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  1. Can we get the password strength requirements toned way back a bit. They are off the scale. It took me five minutes to come up with a password that was a bunch of gibberish that met its requirements. I literally won't be able to remember it, any more than I'll be able to remember the last one I had to make up to reset my password and log in. They are... unnecessary. This place isn't a target for... well.. anybody to break in anymore. If it ever was. It's just an online forum. And oddly, from a hacker's perspective, strong passwords are actually counter effective, it actually makes breaking into someone's account so much easier, because by requiring a password to meet very stringent requirements, you eliminate a whole pile of passwords to try for the hacker by knowing that a huge swath of them... don't qualify and can never be set as the password. Anyway, miss all you guys and the action, and thanks for running bfeditor.org back in the day. I use to log into this place every day/week to scour for new tricks someone had discovered, and post my own... air-war.org
  2. I built this high end 6km-10km radius line of sight range UAV and Li-ion battery packs, and programmed it myself.... I'm thinking of making a small styrofoam model of a PAC gunship "underside" to mount below the quad and put a camera underneath filming forward so you don't see the quad rotors, just a view from between the landing rails forward past the chain gun.... I actually bought this thing below, and could mounted upside down hanging off the bottom and rig up a little model of a chain gun that could be panned and tilted below the gunship underside in flight and viewed by such a recording.... so you could see the copilot "hunting for targets"... (not that I did that in game, I always flew alone and unless I was parked on the ground, ignored the chaingun almost entirely while seat jumping). Still, would look cool in a video. Youtube Channel fpv.air-war.org air-war.org
  3. $300 a year? Geez. I assume for some kind of cloud hosting account. This site probably see's no traffic any more and is about as close to being a grandfathered site as a site can be - I mean, just about all the classic games are dead short of a tiny enclave handful of players. Kudos for keeping it going for archival purposes.... for them? A lot of obscure modding technical information is buried inside it's posts, and yet sadly none of them are sought out anymore.... because, well, why? EA should of just bought GameSpy, or Gamespy donate their code to the public. What a catastrophe. Some of us with webservers would probably host it for free off our cable modems.... or... setup your own with a copy of Linux and an Apache install. I set my own webserver up to be completely solid state with no moving parts at all... 10-15 years ago... and it's been running nonstop since then... at a whopping 400mghz single core and 108mb of RAM. I kid you not. 108mb of RAM (20mb shared video memory). Power consumption equivalent to a nightlight. I went extreme minimalist for hardware, but nothing says you have to. Oh yeah, and, hi everybody! 🙂 CHOPPERGIRL
  4. Taking my airplane going through a Taco Bell Drive through... I also got the "Taking your airplane through a tunnel" achievement unlock... twice. Indiana Jones through Tunnel
  5. I know right! Let's make it happen! Even though I've completely forgotten the game and moved on... By now BF2 is probably about as old as Doom or Wolfenstein or maybe even more was when ID released the source code... It would be a boon to EA, and we'd have to couch it that way... creating new potential players and customers for their later BF releases... should such new players decided to graduate and move on/up to a richer game environment. Me, I like the austerity of BF2142/BF2.... the interface just feels right. I never did take to any of the later Frostbite games. I pushed Server Side Modding only to the absolute limit and made the free demos rock and then ported it all over to the full games. Such a shame 5 years of coding work gone to waste. All polished nad sleeping dormant in a desk drawer on one USB stick,...
  6. I wonder if there is any chance of this ever happening if someone from whatever is left of the community made some dogged inquiries. We could write out the Gamespy dependencies and fix a whole heck of a lot of bugs... I wonder who we should talk to first at EA to make this happen? Oddly, I actually went to class in high school with someone, who ended up working at EA sports at their Atlanta office in marketing.... whether they still have a job there or not, I'd have to look on Linkedin... CHOPPERGIRL @ AIR-WAR.ORG
  7. Youtube - Choppergirl's AIRWAR Cartoons! AIR-WAR.ORG
  8. Where do I place flowers on the grave for the Battlefield series....? Who wants to start a small collection for me to actually make a real tombstone (like, the cost of buying a bag of quick concrete, maybe Devilman can give me some advice in that department) and a grave site.... maybe I'll bury all my plastic candy box copies I bought from CompUSA (which also died, along with Circuit City, Computer City, and Radio Shack... and probably a long, long list of other tech companies)... CHOPPERGIRL http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/member.php?u=37217
  9. What are you doing putting Elvis up there, put me up there instead... ;-P
  10. Alice, my second plane project... bought for $99... ! The Bad: I destroyed just about every wing rib getting it home, from the vibration on the trailer and having the wings stacked with no stand off board between them... arg! Stupid monkey moment. Would have to take apart the wing and build a jig to build 6-8 new wing ribs anyway... so... now I have to do 24... so not like its a big deal, I just created work for myself, and it looks more pitiful and less like a real nice wing The Good: Two mint condition, never used or run, Chotia 460 engines! The packing newspaper in the box says December 1984 from Dallas. Thread about it: http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26045&page=2 Surprisingly, I'd say about 70% complete plane, for $99, not bad. Missing prop, exhaust pipes, carbs (he sold the carbs), gas tank, and I'm sure odds and ends... and of course, new wing ribs I need to make and cover the wings... and then rig up all the wires... which it looks like I got most of them.
  11. I need color schemes for these two new potential plane projects: Alice, my Chotia Gypsy project http://alice.air-war.org Wendy, a possible B1-RD project http://wendy.air-war.org
  12. As far as I was concerned, this was the preeminent forum for modding BF. Did any DICE or EA employee ever show up or post here... at all...? Anyone?
  13. 1. No* 2. No * Technically you can, but it would be like trying to drive a car with nothing but your toes.
  14. BF2142 and BF2 is dead... forever... consigned to the dusty bins of Gameranger... thanks EA/GameSpy... thanks a lot... 5 years of hard ass work supporting your game and creating a massive kickass mod across four different game server engines... down the toilet... I won't be doing that again. So... what do I do... next? What did I do... next? Um, try and build an airplane and... fly for real? http://dorothy.air-war.org http://dorothy.air-war.org http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24261 http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/member.php?u=37217&tab=aboutme&simple=1
  15. WTF? But we've moved on to other vbulliteen boards... lol... http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/member.php?u=37217 And suddenly, millions of threads were... resurrected...
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