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  1. maybe you should post a pic of the color texture for one of those statics that makes use of the occlusion, I got a little confused with all the technical talk heh So essentially your using these layers for the textures of each mat ID in order to get this working with statics that need tiling: color layer(channel 1)- custom color texture with the occlusion etc (not a large file) detail layer(channel 2) - tiled texture (brick/concrete/wood etc) Ndetail layer - tiled textures bump plus the dirt layers etc The color layer is unwrapped to fit the proper uv of the occlusion map(channel 1), while the Detail layer/Ndetail are unwrapped as tiling objects I think thats it, if I'm wrong jilt speak up
  2. problem solved the entry point was too far from any face of the vehicle(out side the bounding box) so I cheated it by placing a small single triangle near the area that I was attempting to place the entry point at, and now it works
  3. I was curious if anyone knew the process for creating a custom glow object from the ones within the bf2/objects/common/glow folder I can easily stretch out the 'glow' texture and rename the tweaks and con files and what not, but I notice that there is also a glow bundlemesh and a glow collision mesh, do I need to do anything with those to get the stretched out glow look, or would it just involve modifying the texture? I want to basicaly make a glow that is about 2-3meters in length, but no wider than the current width, only longer, which would be used to line up with a long light rack thats hanging down from the ceiling, something like this: http://oharakikaku.com/equipment/etc/detai...scent_light.gif only longer and not exposed(encased).
  4. I am trying to make the entry point for a large ship's main cannons, and I want the entry point to be within the bridge of the ship(interior) while the actual rotating cannon is on the exterior deck of the ship. I can get into the cannon 'vehicle' fine when I have the coordinates for the entry point at 0/0/0 with a radius of 5, but when I move the entry point back about 20 meters and up 5 meters, 'exactly' where it needs to be(I've made sure that the entry point is where it should be for people to enter it from inside the ships main bridge), but I cannot enter the cannon 'vehicle' at all... Any thoughts on why this might be? I essentialy can't enter the static weapon where I want to, I can only get it to work when the coordinates for the 'entry point' are at zero *To make sure I have placed the entry point properly, I attached the interior bridge model to the base of my ext. cannon as a reference for position and exported a temp version, then placed the entry point where it should be inside the bridge(on the temp export), and then placed the actual cannon into the level and lined up both the bridge from the ship within the level and the bridge attached to the cannon?(temp export), then removed the bridge from the export as it was only for coding reference; this should mean that the entry point is exactly where I want it, tho it may sound confusing, I am sure its where it needs to be.
  5. Well ever since I reinstalled the bf2editor after installing vista, I've had issues with it not showing me my drag selection box while in the level editor(click and drag, a box appears over the area you choose to select by dragging it larger/smaller).... I just don't see the box, or at least it shows up on random for a split second 'after' I release the mouse button so it does me no good. I can sometimes select the objects by making a guess drag over them, but it doesn't work everytime, I have to try at least 2-3 times before I can get it to select what I want. Also sorta the same issue with editing the terrain/textures/undergrowth. my brush's won't work on the first click, I have to sometimes click twice on the same square in the mapping grid in order for it to work; this applies to everything in the terrain editor menu. Also, if I try to select spawn points I can't get them at all, I have to either select them manualy from the resource menu, or I have to try the drag box method but that almost never works when selecting spawn points or vehicles, it mainly occasionaly works with regular statics. All of these issues are not stopping me from doing my work, but they are making me very AGRAVATED! Its just taking me alot longer to get things right, and it seems less smooth... so everything just takes 4X longer Any thoughts?
  6. vista runs both DX9 and DX10 installed, allowing for all programs using dx9 to run, but this seems to be the only snag I've had so far that may not be a vista problem, as I have read people have had the same issue way before vista even came out
  7. Well i thought my problems were over, but apparently I get the error seen here when ever I try to select a .DDS file in 3ds max material editor: http://www.illicitfilms.com/max_error.jpg "Error creating direct3d device" I've tried everything from reinstalling max, reinstalling dds plugins and service packs for max, installed directx9 again, tried the program in both 'windows xp compatability mode' and in regular vista mode, but nothing seems to work I basicaly can't change or make new materials for my static objects in max anymore due to it giving me this error, and it won't let me just 'select' the file. **NOTE: If I open up a previously completed static model that has dds textures applied to it, I can view it fine and modify the unwrap file in any way I like, but I just can't change the materials when using dds files, it just won't let me without giving me that error and nothing more....
  8. hehe, I checked around but found no info on it, but then read a post yesterday on totalbf2 about it again and figured I would try to find it, thankfully I found info about it on some random site that was explaining how it was done in windows XP
  9. well apparently there's a way around it, you can simply right click on the program application you want to run, select properties, then select compatability, and choose Windows XP SP2 mode, seems to work perfectly thanks for the help, I'm glad I got this issue resolved peacefully heh
  10. yea thats what bugs me, theres no .dll's for bf2 seperately, their all found in the bf2 directory.... I'm pretty much clueless with this issue, I will probably spend the next week finishing static objects etc, and pray for a fix to this issue, if nothing comes in a week I'll have to go back to windows XP in order to continue my mapping work :-/
  11. there must be some kind of work around with it, mabey editing a value in the registry or else where to allow it to work? if there is no solution, I'm definately taking Windows Vista back to the store and reinstalling XP
  12. it runs both bf2 and bf2142 Just tried downloading and installing the latest drivers for my video card, a vista beta version that came out recently, but that didn't help at all.... :-/
  13. havn't tried yet heh, to be honest i havn't played bf2 for like 6months, been super busy with school and poe2 on topic: I read somewhere just now that apparently DX10 and DX9.0C should both be installed already, and that DX10 isn't really backwards compatable so having DX9.0c installed side by side allows for DX9 programs to run properly(I've already noticed that DX10 is used to render the desktop window effects etc, cause running 3ds Max 8 causes windows to switch the desktop window scheme to classic). But bf2 editor fails to recognize that I have 9.0c and DX10(if they are actualy both installed side by side, not sure if this is the case by default on Vista). I will try to search around and see if there is mabey a way to emulate/switch to DX9 or something, but so far no luck....
  14. well after finaly getting everything squared away with my new windows vista installation, I try to load up the bf2 editor with pointofexistence2 mod and it gives me the following error: "DirectX version 9.0c or higher is required to run BF2. Please install DX9c and try again." then after that it gives me a crash/dump and I'm forced to close the editor...... wth is going on? I ran dxdiag and it clearly says I'm using DX10...... help!
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