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  1. Thanks! thats really good. I have added you, got you youtube post.
  2. Can't wait till next release the mod is so good!!!! Really need to learn python! Have you every played COD4: Zombies? That was always fun. You could play as the dog lol if you got eaten.
  3. BTW Nice sig CB! Lol at BEEX. I would love to re-download bf2 aus with voices, that would complete it !! Tiger attack heli, soldier skins + voices HA! I love that map in bf2 aus with the facotry really cool I will take your recommendation in playing North Java, however crete was a pretty cool map
  4. Do you think it is possible to make the US Carrier a vehicle? Doesn't a vehicle require different setup with textures+ what about lightmaps? though i remember an old video by bergerkiller that had a flying carrier vehicle, so it could be possible.
  5. WOW that looks like a killer mod! I should download it. After, of coarse, u release the update to the motion dectetor!
  6. What if the train is a vehicle? Players surely wouldn't slip though it then? I reckon an automated train vehicle that begins its momentum when the player enters. This very much reminds me of my chairlift which i gave up on because of the complexity of it all. I should try again, but i would really like to learn python!!!!!
  7. OH thats a relief lol. I thought doh! what did i say? eh? The mod is nice, just did a level of crete. The bots are overkill! a much greater challenge than bf2! I noticed that u have some aussies voices which is really great! not even bf2 aus (no offence BEEX) has aussie voices
  8. uh mschoeldgen[Xww2] was that post about me or devilman? ?
  9. You have just given me all the reason to download the mod! Next step, Moving carriers like in 1942.
  10. REALLY REALLY REALLy nice level and nice static! You should remake bf heroes bucanear bay!. I saw the wreck looks almost identical to the one in bf heroes. That level is fun and it would be super lol on pirates! The pirates mod is looking very nice indeed!
  11. LOL Australians on wake ha! loving the mod already, it has some nice vehicles!! like the guns, though some animations not complete, i still am loving the WW2 experience!
  12. So, with alpha im guessing a blur is good? If that was placed onto a texture would that be SUPER shiney because of the white? White is super shiney black super dull right?
  13. Say, for instance, a texture with a range of blacks and whites, but neither of them are different shineyness wise. How would u equalise the colours of black and white to a neutral grey? So the light doesn't go super shiney and dull. For example this one:
  14. Im having problems suddenly with importing existing animations. Every time i import the 1p animations it does nothing, and just stays at the current keyframe, really annoying now.
  15. So epic! lol, its like the sunset with the cars watching, something off Top Gear: African special! really nice! Like this picture (but more rendered and nice )
  16. So you have opened up the init.con in a level folder and changed to Zombie from Russian? Is that COrReCt CaSE? I was able to make an MS sam replacement voice, i need to remeber the steps. Good you used the bf2 sound tools. Copy over a new folder in sound_client.zip called Zombie?, think it goes into the VO folder. Rembmer 2142 has a slightly different system then bf2.
  17. I have the 1p setup with IK but not 3p. I will upload them when i get the time (they're the ones from Project Reality forums, dug very deep in them)
  18. Lol finally downloaded and installed, DAM just as i donwload they release aussie server HA! ah well, will play this afternoon, thanks for the mod. Looks really good!
  19. I bought battlefield 2 in thailand for 30 dollars (AUD) and it came with AIX 2.0 HA! Probably not legal but still expensive
  20. Yes I agree with sandbox. Whdo u mean like a drawing cartoon or a movie made ingame (machinima)?
  21. Yes, i had the idea of 1on1 because i was always stuck on which games to play on bf2. I liked COD4 but i also like bf2, so the idea of making a mod was in mind. But now that version 2.0 is released, i guess full steam ahead on Bond mod. The main problem at the moment, is that I don't know how to map (good) and that is the most important part I think. A mod team is needed for the production to work so basically me and shamrok (Dino) are the only ones working at it.
  22. We are looking for modders. If you have any modding skills or passion, we would love to have you onboard. If you can map, texture, retexture, remap, sound engineer, test, code or provide critical feedback, we need YOU! To join the bond mod. WEBSITE: http://www.moddb.com/mods/bondmod If you join and are accepted we will give you access to our exclusive dropbox. You will also get early beta-testing access and invitations to testing events. Whether your skills are great are small, we are looking for people with diverse skills who are happy to learn, as we are happy to teach! If you want to join, contact me or Shamrok3 (Dino) either here or on the moddb websit with a portfolio of your work, a short description of your skills and some of your ideas. The list doesn't have to be long or eloquent, as we desperately need people of all skill-levels and skill-types. Please apply today!
  23. Still doing the slide after a modification of the zoom. 1p works and 3p doesn't, decelerated it also. ValueHolders.inc AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 1p_move AnimationValueHolder.values 0.25 4.2 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 1p_sprint AnimationValueHolder.values 5.5 6.3 100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 1p_turn AnimationValueHolder.values -1 -3 -10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 1p_turnRight AnimationValueHolder.values 1 3 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 1p_zoom_move AnimationValueHolder.values 0.25 4.2 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_climb AnimationValueHolder.values 0 0.35 100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_climb_skid AnimationValueHolder.values -3 3 -1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_crouch_move AnimationValueHolder.values 0.1 1.7 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jump AnimationValueHolder.values 0.25 2.5 8 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jumpBackward AnimationValueHolder.values -0.5 3.9 -100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jumpForward AnimationValueHolder.values 0.5 3.9 100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jumpLeft AnimationValueHolder.values -0.5 3.9 -100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jumpRight AnimationValueHolder.values 0.5 3.9 100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_jumpStill AnimationValueHolder.values 0 0 0.5 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_prone_move AnimationValueHolder.values 0.1 0.7 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_prone_turnLeft AnimationValueHolder.values -0.01 1 -1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_prone_turnRight AnimationValueHolder.values 0.01 1 1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_skydive_move AnimationValueHolder.values 0.1 10 1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_skydive_speed AnimationValueHolder.values -10 1 -1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_sprint AnimationValueHolder.values 5.5 6.3 100 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_stand_run AnimationValueHolder.values 0.1 3.9 5.8 AnimationValueHolder.stopOnMessage 4 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_stand_run_stop AnimationValueHolder.values 20 1 10000 AnimationValueHolder.stopOnMessage 4 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_stand_run_stop_speed AnimationValueHolder.values 3 1 100 AnimationValueHolder.stopOnMessage 4 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_stand_walk AnimationValueHolder.values 5.5 6.3 100 AnimationValueHolder.passOnMessage 4 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_still AnimationValueHolder.values 0 1 50 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_swimBackward AnimationValueHolder.values -0.1 1.9 -2.1 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_swimForward AnimationValueHolder.values 0.1 1.9 2.2 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_swimSprint AnimationValueHolder.values 1.95 2.4 10 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_swimStill AnimationValueHolder.values 0 0.01 0.1 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_turnLeft AnimationValueHolder.values -0.05 1 -1000 AnimationSystem.createValueHolder 3p_turnRight AnimationValueHolder.values 0.01 1 1000 Common.con ObjectTemplate.create Camera SoldierCamera ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 include SoldierCamera.tweak ObjectTemplate.create Camera 3p_SoldierCamera ObjectTEmplate.saveInSeperateFile 1 include 3p_SoldierCamera.tweak ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint SquadLeaderSpawnPoint ObjectTemplate.PreCacheObject 1 ObjectTemplate.setScatterSpawnPositions 1 ObjectTemplate.setSpawnPositionOffset 0/0/0 rem ******************************************************* rem *** TODO: Temporary tweak variables for soldier physics rem ******************************************************* rem *** Adjust the soldier's speed. All stances are affected (crouch, etc) Vars.Set phy-soldier-speed-factor 1.3 rem *** Adjust the soldier's jump height. Vars.Set phy-soldier-jump-factor 1.1 rem *** Adjust soldier's acceleration/deceleration. rem *** Higher means quicker acceleration/deceleration Vars.Set phy-soldier-acceleration 0.27 Vars.Set phy-soldier-deceleration 0.7 rem *** Allow soldier to move a bit while in air. rem *** 0 = no player controlled movement while in air. Vars.Set phy-soldier-air-movement-factor 0.5 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to fire weapon after jumping... Vars.Set fire-delay-after-jump 0.00001 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to go prone after jumping... Vars.Set prone-delay-after-jump 0.3 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to jump after being prone... Vars.Set jump-delay-after-prone 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to stand after going prone... Vars.Set stand-delay-from-prone 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to go prone after standing... Vars.Set prone-delay-from-stand 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait cbefore sprint meter starts recharging again after jumping... Vars.Set sprint-recharge-delay-after-jump 0.7 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-prone 0.15 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-crouch 0.2 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-stand 0.15 rem ***Custom physics Vars.Set phy-soldier-jump-length-factor 1.09 Vars.Set soldier-prone-inwater-limit 0.27 Vars.Set phy-soldier-skydiveat-speed -99
  24. Guess we will have to leave it up to PR team and the hacking of the EXE. Found a VERY VERY VERY Vague chance of it. Well i spawn as a knifer in my mod who is 3p, so i knifed a bit, and then picked up his kit which showed a crosshair for 1 second then disapeared. only happens when g'ing kits not when swapping weapons. Here is a TEST (soz for xfire quality) http://www.xfire.com/video/21b7cb/
  25. Great Idea. Could u somehow do it with python that if you are commander and press AC-130, u die and spawn in it (without losing points) and then once u finish u teleport back to where u called it in. Like how sandbox does there teleportation. Sounds really cool and u can do some HUDS like how UberWazo had that post about all the HUDS. Would be really different.
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