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  1. Every car I import into the editor, The collision mesh should be around the whole car but it's scaled down like 20 times and it's right in the interior of the car. to finish my Lamborghini Gallardo, I just have to fix up the wheels and IK it and also fix the collision meshes (even though It should be around the car) I also imported a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and, Unlike other cars I imported, the textures wern't there at all! Instead of the 'I want you!' default texture being on top of the normal texture, It replaces the actuall texture itself!. I had a look at my other cars textures in comparison to the one I imported and they were exactly the same. I took a look at my uv mapping and one coodinate was off, so I put it back in place. (I did that with all models of the same) The wreck textures however are fine. This has never happened to me before so I don't know how to fix it, Could suggest a solution to this answer?
  2. Your welcome. Accu Trans is their for converting and viewing other files like .lwo and such. It's a great little 3d converter. But don't use it as a default 3d model viewer. It's only real features are to rename object parts, colour them in or texure them in and to of course, view and convert different modeled files While trying to look for a lambo so i can import to bf2, I found these nifty websites I got my lambo from airone racing by the way.
  3. How do I give him the 3p_Driver animation systems???? I've got his hands on the steering wheel though
  4. I think in like the editor there is an option called collision exculsions (or something like that) and It has where the collision doesn't work Say if you tick buildings (in a car) then you would drive strait though the building Maybe they ticked soldiers for the c4?
  5. Here are some great websites I found cool cars from Airone Racing - Has great supercars with max files (the texures are on all diffrent sheets) Turbosquid - has great range of free models as well as priced ones. Also you can donwload gmax there if you register (you must register to donwload models) DMI free models - great for Tanks, cars, taxis, buses and all sorts of land vehicles. 3dxtras - Is a great website that will alow you to use the models if you don't make any money out of them. All models are free with a range of cars, bikes, people and a whole section devoted to military. accu trans 3d - great for converting models from other types like lwo into 3ds (so you can import it into max) -----Links------ Accu Trans 3d - Download zip file Airone Racing - AirOneRacing TurboSquid - TurboSquid DMI free models - DMI free models 3d extras 3d extras NOTE: That some website may require a note to the authur for use Updated links
  6. I've practically copied the partrooper physics and rotation (The chinese/mec jeep) but, the wheels spin(I accidently unticked enable mobile physics woops!) but the car acts up and flys all around town, still. I just finished my willy jeep (from 1942) for educational purposes (to see if it was the car, max, the editor or vista) and I got the car to drive fine! So I think I will just try redoing the lambo. One question, when I IK the car (any car) I have a soldier and I move him around but... How do I make his feet not stick out of the car because he's not sitting, (he's standing and his legs are sticking out of the car's bottom) How do I make it so the soldier doesn't rotate with his arms but He stands still in the chair and his arms rotate? So If you can give me a reason why it acts up, (and how to fix the above IK problems) it would be gradually aprecieated! P.S. How do you get rid of the default texture (The "I Want you!" uncle sam texture) I get it when I use render > object normal mode but not when I go render > object color mode Is the car going to have these uncle sam texures in the real game? P.P.S. If you want, Everyone that has made a licenced car for bf2 could put it in one big mod (Does your wrx have interior or did you make it yourself?)
  7. Okay now it going back to normal the wheels aren't going through the car but the car is doing more flips than ever. It would just flip up every time i'd press enable physics. I've tried all different strengths and dampings and I did move the engine down. I also saw col 1 & col 2 of the car and streched the mesh over the wheels. I also moved the car more up and reseted all transformations in the pivot menu. I still don't know how to get it to work though.
  8. Here are some pictures Side (without physics) Side (with physics)
  9. I found out that the car didn't have col 1's on the right side of the car so when it went crazy, the right side stayed normal but the left side went crazy but I fixed that. Well i tried resetting and aligning to world but now, when I press enable physics, the wheels go strait up through the wheel holders and above the car and sometimes it might just go randomly crazy.
  10. Im pretty sure it's in the tweak file where it's like object template create. This tutorial is for bf 1942 but It showed me how to replace the zero plane's bullets into anti tank rockets (it should work for bf2 because they use the same type of scripting) Just locate the Eryx or the SLAW tweak files and find where the scripting tells the object to shoot the projectile (rocket) and change the projectile name to the name of the c4. You will have to also put a detenator either on the rocket or just switch to the detonater of the c4 You may want to scroll a bit down for the actuall line where it tells you how to change the object template http://mdt.planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/T...%20Vehicle.shtm P.S. I'm going to make the rocket launcher shoot a cluster of c4 (have been wanting to since the above tutorial) but I just want to get my lamborghini's working first.
  11. When I click the enable physics button the wheels turn to the side like rim is flat down and back of wheel is face up on all four wheels and also, the whole cars keeps moving up and down and flying off the screen and going CRAZY!!! But the wheels only rotate to the side when I press enable physics other than that they are rotated a bit to the side (you can't even notice it) Could someone please show me what's wrong? Again, I've tried on vista and Xp, same result!
  12. Because of this tutorial, I kept on proceeding into making my lamborghini go into battlefield!
  13. You could take a look at the normal civillian vehicles from bf2 spcieal forces (import). Also the car should only have one .dds texture in bf2bundlemesh as a color not a normal No standards allowed except for the colision meshes.
  14. You Never told me it was a lambo reventon! I'm currently makeing a Lambo Murcielago Lp640 would you like me to give you the car or you give me your's!?
  15. Even though there are 2 engines and stuff, i still cloned them and linked them up
  16. That's okay I changed the shiness of the car to a lower number Since im not good with the editor, could someone who is good please take a look at my car? Max file, Readme and Exported object download - http://www.sendspace.com/file/jpuzt8 or direct link - http://fs01n2.sendspace.com/dl/c0ccd79aa5f...ago%20LP640.zip
  17. Sorry for those threads but it stilll isn't working! The wheels arn't moving and neither is the car By the way, when I open up the car in the editor in normal mode it Isn't what I want but when I open it in Colour mode it's what I want. Is normal mode the model that's in the game?
  18. How do You rotate the soldier mine is the other way around and also How do you make the soldier crouch in the position???
  19. How can I make the car actually drive it doesn't drive it just steers. Also how do I make all the wheels roll and the wheel nav rolls and rotate's at the same time. That's all I need to do and the car will be finished! other than getting the Ik to work
  20. I did It's just the wheels that are turning x but not y so they just steer but they don't actually drive.
  21. I got the wheels to rotate but I don't know how to ajust sterring or drive the car forward or backward. How do I make it, i've tried alot of things.
  22. Run BF2 Editor in Xp (compabitaty) and run BF2 as administrator, the game. (Will let you join punkbuster games)
  23. Yes I got it to work! I made a transparent image using fireworks and applied it as a colour and normal and converted it to dds!
  24. Okay. Im using the same texture for all things which is the one whole texture which contains everything. I just shrink the piece to a black section of the texture is that alright?
  25. Thank you thank you thank you! The wheels are working! just the windshield I have done everything but the windows aren't going transparent. Maybe it's the name of the material. What is the name for material I have Alpha_cockpit_material||AlphaEnvmap in slot 2 Here are some pictures Inside Window (Max) Outside Window (editor) Side Image (editor) Edit: I used the tile texture and I could see through the windshield but It wasn't that transparent and the windshield was it. How would I make the windshield more transparent
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