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  1. I have an engine sound for my Lamborghini Murcielago Lp640 recorded from Need for Speed with audacity. I have the engine sound when doing hi revs (ie forgetting to gear change ) And I basically got my lambo in the game, And recorded the engine sound on a strait before crashing. Engine sound strait http://www.sendspace.com/file/bwgeqn Engine Rev (small, loop) http://www.sendspace.com/file/hkc7k0 I also looked at a few engine start sounds from youtube and so I have my engine sound and I also found an idle sound on youtube aswell. So I basically need to know how to put these engine sounds onto Battlefield 2 for my car cause it sounds weird with the chinese jeep's engine sound.
  2. Okay I got the car to drive again (I stuffed the pivots when exporting) So it is driving again but I don't know how to do windows. I tryied all diferent colours but I always get an opaque colour. I don't know what you mean by unselected material in my collision mesh cause I tried selecting my col 0s and they are all good. I did get it to do dds (I just put .dds in the texture file name in max, just means I can't see them) I export it and it's all good but All I ask is how would I get the windows to be slightly transparent. Also I don't know what mesh rollout is so I don't know how to fix these vertices. EDIT: I found the problem with my windows. For some reason in max, all of the car parts are grey (cause of the .dds texture in problem but I gave the inside window a window texture and It does display that but because It's inside, max blackens it out as well as the roof because max has lightning which makes the dark bits dark but max doesn't realise the window is a window so it makes it black and only if you move the camera down a lot, It shows the grey. That is my problem because the outside window is transperent (fixed) but the inside is practiacally opaque because it's black in max. Is their a way to fix this or will i just have to have no inside winshield? EDIT2: How could I also make the reverse mirror and side mirrors reflect off?? Like the chinese van?
  3. Okay but It doesn't drive anymore which is getting anyoing. I might experiment with the damping/strength.
  4. Thanks okay i'll have to install it on xp computer than I'll try. Okay I will try transparency. I don't know what you mean by my hull sinking though It drives just fine. Oh well I'll raise it anyway. EDIT: Fixed the wreck.dds problem Tried rasing the hull and it doesn't make the car drive at all. the wheels just sink in to it.
  5. Sorry I haven't been able to reply my internet stuffed couple of questions though Okay: how do I clean up my vertices??? My wreck texture has a 70% (I think) transparent blacksquare over the original texture so basically it is my texture but 70% more black My wreck shows perfactly in the editor and my interior is fine. Engine start is the paratrooper's so it's nothing special. I know about the windshield but how do I make it not so opaque cause I made a 20% grey square for the texture how would I make it more transparent by darkinig it??? I use png so it can show in 3ds max cause on vista it is physically impossible to make dds textures show as shown in my youtubevideo which is in one of my posts. But .dds works fine in the editor usually i delete the pngs when opeining it in the map. The editor reads aphebetically the name of the file and the first one that comes on (dds is before png) it uses. So I export it with pngs and dds' then it reads the dds' in the editor and max reads the pngs.
  6. Is their a way to make the helicopters pick up vehicles (and soldiers like in battlefield vietnam) through a line. You could also pick up mobile spawn points in Battlefield Vietnam using this method.
  7. I have finished makin my lambo, even gave it speed & tachometer to it. I have it the fires when blown up and the exhaust. It is completed. I finished IKing the driver but When I load my map it crashes. I would like it if someone would take a look at whats wrong because I can't fix it. I tried the debugger but it doesn't work. Download lambomurci folder .rar (contains .con .tweak, texture ect) http://www.sendspace.com/file/lu5zdh Download lambomurci 3ds max file .max (7) http://www.sendspace.com/file/cdvhen note: you will need to make a mod for it with soldiers and effects taken from it's parent (bf2) to make Ik and explosions and stuff work.
  8. I got my speedometer working easy you just make a box in 3ds then modify the vertix to make it look like a spedometer then give it a rotational bundle
  9. How would you do it like battleracer and give it a little bit of nos (scale down the afterburner animation so it's smaller)
  10. Okay Thanks for the inside camera problem fix, the lod 1 was behind and I just moved it in front and it fixed it! Glitch 1 is still a problem, I tried giving it armour light vehicle, no matter what, It doesn't make a difference damage wise. However when I grenade it looses alot of heath. Debug (BF2_r) doesn't work, it says error please reinstall direct x 9 I already have it, BF2 works normaly.
  11. Okay thanks but Glitch number one is not working and I've given it an armour 5 tank front material. I don't know about glitch 2 but it should be fine because of nose cam it works just you can't press f9 to get into interior view. I tried doing the wake island map load but error!!!! Do i need client and server zip folders (I copied and pasted the one from original bf2 and changed the gameplayobjects.con) Still don't know anything about ctd or debug though PS is putting just a box as a collision mesh box around the car fine or do i have to kinda model it. (How do you add vertix modifiers so i can make the collision box a very extreme low detailed, non textured, Lambo)
  12. Okay Im fed up with all these glitches that keep happening and when I reset the tweak file it keeps happening Glitch #1 - I turn on damage and when I shoot at the seats, steering wheel, glass bits, the damage goes down but when I shoot at the body of the car (metal bit) it does not loose damage Glitch #2 - when I put the camera into inside view suddenly the camera is zoomed in the steering wheel of the car is going straight through the inside of the speedometer dials (Fixed by removing inside view and replacing it with nose view) Glitch #3 - I don't know why but once I load it up with Wake then I add the car (does case letter matter when adding vehicles as an object spawner? (my folder is LamboMurci but my con/tweak files are lambomurci) I tried redoing my whole tweak file, but that's not the problem I even made a new mod folder called airone racing I have e_sinking vehicle, but how do I add like the splash when goin in shallow water like the trails??? I try adding it into wake and it crashes again! I even removed my second passanger!!!!! What do you mean by debuger and CTD though??? I don't have that????
  13. Okay all finished I placed into a map (My favourite wake island) and then i load the map with the vehicle replaced as the jep_Paratrooper and then it loads to 60% at geometries then crashes, the screen goes black and im back at my desktop. This is getting me really frustrated!!!!!!! Oh and in my LamboMurci folder I have lambomurci.con, lambomurci.tweak, LamboMurci_Steering.tweak (I don't know why I have that their) I have a textures folder which has all the textures in .dds format which show up fine in the editor. I have a sounds folder which has a mono folder which has LamboMurci_cockpit.ogg which i programed the .tweak file to locate to that file. I also have an animations folder which has the 3p_driver_A_animSys.inc in it. I don't know whats up with the game but I tried making a sepearate mod which has the car in it and it crashes then I tried copying and pasting it into the bf2 folder just to see if the mod was acting up but it was the file and i loaded wake and again at crashed at 62% (after opening the con file of the game objects and then saving and copying and pasting back to the zip file) P.S. If i go back and change the lambo, how do I make it so when I press 's' the backlights turn on. (Show a turned on light texture or make a light source enable on piinput.) Lots of writing i know
  14. Okay I figured the driver proplem I tried making one hand on the stick and one on the steering wheel but it didn't work cause his hand turned when he steered the car. I got the second passanger not to shoot (kinda hard when you driving 300km/h and for all you americans 200mp/h) so I did it 1942 style and just sat him in their. I gave the passanger a diver animation and added a new rotational bundle child (a dummy) and ik'd his hands to the door and the main console so he actually looks like he's sitting down in the car.
  15. That's because you set your max rotation at 0/0/1/ & 0/0/-45/ which means it will rotate 1 degree at z when you press w and -45 degrees at z when you press s.
  16. I can't believe I actually finished making my Lamborghini Murcielago, It looks great and after great dificulty, I got it to Drive too! But now I get to the IK part. I successfully IK'd the driver into the Lamborghini. He JUST fits but (I had to reinstall my computer so thats why I havn't been here for quite a while) When I press a (or d) to rotate the steering wheel and turn the car he rotates with the wheel so his legs go out of the window when he steers the car. I know I asked this question before but I can't seem to find where I asked so, How could I get him to sit on the chair and just his arms rotate? I also Have a second seat and I gave the soldier an animation system but his legs stick out of the car, If i gave him a driver animation system would this make him not be able to use his weapon (as in his grenades and stuff) Also when I enter the car, and choose my passanger pco I turn into the guy but I can't shoot so Im just this camera in the second seat which is like the driver camera but can't shoot. How could this be fixed. I know this is a heap lot of questions but It must be answered if this car is to go into battlefield (Or else it would be a ghost car with only 1 seat for driver )
  17. Okay great now I have 3 guys in the car but their's a problem. No matter how much I try to rotate the soldiers, move the pieces which move the soldiers they stay in the same spot. So I have 3 guys at the front all rotated to the side (one up side down) and I want 2 in the front, one in the back. So I move the soldier in object editor, the icon with the camera on the tank, then i move and rotate the soldiers to their correct positions. Then I go save it. Reload geometry and boom!!!, their back in their original spots but the guy at the back is usually rotated another direction each time i reload and he's always at the front. How could this glitch be prevented
  18. Well they both use similar coding objectTemplate.projectileTemplate ([projectile names]) BF1942 uses that aswell im just saying
  19. Yeah thats how you do It, I replaced a zero's (WWII Japenese plane) bullets with anti tank rockets in BF:1942 as shown in one of my posts but I got no reply
  20. I tried copying the HMMWV and renaming it to my vehicle but It didn't work. Also when I add child their is nothing to add its just blank
  21. Also, how do I add seats to my vehicle. Ive done everything else
  22. Sorry I said why I had to do it in the first post and when I use the object spawner, on the level editor it imports the car, but when I move it, the wheels stay behind and the main mesh moves, but not the wheels or steering wheel. Thanks I know how to change the object spawner, i just didn't think about it, I did it to change and F-18, into an F-35 in the mod BF2SP64 which lets you have bots in 16, 32, 64. Thanks, I should have copied the importent bits ages ago!
  23. Right, I got my car to drive and thank you for helping me with the IK mschoeldgen, but 1. how do I give it the engine sounds that I have?? 2. How do I give it smoke, fire and explosions 3. How do I give it damage? 4. How do I put it in a map? These are some questions that I would appriciate if someone answered for me. Also what else do I need to do. I got soundforge but when I save the regions, it doesn't save into the wav file instead it saves into another file and If I delete it, there goes the regions! I've tried unticking save to seperate data file (or whatever its called) and they both give me same result Sorry about this mschoeldgen but I had to put a post here because It's importent!!!
  24. Wom mschoelden, you're a great helper thanks, I got to IK the soldier. (First the car was to small, but I enlarged it) But when I reexported it the textures where gone just like my evox. I tried to do everything you said, but I have vista so bf2materials.exe doen't work. That solves my problem of the texture files being off it's the actuall file not the textures that are wrong. How would I fix it though? I also fixed all transformations and I also don't have lister at the export, I only have debug. This never used to happen to me when exporting to bf2 using vista!
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