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  2. I'd love to help out with this one ! I've done a lot of exporting for Alpha Project, just ask Jones But the campaign idea in this mod is great! It made the bf experience heaps good imo
  3. That looks awesome! I remember a couple of years ago I thought of trying to get a stadium level for bf2, i wanted to do a 1on1 from across the field, perhaps even chuck in some cars haha. Tried looking at google earth 3d models but they were just way too low poly haha, I'd love to see how this turns out!!
  4. Sorry Thread Overview? I'm not to sure where that is, looked under settings? :\
  5. So I went to go check out some old threads posted in Object Editor and they're all gone, as you may have noticed Anybody have any info if they're going to come back or not :S?
  6. I'm wondering if it's possible, with HUD or with the map somehow, to automatically make it select the control point so all you have to do is press enter or the deploy button to go in? It's needed for this spawn menu concept: As there is only one controlpoint (for each team) used in this mod, the map isn't useful and we decided a deploy button or just pressing enter could be simple. Problem is, i need to be able to select the spawnpoint first, is there away to do this without requiring the map HUD?
  7. Ahh I see what you mean, thanks a heap guys
  8. I've been keen to see a redesigned bf2 spawn screen and me and my friend have been working on it. But now comes the part to actually implementing these features and i'm a little stuck on how to get an accurate menu. hudBuilder.createPictureNode MapButtons MapDoneBg 666 539 103 40 hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame/MiniMap/newspawn/Deploy.tga First off this is the new "deploy" button we're using. I'm assuming "666 539" is the x and y coordinates and "103x40" is the size of the icon. However i took a screenshot ingame of the icon and it's not quite that size, or close to that size. What i'm trying to do is design a different spawnscreen over the top of a bf2 screenshot, and then translate the coodinates and size of the images (picturenodes?) to the game. Here's an example In this picture, the red square is 103x40 pixels in size, located at 666x, 539y as referred to by the code. the "Deploy" button in this image, however, is 175x51 and located at 1138x, 690y. The screen resolution of this screenshot is 1366x768. Any suggestions?
  9. It's good to see interest in cracking the bf3 files. I hope we can learn more into the files, but more onto editing them
  10. Cheers guys, it works great! Love using X as handbrake.
  11. Dam that's intuitive, I love you're thinking, nice one!!
  12. Trying to make a handbrake AltFire handbrake weapon to add to some cars, any ideas that could make the car brake hard or turn hard? I'm thinking like a wing, force object or weapon that could somehow use recoil force or something?
  13. Ok thanks for the help, yes the left side wheels on the X-axis was not symmetrical, easy fix and it looked good thanks!
  14. Exported a new car today but when I go for a drive, it isn't perfectly straight and starts veering off the the left for some reason, what are the possible causes that could do this?
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