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  1. Been researching a bit now... I seem to be able to load textures with Remdul's FrostyBits Texture Converter. But whenever I'm trying to convert something that's .raw, the converter tells me this (for instance): Soo... I guess it's not possible to convert .raw files, even though it's a .res (?) This "MP_001.Heightfield-000.res" is 2.175 KB, so there gotta be something in this file.
  2. Sorry for my long absence. Thank you very much for the info. I'll see what I can do! Will repost if I encounter any problems.
  3. Is there anybody who have succeeded to extract the heightmaps? I'm considering to make a few maps based on BC2's maps, and I've been struggling too much to find out how to open the heightmaps properly in Photoshop. Much appreciated if anyone wants to help me out
  4. I see Has anyone else succeeded to extract a .raw file. Well, a heightmap rather said...
  5. Yeah, I know it's 2049x2049, but the map itself is 2048 though. Oh well And you knew the settings because...? D'you happen to have the file extracted or anything?
  6. That seems likely. I tried extracting it with my brother's computer which is an x86 system with 3GB RAM and it worked fine. However, the file is still not in there
  7. I see. Considering that I'm at 6GB RAM that can't be the real issue right? Maybe there are some compatibility issues with x64 systems.
  8. I tried to extract "Dist\win32\levels\mp_common\level-00.fbrb" with QuickBMS, but got an error saying: Apparently the level-00.fbrb is too big to extract?
  9. Alright. Well, if "MP_004.Heightfield-000.res" is the right file, what's the correct values for the height, width etc? I mean, I renamed the file to a .raw file, and tried to open it in Photoshop. I was prompted to put in the correct values, and if I'm not mistaken, the size of the map should be 2048x2048 pixels. Then there are some other inputs that need to be filled in, which I have no clue what they are doing (except 8bit and 16bit). D'you know any further details on how I should open the file properly?
  10. Ah, thank you By the way, when you say "terrain.fbrb", do you mean the "terrain-00.brb"? Full path would be "\Dist\win32\levels\mp_004\terrain.fbrb". I did extract that, but did only contain these files: "MP_004.Heightfield-000.res" is not the right file. Thanks in advance.
  11. Has anyone succeeded to do so? I looked around the forums here and I can't find anything. I'm mostly interested in Valparaiso at the moment, which I claim being the "MP_004" map. When I extracted the "Dist/win32/levels/mp_004/level-00.fbrb" using QuickBMS, I can find another DBX file called "MP_004.dbx" inside the extracted folder at "Terrains/MP_004". I managed to get a TXT file from "MP_004.dbx" with Frankelstner's DBXReader, which specifically contains this: So, "Terrains/MP_004/MP_004-hf00_0.raw" seems to be the file I'm looking for. However, the problem now is to extract the "MP_004.dbx" to get access to this .raw file. But how? Is there any tool for that yet?
  12. BUMP This is stupid. I've literally done everything stated in recent posts in this thread, no luck. It's even more frustrating that I've done this A LOT of times before, though now it's just not working. Main problem, chessboard. I'll explain everything in the picture below: Tpaint has been properly used. Soooo.... What's the problem? Windows 7? EDIT: And there was the problem. I copied the two generated folders from Tpaint to "Levels/Valparaiso", instead of "Levels/Valparaiso/Editor".
  13. What I want to do is to see the snow an Detail Texture too (like I do in LowDetail Texture), because it looks weird when it's green around you, but further away snow white. Also I actually want snow everywhere.
  14. If you understand what I mean with zoom... Well, when a soldier stands somewhere, his ground underneath him is not the same as what the ground is far away from him. The ground is normal like, but I want it the same as the "far away" ground (unzoomed). Here's a preview of what I actually mean:
  15. Sure I upload and PM you it right away =) I've only done Medium lightmapping once.
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