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  1. KK thanks for the help, uh still got the error though, shame about Win7 bugs
  2. Excellent tool, very good for loading one mesh, instead of the content-heavy bfeditor. Though, could you please make it when you Open a file it defaults to "all formats/all files" instead of "Static Mesh (*.staticmesh)". And another suggestion that would make this program absoluelty perfect is making it so that if you double click on collisionmesh, skinned mesh, and all the filetypes ect., they open up through file association like how bundlemesh does, instead of getting the message box "Unknown File Type". Could be my OS though (WIN7 64 Bit).
  3. http://bf3source.com/ There is a leaked video, looks intresting.
  4. Hmmm i agree, looking at those videos i can see Paris will definitely be a fun map. Soooooo many trolls on the EA UK forums, i hope they don't influence the game. I'm still looking for LAN and Battlerecorder at least.
  5. Perhaps have Bad Company 3 for consoles, and BF3 for PC?
  6. Its almost like frostbite has a bug in it, no mod tools, which worked for consoles but once moved to PC, its like they continue developing ignoring that bug. I say don't develop bf3 for the PS3 and Xbox360, PC only thank you!
  7. I think NYC and Paris would be intresting with FB 2.0 . Also, explosions that knock you to the ground is a good idea. I wonder how they are going to do the "drag your comrade" feature, hopefully it will stop reviving in the middle of the enemys base.
  8. Hmmm, still not used to all this stuff but thanks for the info
  9. Thanks uber, i got effect mags working now
  10. Yes you have to change the bundlemesh to standard material. Using bf2materials.exe
  11. Is that another program I hear calling berger?
  12. This isn't really a mod, but i'll put it here anyway. Since i found the top gear test track on google earth, and seeing it fits just into 2KM i thought a full-scale bf2 version would be very fun. Don't worry about the cars, i got that covered . But things like the runway, additional statics like signs, runway blocks to the side of the road are needed. Also some road objects, i've worked lots on this map for a bit, i don't think i'm talented enough for mapping something like this. That's where i need you . It would be best to have the map as acurate as possible. I've worked on some colourmaps/detailmaps in photoshop basing from print screens of google earth. It turned out alright (700+mb PSD document ). For anyone intrested post what you can do so that we can make this map awesome. Information: Located at 51.116094° Latitude, -0.533508° Longitude (seach on google earth, decimal degrees) Should use xpack content, such as air traffic statics and cargo plane A good use of splines on the road (i made some custom ones using an edited version of "metal_de" for starters) A good use of splines for scratch marks, stuff like that This is a real place in "Dunfold, Surrey, England so i don't think "brand-names" would be an issue The colourmaps i made in photoshop are just common terrain colourmap textures tiled to the size of 4096x4096 and masked out using the google earth picture ^ Anyone who can make very nice colourmaps in photoshop are welcome as well I don't really want to use google earth colourmaps, bf2 ones are nicer anyway. Statics needed: Basic signs (could just use the roadmarkers from bf2 with another texture) The infamous tirewall (should be fun to do ) Concrete block on the edge of the map (that sort of bumps up) Runway statics (if colourmaps don't turn out well for the runway) Refrence videos: (Some are a bit long, but you get the point i hope) GranTurismo 5 track overview: - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=EX67zwOuhxw Camera recording of Ultima GTR (watch from 1:00 for 1p view): - Another video: - Pictures: ^ This was the original colourmap, i used it to trace the combat area around the side, but the resolution was too low. ^ The Google earth version. My colourmap i made using photoshop masking and bf2 textures, as you can see its quite rubbish. Last of all, this should be fun! Update 01:
  13. Changed host to a hopefully much better one (at least imo). Please post something if you think anything has changed in terms of image loading speed.
  14. Perhaps add a secret raptor kit full of weapons that work with his animations
  15. I just converted another one of my vehicles from aironeracing, but i'm having a weird problem this time. For some reason, the vehicle is displaying the cockpit Geom0 in 3p instead of Geom1. This all gets fixed when the player enteres the vehicle and then switches camera. But this is a problem for bots, cause they don't switch cameras. Its kind of ugly seeing a floating cockpit where the vehicle is meant to be, so without having to copy and paste the 3p cockpit over the top, what could be the solution to this problem? Edit: Never mind! It seems i exported and older version of my setup, one without a geom2, so it must default to geom 0 if there is not geom2. Well thats something to remember
  16. I don't see pictures . Perhaps because the viewers above are from Germany and Austria? I'm from Australia, and it says "Pic-Upload.de Site not allowed"
  17. This happens when you play singleplayer after a local game (with settings put on 1 second spawntime, 0 man down time). To fix just create a new local game with mandowntime set to 10 seconds, then exit that and resume singleplayer back with critical injured feature.
  18. Haha some flavour for the bf2 modding scene, i love it !
  19. The XPACK Civ1 car has just that. Assign the animation from that car onto your car, and the soldier should stand correctly, head pointing out of the sun roof. Just don't make any rotationalbundles or weapons parented to the PlayerControlObject and it should work.
  20. Wow thats brilliant! This is the best thing i've seen for a long time Humans vs Raptors? XD
  21. Cheers devilman, i didn't think of using that technique for the weapons. I just stretched it, but by the looks of your textures, tiling seems to work very good as well. Overlay is by far the best blending mode i've seen (so long as you keep the camouflage merged). It looks very neat indeed.
  22. Sorry the server is just a little slow, i'm on mobile broadband so the images don't load until a bit of time.
  23. Topics Covered: - Importing meshes and textures from 3D Ripper DX - Converting textures int oa usable BF2 format - Importing BF2 meshes - Exporting a BF2 mesh - Making a weapon using bf2 animations - Even MaxScripts... Needs: - 3D Ripper DX - 3ds Max with extended POE tools - [Helpful] 3ds Max 9 withSP2 (support for DDS textures) - Photoshop with DDSplugins (run 32-bit if you have a 64-bit system) - BF2 with BF2 Editor installed - Limited or more knowledge of each software mention above - Common Sense - Willing animators for non-bf2 looking weapons Notes: - Please no raging at legal issues, this tutorial’s purpose is to enlighten the modder of how other companies approach tackle their problems and allows them to understand all the topics covered mentioned earlier. I will say this loud and clear, DO NOT RELEASE ANY MW2 CONTENT, unless you would like a $1,000,000,000,000,000M fine from the IW headquarters. Th epurpose of this is just for personal projects and mods and to see how it is actually possible. Tutorial: - Section 1 (3d Ripper DX) This is the screen you should see, now 3D ripper takes up a bit of space when extracting all textures and models, so these settings are my recommendations. After a model is converted, I would also recommend that you delete the files found in the 3D Ripper documents. All you have to do is launch the game and find an interesting 3d model. For this purpose, I choose the MW2 P90,because bf2 has the exact same weapon, so I will not have to find an animator. For your conversion, you will need both a 3p model and a 1p model. MW2 has optimised the 1p model the same way Battlefield 2142 has, so that means deleted right-face polygons. When you find a good 3p model (on the ground is good, because it’s flat), press your assigned key to capture the frame. I used “F12” as seen in the above screenshot. The “Ready to Capture” should turn into red text and say “Capturing Frame”. Once it’s done, then pick up the weapon and capture it again. I would look down, so that the only thing it is capturing is the floor and the weapon. If you look horizontal, 3D Ripper will capture everything that is rendered from the distance. It will also lessen the lag in 3ds max, and the time taken to capture in 3D ripper. Ok once you have captured the models, close the game and fire up 3ds Max. I rename all my frames, so that I can see what they are because “frame_26.12.2010_18.09.52” isn’t a clear name. Using the “.3DR importer” supplied by 3D Ripper DX you will be able to select your scene. You will be followed next with this screen. These are my settings used, if you have a slower computer,disable texture display in view ports for a faster load. It should take approximately 30-60 seconds to import, depending on what you’ve rendered. Thecentre of the scene, 0/0/0, is where it was rendered from, so usually it’s a weapon. After you delete all unnecessary parts like bridges and other props,you will find this. Now that is a perfect import. Tutorial: - Section2 Delete the arms, gloves, watches and all other soldier hand parts so there is just the weapon. Now while the mesh is in 1 piece, it would be best to clear the UVW channels (Texture layers) that 3D Ripper DX left off. Don’t worry, Idecided to make a simple MaxScript to help out on this annoying task. To fix the channels, select your MW2 weapon then press “MaxScript>New MaxScript”. Place my code below: macros.run "Tools" "Channel_Info" channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 8 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 7 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 6 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 5 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 4 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 3 channelInfo.ClearChannel $ 2 maxOps.CollapseNode $ off This code tells to clear UVW channels 8,7,6,5,4,3,2. Leaving you with only Channel 1 for your object. To Activate this code in the MaxScript window, press “Control+E”.After that I would save the scene, just in case. Next, rename each part so that it’s clearly readable. Now what I would do, is find the textures from the scene and copy them into the mod directory. To do that press “M” for materials and then press the eyedropper, which will change the mouse image and then select the P90mesh as for the Eotech, select that in the next Material slot. You will then get something that looks along the lines of this This is the materials for the object. Go though each materialID and select “Diffuse” where there will be a letter “M” for material. The material should switch to “Bitmap”. Once in that screen, find the “View Image” button. This is the texture that the gun is loading, so make sure you label the materials with each texture loaded by the scene. This is how you should name your materials so you can find the texture you are looking for. To find the textures, go back into the “Bitmap” screen ofthe material and then do “Reveal Location in Explorer” to find it. Now,the textures have to be “converted” into the BF2 format. Now, MW2 has an interesting solution for applying camouflage to the weapons. The “Alpha Channel” in the image represents a mask to the camouflage texture, whereas in BF2, it represents the “Shinyness”. MW2 “bump maps” also aren’t those purple looking ones that BF2 use, it’s not too hard to fix, usually blanking out the Blue channel and copying the Alpha channel to either the Red or Green should do the fix. Before: After: This is the final “bump/normal map” that can be used ingame.As stated above, MW2 uses the alpha channel to apply a camouflage overlay totheir weapons. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll just apply a grey colourwhere the camo should be. The original texture was white, and if you take a peek at the layers panel on the right, you will see that I’ve copied the alpha channel as a mask on a grey colour. (If you are feeling advanced, download the MW2 “IWI to DDS” tools and convert some camouflages from iw_07.iwd and apply the same technique to get camouflaged weapons). As for the “colour map”, copying the specular texture’s(bottom material in 3ds max) alpha channel over to the colour alpha channel is a good idea to ensure your weapon isn’t too shiney. If you can’t be bothered to figure this out, just copy one of the RGB channels to the alpha, though it won’t look as good. Finally, go “RightClick>Flatten Image” This is how it should look with all channels enabled, then export both the normal/bump map and colourmap to an appropriate name. These are the settings to be used for both the textures of the gun I’ve decided to call my weapon “Mw2rif_p90_eotech”, but incase I want to do a normal P90, I made another folder “MW2rif_p90”. If you are wondering why the texture has “_b and _c”, it’s because of the bf2 standard with textures. The texture suffix _b stands for “bump”, where _c means “colour”. Tutorial: - Section 3 (BF2 Materials) Now that you have the BF2-Ready textures, the materials forexporting to bf2 can be as follows. First Press “M” for Materials. In a newtexture slot (represented by a giant grey sphere), change the “Standard” to “Multi/Sub-Object”.Set the number of materials to only 2, because 1 is the texture for the main weapon, 2 is the texture for the eotech sight. This picture should explain what I mentioned more clearly.Select the “Body Material” from the Multi/Sub-Object. Change from Standard to BF2BundleMesh and give it a name of “Gun||ColorMapGloss”. You can name it anythingyou like, so long as there are no Spaces or the word “Alpha_” behind it, unlessyou like invisible guns . After finding a very helpful button on the BF2Utilities, I figured the easiest, and best way to export something is to giveit the full texture path. From there, I will explain how to cut the texturepaths. As you can see here, I’ve decided to go with full texturepaths, pointing to the BF2-ready texture created earlier. Make sure you checkthe “Blue and White chequered cube” button to see the texture in the scene. Dothe same to the eotech material slot. As you can see, the eotech is using similar style materialsas the P90. Make sure you remember this, Material ID1 = P90, Material ID2 =Eotech. The eotech is by default using the P90 texture, because it’susing Id1, make sure you switch it to Id2, a good tool is the “Select ID”button. You only have to select 1 polygon of 1 material. That button willselect all the polygons applied to one material. Once that’s done, the only thing left is exporting. Tutorial: - Section4 Now, this is the point where I would group the P90 mesh, andall the parts, and then import “eurif_fnp90” from BF2. Once it has been roughlyaligned, observe the animation parts that bf2 has 1 = mag 2 = trigger 3 = mag holder (clip?) All the rest of the parts should be attached using the MW2one. I attached “Bullets” to the mag, otherwise the mag has a deleted face onthe back. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look back at when Irenamed the parts. This picture helps illustrate the comparison between the MW2P90 and the BF2 one. From now on, simply find the parts similar to that of theBF2 one, and rename it. As for the rest, attach it to the body. Make sure thetrigger is detached from the MW2 P90, as bf2 has (supposedly) animatedtriggers. If you want, you can make a weapon copy “mw2rif_p90” from thebf2 p90, but for simplicity purposes, i’ll just overwrite “eurif_fnp90” in thetest mod. Next, you can choose to keep the 3p mesh or use the bf2 one, it’s upto you. Now go BF2>Export and add this. Adding the “/Weapons/Handheld/” gives information to cut thetexture paths which can be done from, BF2>Utilities. This button is magic! It allows you to view the texture, aswell as export it correctly, no more BF2Materials for me . Now for the laststep of this whole tutorial, resetting pivots. Once you get onto this screen you will notice that the pivotis where the arms used to be in MW2. Simply RightClick>Move Tool Screenshots: Last, but not least, Merry Christmas all!
  24. Ok, i've added the grappling hook, zipline and levels from special forces into my mod. I will first explain how to add the grappel and zipline, cause there is a trick to copy the levels over. For legal sake, I only copied the server files, therefore it wouldn't work if the user did not have special forces and to save memory on the mod, however i didn't test this, but it could be a feasible solution, trying to just add them to the kits may actually work. US_Assault.con ObjectTemplate.create Kit US_Assault ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo KitInfo ObjectTemplate.kitType Assault ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate Assault ObjectTemplate.geometry US_Kits ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit 5 ObjectTemplate.geometry.dropGeom 15 ObjectTemplate.setHasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.dropHeadwear helmet ObjectTemplate.unlockIndex 1 ObjectTemplate.cullRadiusScale 2.4 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate KNI_KNIFE ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usrif_PDW ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usrif_r700 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate ushgr_m67 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usrif_remington11-87 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate nsrif_crossbow ObjectTemplate.addTemplate nsrif_grapplinghook ObjectTemplate.addTemplate gasmask rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.createComponent AbilityHud ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.ammoSound S_Resupply ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.healingSound S_Heal ObjectTemplate.abilityHud.repairingSound S_Repair ObjectTemplate.createComponent VehicleHud ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.hudName "HUD_TEXT_MENU_SPAWN_KIT_USASSAULT" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.miniMapIcon "Ingame\Kits\Icons\kit_Light_Assault_outline.tga" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleIcon "Ingame\Kits\Icons\kit_Light_Assault.tga" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.spottedIcon "Ingame\Player\Icons\Minimap\mini_Soldier.dds" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.abilityIcon "Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\SpecialKitIcons\kevlarVest.tga" ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.pantingSound S_SprintBreath ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.injurySound S_Injury ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleType 7 ObjectTemplate.sprintStaminaDissipationFactor 0.6 rem ---BeginComp:Radio --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Radio ObjectTemplate.Radio.spottedMessage "infantry_spotted" rem ---EndComp --- As you can see there, i've added gasmask, grappling hook and zipline to one kit. But, be forewarned, it won't auto assign the item index (the number the player uses to pull the weapon out). If you have 2 "primary weapons" at item index 3, it will crash the game at 15%. Default Item index on the grappling, crossbow and gasmask are as follows Crossbow - ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 6 Grappling - ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 6 GasMask - ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 8 The problem here is that the crossbow and grappling hook are both itemIndex 6, which means it will crash the game if you use both, to overcome this. Copy the SpecialForces "Objects_server.zip" to the desktop and extract it to a folder. You should have your own Objects_server.zip for your mod, if you don't, copy over bf2 one and delete everything but kits, soldiers and weapons. They are the main things you are going to mod anyway. After that, I would delete every .desc file, .inc file, .baf file, .collisionmesh file and .ai file because it is already being loaded by the game and not necessary. For weapons, .con and .tweak should be there if you wish to do future mods, apparently not having the .con can make it not load the .tweak, then copy "gasmask", "nsrif_grapplinghook", "nsrif_crossbow" into your version of Objects_Server.zip. Then make sure you do the same thing as all other bf2 files, only keep .con and .tweak of everything.
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