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  1. Thanks, I posted more screenshots in the fh2 mapping section: http://forums.filefront.com/fh-mapping/392...-keren-wip.html. Hopefully my next map will be more official so I don’t have to deal with annoying hostingsites anymore.
  2. I just uploaded my map 'Battle of Keren' for the mod Forgotten Hope 2. It's based on a fierce battle in East Africa (1941). More information, download link and screenshots can be found here: http://forums.filefront.com/forgotten-hope...ren-v0-5-a.html (fixed link)
  3. I released a new version of my map. Click here for information and the download link.
  4. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, unfortunately.
  5. I’ve posted my map on the FH2 forum a couple of weeks ago (here), thought i might just as well post it here too. It’s a custom map for Forgotten Hope 2, the first map I made for BF2/FH2 and its based on a fictional battle. Hope you like it. Description: "The British have landed on this small Mediterranean island. After several failed attempts by both sides to regain control of the island, the two forces prepare for one final confrontation." _____________________________________________________________________________ Download links: Rapidshare Filefront _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ (suggestions, comments etc welcome)
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