I originally created my server and mods as a showcase to maybe get a job at DICE, or another gaming company. But after working with their code as much as I have by now, there is no way in hell I want to work for DICE, or any other gaming company.


I learned Quickbasic in high school but mostly on my own, so somehow I managed to look at Python and the cryptic BF .tweak files enough to figure out the basics of how it worked enough for me to do what I wanted to do. I was the smartest in my class so school was really boring as hell for me, so I found a challenge to occupy long blocks of time in programming. I've been messing around with computers since I was 7, so, I'm kind of an old hat by now at everything.






Some mods I find that others have posted, some mods I see others do something, and that inspires me to do the same thing only better, and other mods I just totally innovate myself out of thin air. A lot of mods I want to do just don't work. The mods that I made that were particularly innovative and revolutionized the game, or were hard as hell to figure out until I made a breakthrough on them, are the ones I am most proud of (for example, my code which randomized the location of game assets (flags, vehicles) at the start of a new BF2 game, so no game is the same).


Or mods that I spent a lot of work on, and do a lot of work themselves (for example, my custom dogpile kicker modmanager script that once the server gets fulls, starts kicking out the garbage players to always open up one slot for a better player to get in). That is a real workhorse for some code, it works nonstop 24/7 to turn my server into a dogpile that the best of the best players pile into and weeds out the worst right out the door at the bottom.


I always try to give credit where credit is due on my mods, when I know the original author. As such, a lot of AIRWAR was built by the pioneering work of other passionate modders who came before me. List of some of the mods


About the only person I talk to on here is Devilman, who was the first person to answer my first modding question, how the frak do you mutispawn vehicles (namely, gunships, I was sick of waiting on them or chasing down noobs who stole them). I've been doing this I guess about 2 years now and am pretty burnt out on it and fed up with it by now, and I guess you could say, bitter, as I now see it all as a waste of time, but I keep my servers running since the players seem to love the hell out of them. I spent a god aweful lot of time tweaking the balance of the game play *just right* for an awesome non-stop carnage gaming experience. Its like freaking Star Wars space dogfighting in the skies on my servers, nonstop junk raining down on you ?


There are other huge mod packs out there that get a more press play than mine, I'm sure. My mod gets played by more people than all the rest of them. Drop suck on that!

I've tried a few of the other mods myself and found that as far as I'm concerned, they hold no interest to me personally. Different strokes for different folks. I just like to play the game the way I like to play it. I'm happy on my non-stop violence servers (when they are not crashing to zero players and recouping, from crappy DICE bugs), which get played a hell of a lot (30,000+ players to date), so I must be doing something right.


Some day I'm going to dump this shit BF platform, and start from scratch coding up my own game. If only I had the time. Because developing for BF is a dead end road. If you want to know what I think of this, READ MY POST ABOUT IT IN THIS THREAD.


Want to know more, and where to continue your Choppergirl experience? Well....

There are 5000+ Battlefield servers in the world, and all of them, at most, have one or two server graphics. A lot have none.

I love to make graphics, about as much as I love to code mods. My server has to date 700+ different server banners, which rotate and shows a new random one every game.

It was the first mod I did, because I didn't have the patience to see the same old graphic over and over and over again every time the game restarted (boring as hell!)

See more bitchin Choppergirl Graphics

So anyway, yeah, if you play the full game, download the free BF2142 and BF2 demo clients, and install them and see what all the hub bub is all about. They won't conflict with your full game at all, and they give you access to the demo servers as well. The reasons why you should play the demo game, I explain here. Basically you no longer have to futz with having that CD in the drive all the time, you can install it on as many computers as you like (you have more than one, like a whole computer lab, right?), and you can recommend it to your friends without having to send them on a trip to Best Buy or the Pirate Bay. In the demo world, our priorities are different. We don't give a frak about any artificial or arbitrary ranking system; we want to have as much insane non-stop carnage fun as possible. And I bring it to the players. Brought. Come over to the dark side of server side only modding. Come over to AIRWAR.







--------EXIT VEHICLE----------

Player *_GuA_* DrXave (GTM) Id: 4 exits EU_APC_Podcannon1_pods

Pco team: 1 Player team: 1

Players in vehicle before exit:

StellAlpha (DEU) Id: 29 Team: 2 in position eu_apc_pods with team 1

*_GuA_* DrXave (GTM) Id: 4 Team: 1 in position EU_APC_Podcannon1_pods with team 1

XReunion (DEU) Id: 16 Team: 1 in position EU_APC_Podcannon2_pods with team 1

After exit:

Pco team: 1

Players in vehicle:

StellAlpha (DEU) Id: 29 Team: 2 in position eu_apc_pods with team 1

XReunion (DEU) Id: 16 Team: 1 in position EU_APC_Podcannon2_pods with team 1



Debug assertion failed!

Version: 0.0.1605.9 Build date:

Module: Game

File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2142Branches\Demo\Code\BF2\Game\Objects\Game\PlayerControlObject.cpp

Line: 2773

Expression: !(playersTeam > 0 && playersTeam != player->getTeam())

Text: Someone of team 1 is in a vehicle owned by team 2. Object=EU_APC_Podcannon1_pods m_defaultTeam:0 playersFound:1

Current confile:(0)


Final last words: this game was a lie and a mistake. It wasted 3+ years of my life and gave me nothing in return. I liken it to a gas chamber; everyone scrambles to be top dog in a dog pile inside of it, but in the end, everyone dies in this small world, this virtual world, this fake false world that isn't even a world, its a mirage, an illusion, a lie. It doesn't matter if you are a player or a modder trying to claw to the top of your dogpile - in the end everyone dies. How do you win. Your turn around and walk away from it forever, because it is facing in a dead end road with nothing at the end. It is a thief and a life.

The only way to win this game is to stop playing it. Stop playing it, and stop running, from whatever it is inside of you that you don't want to see no more, the horror and nightmare that is your life and has you trapped in some lonely human condition. That thing, that fear, that terror, they put into you as a little kid. If I could tear my eyes out, I would, so I wouldn't have to see anymore, but I would still remember, the horror.

I spent 3 years trying to learn how to fight, how to become a warrior inside this game... for a battle, that had already been lost, and which I had had no chance of winning. It was a hopeless endeavor to train for a rematch that never came.

As one of the Nine Sisters and designers of the fabric of the game,

I have left the theater of illusion and am operating now as warrior Special A Class Real


I'm not going to return to this stupid shit

My training is complete

I know now how to win my war

You rewrite any war game to run according your design

So you are outside the rules

And the game becomes nothing more than what all contests are

A farce


You know you've arrived when Devilman makes you an honorary signature vessel:


But where have you arrived? The end of the road that leads to nowhere... and a hopeless endeavor...

Players as a whole are a mob of stupid fickle wh***es.

And you can't mod the stupid out of the mob of idiots that are players...

Some things I will answer if I consider them public knowledge, somethings I won't if I consider them trade secrets. ?

Somethings I don't know, and most everything else... is just, impossible without infinite amounts of insane work, or not possible at all. Contrary to what I and everybody else want it to be, the demo is not a game development platform, and was never meant to be modded. You find that out soon enough, working with it, its infuriating, but I'm sure you gathered that if you suffered all the way reading through my huge ranting and cursing of a personal profile here.

I modded the demo because I just wanted to play a good game. Which it wasn't, but it had potential, if I just got in there and fixed things. Its wicked and cruel like that, that's how it sucks you in. But its a trap, you can never fix everything, because half the program is compiled from C which you can't access at all...

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