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  1. Hmm maybe try look for a command in bf2 debugger and add to the gamelogic, this can sometimes work but it doesn't with the "terrainculler.lodswitchdistance" command. Can't seem to set sloping terrain in the bf2.exe but can in bf2 debugger, i think Kev4000 has a thread about all the bf2 commands, maybe there will be one like "castshadowdistance" or something? Sorry can't offer much!
  2. In a very annoying work around to get 1p hands working on the USTNK M1A2, i've decided to export the turret, cupola and gunmount as seperate rotationalbundle meshes. Making geom0 the mesh, and geom1/2 as dummys. Adding it to the M1A2 has provided nothing though, i can't tell if it's been added or not as it doesn't show up ingame and ineditor in 1p or 3p. I was wondering how children are set to the geom1 at default, or so it seems, and how i could reset it back to geom0 as it should be. This also could be an issue as the 1p model of the tank in bf2 doesn't have a Cupola or Gunmount, but it does have a turret, according to the BF2 Import tools.
  3. You could open a scene where this issue doesn't happen, and then merge your cave into that scene and then use Save as... and overwrite the old one
  4. As far as i'm aware, no other tool can import .baf animation files. I've been using the POE tools and they work perfect, they're a much greater improvement to Rexman's base 3ds max tool. But, i do remember importing .baf animation once before, i'm fairly confident it was through these tools. I was wondering if anybody still has these? I want to learn animating through editing, rather than recreating firstly. EDIT: NVM i finally figured out how to import .baf's using the PR setup, change changing some files the link between some files did the trick. If anyone has them though, it would be good to post them i guess
  5. Ah thanks for the info! I didn't know about what cullRadiusScale did, but now i do. I now remember the map statements and how they work thanks!
  6. I'm sort of lost on how you set rendering distances for weapons, i remember somewhere a tutorial on staticmeshes that said this, but i can't remember where it was. Is there a way to set the distance for handheld weapons further? Also, what controls where effects are rendered from a distance?
  7. You could try impliment them and test through bfdebugger, bergerkiller released a nice tool just recently. But my guess is that most of these functions, like BFHeroes, are for the particular exe and added after bf2. I think the warning HUD sounds are interesting as well as the Zoom commands though.
  8. I'm not sure about this, but i heard that the 'ability' method of code that dodek96_pl posted can only be added to vehicles. I'll test to check
  9. Haha yea, shame about the hardcoding. So, making a small triangle should solve these issues, cheers guys! I wasn't aware about col2. I already had an armoureffect for helmet and weapon but they were only for visual, as 2 helmets were shown, unelss mandowntime was at 0, so i decided to get rid of that idea. The armour effect works very good for the weapon haha, perhaps if i did like a trailer using battlerecorder it would be good, but for gameplay, this col2 idea works good Okay, i might have to go with weapon as armour effect, it sort of works, the weapon sometimes falls below the floor, other times it sits above. More col2 tweaking will be done, but at least the crashing stopped
  10. Oh, sorry i was unclear. I'm trying to make it so that when the soldier dies, the weapon drops instead of the kitbag, eg: ObjectTemplate.geometry weapondrop_m16a2. That is added to the Medic kit so when he dies, an m16a2 drops down and you can then pickup the m16. Now i tried to just export col0 and col1, thinking the soldiers won't collide as they use col2 (right?). But the only way to block the collision with the soldier is by using the collision groups. However, this creates the above error after 5 or so mins of gameplay with bots (debugger only).
  11. Using this code ObjectTemplate.collisionGroups 16 It fixes the floating AI, but after 5 minutes it gives a crash giving this message Text: Trying to set effect owner, but object us_specops_soldier has classId 50225 and object me_palm_cluster01 has classId 50224 I'm suspecting "classId 50225" is the collisionGroup? Perhaps if a bot walks into a static it brings that error up...
  12. I've exported the M4 with a col1 collision mesh and col0 decal mesh as a BundleMesh. I know that changing the kit geometry to a weapon spawns it instead of a kit bag, so i changed it to the exported M4 with collisions and added this ObjectTemplate.geometry US_Kits ObjectTemplate.geometry weapondrop_m16a2 ObjectTemplate.collisionMesh weapondrop_m16a2 ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit 1 ObjectTemplate.geometry.dropGeom 11 ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo KitInfo ObjectTemplate.setHasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh Adding "physicsType Mesh" makes the bots float into the air, unable to walk. Shooting them or grenadeing them doesn't move them either. I think this is to do with collisions but i didn't export col2, so i'm confused? How would I solve this?
  13. I know you can do like "ObjectTemplate.absolutePosition" for children of the parent, but is it possible to move the parent upwards? I'v added collision physics to the kit bag, and i'd like to see it spawn from the centre of the soldier, instead of the bottom of their feet, is it possible to move it upwards? Just like 'raise object' in bfeditor, i wonder if i can use this command for this purpose.
  14. Just incase anybody wants to know. Devilman hasn't told how he did it, so I will. Basically, you create copys of the soldier like in AIX, "Us_Specops_Soldier" instead of "US_Light_Soldier". Then you use an effect bundle, that has an emitter. The emitter has a particle attached to it. Change one line in the particle to "hasMobilePhysics" or else it will just float in the air. And you can spawn helmets/weapons/whatever. The problem is, helmets work, but only if mandowntime = 0, otherwise the kit is still on the soldier when they die, thus making two helmets visable. Weapons aren't the kits, but they certaintly look cool when they fly off . Oh, and you'll need to import everything, rexport with collisions as a Particle.
  16. Check the alpha channel in the DDS to make sure its not full white, you might have saved it as DXT3/1 instead of DXT5, so it might have deleted the original alpha channel. Also check if you've modified the bundlemesh, it could be using a more shiney shader then usual. I found that setting the geometrytemplate doesn't do much, i don't know why?
  17. List of man down/critical code i found GameServerSettings.setManDownTime manDownCameraOffsetInDof manDownCameraOffsetInUp damageMandownSoldiers mandown soldier-mandown-speed soldier-mandown-rotspeed man_down_help ObjectTemplate.damageMandownSoldiers armor.hpLostWhileCriticalDamage
  18. Having a problem with man down state at the moment that i didn't notice before. I always choose 0 as man down time cause i preferred just to respawn than wait. Since i turned it up to around 5, i've noticed something. When the soldier dies in an unconscious state, he still has his kit on him and only when the critically wounded timer goes away, does he turn into the soldier body (without kits). However, I've exported a number of US headgear to be spawned as particles through armoureffect and the current problem is, if the server puts a man-down time on it, the player will see two helmets. One on the dead soldier, and the other that spawned through the effect. Is there a way to make it so that a soldier looses all their kit parts immediately, but is still able to be revived? I'm hoping this isn't hardcoded!!
  19. Just double check you painted black on the alpha channel, not on the layers or RGB channel. Alpha meaning transparency (black = transparent, white = solid)
  20. Its in menu_client.zip. If you don't have it put the one from bf2 in, open up with photoshop and then paint with black brush as BEEX said. Good thinking about the texture though
  21. Lol sorry, tried 'codebox' instead of 'code' but it doesn't work anymore. Ah well i'll follow your suggestions and post results. WORKS!!
  22. Ok, i just tested skinnedmesh, bundlemesh and collisionmesh. Bundlemesh only opens if i double click it still. However, if i open up collisionmesh or skinned mesh i get the same error. So the problem is, double clicking or Rightclick>Open With.. gives "Unknown File Type" message box. Bear in mind, going File>Open and choosing collisionmesh/bundlemesh and skinnedmesh works as it should, just double clicking produces the message box. The good news is that it remembers the filepath so if i double click a collisionmesh/skinnedmesh, then go file>open its located in the correct path. After i click OK and then open the debug log i get something like this. File: "C:\PROGRA~2\EAGAME~1\BATTLE~2\mods\MOD_OB~1\Objects\Vehicles\civilian\truck2\Meshes\TRUCK2~1.COL" One the positive side, the new one fixed the half of my problems , but opening a vehicle in meshview still aligns all child parts to 0/0/0
  23. I've never done server side mods, but i enabled it in my mod, and enabled prone underwater (for 1m high depths). Also, disabled skydive so that you can shoot all the way down a building, parachute sill works though! ObjectTemplate.create Camera SoldierCamera ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 include SoldierCamera.tweak ObjectTemplate.create Camera 3p_SoldierCamera ObjectTEmplate.saveInSeperateFile 1 include 3p_SoldierCamera.tweak ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint SquadLeaderSpawnPoint ObjectTemplate.PreCacheObject 1 ObjectTemplate.setScatterSpawnPositions 1 ObjectTemplate.setSpawnPositionOffset 0/0/0 rem ******************************************************* rem *** TODO: Temporary tweak variables for soldier physics rem ******************************************************* rem *** Adjust the soldier's speed. All stances are affected (crouch, etc) Vars.Set phy-soldier-speed-factor 1.3 rem *** Adjust the soldier's jump height. Vars.Set phy-soldier-jump-factor 1.1 rem *** Adjust soldier's acceleration/deceleration. rem *** Higher means quicker acceleration/deceleration Vars.Set phy-soldier-acceleration 0.27 Vars.Set phy-soldier-deceleration 0.57 rem *** Allow soldier to move a bit while in air. rem *** 0 = no player controlled movement while in air. Vars.Set phy-soldier-air-movement-factor 0 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to fire weapon after jumping... Vars.Set fire-delay-after-jump 0.001 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to go prone after jumping... Vars.Set prone-delay-after-jump 0.3 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to jump after being prone... Vars.Set jump-delay-after-prone 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to stand after going prone... Vars.Set stand-delay-from-prone 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait to go prone after standing... Vars.Set prone-delay-from-stand 0.8 rem *** number of seconds the player must wait cbefore sprint meter starts recharging again after jumping... Vars.Set sprint-recharge-delay-after-jump 0.7 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-prone 0.15 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-crouch 0.2 Vars.Set camera-movement-speed-on-stand 0.15 rem ***Custom physics Vars.Set phy-soldier-jump-length-factor 1.09 Vars.Set soldier-prone-inwater-limit 0.27 Vars.Set phy-soldier-skydiveat-speed -99 phy-soldier-swim-speed 20.0 phy-soldier-swimcrawl-speed 15.0
  24. Yes, i recently saw a video "Leave no man Behind" from desert combat 1942 mod and it got me questioning why aren't the new games look as fun as the old lol days of 1942.
  25. Sources: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=RGq4TE1Nvfg http://www.youtube.c...h?v=gwP_9f5-DsE http://www.youtube.c...h?v=axiLXmGCWCg http://www.youtube.c...h?v=5LaVFMFo45Q http://forums.bf2s.c...ic.php?id=51621 http://forums.bf2s.c...ic.php?id=76016 http://wiki.bf2s.com...missing-content http://uk.gamespot.c...320.html?page=1 http://gameswalls.com/battlefield-2 http://planetbattlef...subcat=7&page=7 http://www.figh7club.../battlefield-2/ General Observations: Mashtuur was called "Divided City" Kubra was called "Glowing Pass" DPV has a little American flag APCs have soldier gunner seat on top (like mobile AA) DPV is missing M249SAW stationary, must sit like 1942 style Different Tank/Gun sound effects Weapon Drop and Headgear apon soldier death Simrad laser designation M82 unlockable weapon Bullet holes in CivilianCar1 and Gate American APC has different HUD American Tank has different camera (AIX/PR style) New "locked on sound", sounds more high-pitched MEC Tank has new HUD and Crosshair MEC APC has different HUD M249SAW sounds like the one from bfplay4free Different minimap and text MEC Varient of the RIB (RPK instead of M249 SAW) Brand new menu, loadmap and spawn screen Ability to zoom within the spawnscreen Pictures - GamesWalls: Pictures - bf2s: Divided City, with jets! Fix your eyes on "character accessories", MP3 Player!? Probably worked like Battlefield Vietnam style Pre-Release Commander screen, the colour scheme is pretty ugly but the images instead of buttons is nice Sunset/Sunrise Dragon Valley, notice the position icon on the helicopter Very cool dust effects when shooting with the M1A2! M82 as unlock icon for sniper and simrad icon for specops Inevitably, the LCAC is shown here! Alternative T90 Tank HUD AH-1Z Cobra Desert Skin Notice the soldier "gunner", just like the Mobile AA. Blackhawk on Karkand Exterior view of Black Hawk on Karkand APC on Dragon Valley Sunrise/Sunset Pictures - Planet Battlefield - Special Forces: Avtomat Podvodnyj Spetsialnyj = Special Underwater Assaultrifle Spear Gun, for underwater battles? Probably used Tear Gas effects JetSki, red instead of blue Pictures - Planet Battlefield - Battlefield 2: Notice the APC has some sort of rope, different texture also Karkand, no fog! Earlier version of the commander menu, notice mouse cursor. More on the dust effects Just love the purple afterburners Dynamic lighting looks really good (?) Fastropes! Unsure what faction this is (?) Pictures - fight7club: Using the old AK74U skin MEC Helicopter, forgot which one (HIND, Havok?) M1A2 Abrams Tank HUD Tooltips are quite sub-standard i'll admit! Attention to "Lock" HUD icon. US APC HUD (LAV-25? or something) Different face, and pay close attention to the old MEC flags, looks like an eagle or something Another spawn screen menu, looks more outdated than previous Songua Stalemate, no fog. Could be Songua Stalemate Karkand, the paths have been changed Divided City Loadmap, intresting features! Zatar Wetlands, again Glowing Pass Sharqi Peninsula, apparently Simrad action Artwork, similar to the one on GamesWalls Another Alpha MEC Soldier MEC Soldier, again Cobra with camo skin.
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