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  1. Might also add that he has his very own download folder at BFSP where you'll find all of his maps (I don't think there is anyone missing): http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/maps/bf2/jones/maps/
  2. Regarding the server setup: You need to forward the ports in the back of your BF2 manual to the server pc, sometimes it's called Port Forwarding, sometimes NAT, but it's not so much the router and NAT-setup you need to worry about, it's your connection speed. For a map like this, you probably need a 5-10 Mbit/s connection (Download AND Upload especially). Otherwise setting up a server is pretty straight forward. Use BF2CC for easy configuration.
  3. ^ As he said But again, be careful with the editors copy paste functions.. takes a nuclear powerplant to prevent it from crashing, and it probably still will, so remember to save a (hell) lot..
  4. Been there.. sounds like fun ;)

  5. well, you could do a little fiddling with the staticobjects.con.. Copy the entire neighbourhood and save it to an external file (so you have the original positions) then go in the editor and move the neighbourhood to the desired place. Once done, you just re-insert the old values (giving two neighbourhoods, one in the original place). I did do some experimenting on some sort of saving groups in the editor (dont remember the exact name though). But its a slow and unsafe process, and will without doubt crash a lot..
  6. Wow! Great job there! Really put a lot into this.. And it definetly helped toning down the colors a little! Might even fire up the ole BF2 to play this one!
  7. Awesome detail Bensta! Very very cool and great work!
  8. Wonderful! New maps! Yay! Looks very cool Jonesy.. gonna download right away!
  9. lol.. cool.. can't even imagine the lagg when blowing up one of those on my pc..
  10. Just remember that it's a pain to get terraintextures ported properly.. that takes ages..
  11. If its the problem i think it is, I've managed to overcome it by opening a document in Photoshop (just close it afterwards, just needs to load one).. it's a weird solution to a weird problem, and I have absolutely no idea why and how it made it work, but give it a try.
  12. Great job on the quick backup Detrux! I would like to help, but can't help with money (poor students have no money, lol)
  13. Was just gonna say that! lol.. looks cool! nice work!
  14. I made a complete set of red bars in a PSD once, along with a full set of flags.. I can see if i can find it to you if you want. Edit: Ah, here it is: http://www.tne.dk/Loadmap%20tutorial.zip But it was made when i first started out playing with photoshop, so the quality might not be as good as if i re-did it now.. All of it is pretty easy to do yourself, but this is a small shortcut if you want. Imo, my bars look more like the real ones than the file already floating around the forums, but thats just my opinion
  15. But do note that it isn't always just applying the texture that matters. For vehicles, you might want to do some editing, moving, rotating of the camo to make it "fluent" onto wings, different parts of the vehicle and so on. But great tut!
  16. Great work as always Bensta!! Keep it up!
  17. 1. The best solution is usually to map in vanilla if possible, and then just port over the map to the mod you're mapping for afterwards (or at least keep the map in vanilla as long as possible). It's not a problem mapping exclusively in AIX, it's just more stable and faster to mod from vanilla (thats what i've experienced at least). 2. I'd say thats more a question of how you'd like your bots to play. It'll usually take some experimenting to get working right. But usually, they will cap all cp's just in the order of their temps. But I'm not the greates AI coder, so someone else might know more about this. msch? clive?
  18. Check that you have all necessary files/folders in the root of your map folder. Compare to an existing BF2 map. You probably need the /Info folder and the SimpleShadowmap.raw. I had the same problem on my old vista install, and so far I've only heard of vista people with this bug, but it appears that XP has it too.. Anyway, if those are what you miss, its a known bug, and can be fixed by dragging an Info folder from another map over to your map and edit the .desc (been written here on the forums several times before how to) and as far as i remember, you can do the same with the simpleshadowmap.raw (no editing needed). Correct me if I'm wrong
  19. TNE26

    The Crater

    Awesome work bensta! ..and please do write that tut
  20. Please note that the updated version of this thread is here: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/for...st=0#entry84384 (which probably also is where you'll find the most support for it) Btw.. links to BFSP in above post doesn't work. Convert them to the new site here: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/?p=phplinkconvert
  21. Damn.. no coop.. no me.. That's really gonna be missed..
  22. Battlefield Singleplayer Mirror: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/fil...WW2_BF2_1.0.exe
  23. can you connect via RCON only mode? (port 4711 i believe) Perhaps try from ingame.. Also, check your daemon config again, as its saying it actively refused the connection, it could be there you have an error.. But did you try setting up your routers NAT (usually called Port-Forwarding on NETGEAR routers) settings to re-route the ports to the server machine (I'm now confused whether this is the laptop or the desktop, though, so bare with me if i use wrong IP's) Set up your router to point all BF2 server ports (these are at the back of your BF2 manual, the server readme.txt and here: http://bf2tech.org/index.php/Port_Usage#Pre-face ) to the server machine e.g. , and then connect with BF2CC to your external IP (find it here: http://ip.tne.dk/ ) and see if that does any difference. If it doesn't, try changing all port forwards to the other pc, and try from connecting to that. Hope you understood this If i didnt explain myself well enough, let me know And yes, this is a weird case, because these things usually work pretty good, and are easy to setup, but then there are a few cases that just seems impossible.. believe me i know it, but so far, i havent run in to one i couldnt solve Usually its something real simple you just miss..
  24. Great! Congrats! This has been expected for a long time. Need a BFSP mirror? Let me know and I'll throw it up for ya. Thanks a lot!
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