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  1. How could I do It though?
  2. I've taken a look at the seafury model and noteted that mine is a bit different. Could someone take a look at what's wrong? I've tried everything but the windshield and wheels just won't show up. Here is the zip archive which contains the exported .con and the textures LamboMurci\textures\LamboMurci_c.dds or if your using vista I made it a png so you can use it up to exporting. I don't know anything about normal and colour textureing or Nameofobject_c.dds or Nameofobject_b.dds texturing so I just called it LamboMurci_c.dds because from the examples that I saw they had nameofobject_c or b.dds You'll also fine the max file as well Download - http://www.sendspace.com/file/u8pyhn
  3. Okay the wheels didn't work but the windows still aren't working. I did the whole normal thing but it was transparent on one side (I could chuck grendades into the winsheild and it would go through) but I couldn't chuck grenades through the other side (they would just bouce off) Also the right side of the vehicle doen't have head light, backlight or engine grill textures as shown in the above, front picture. But It's very shiny like you suggested.
  4. Oh and one other thing this is what the weird looking lambo looks in the editor The wheels are weird! The glass isn't working as you can see on the windows, engine glass, backlight glass Front Back Interior Side
  5. Well I got my Lamborghini Into the editor which im very pleased with doing considering I did actually did it myself but the wheels are a just weird and the windows don't show up as transparent. One thing I've noticed with the jeep that I wanted to convert is that one side of the window you can see through but the other you can't. This is also with the HMMWV that I imported. However I wan't to know how to make the windows at the front transparent fully like the willy windows and not transparent from the inside just like the jeep how would I do that? Willy Windows
  6. Never mind i found that each texture has 11 frames it's mip maps
  7. Okay, I would enjoy modding for your team btw your clown picture is really freaky
  8. Thanks I might do that and then write a letter once im finished if I can release it.
  9. Yeah it's most likely not illagal because the Battlefield Vietnam Disk 4 comes with the mod editor for max, map maker and vehicle import tool (why wouldn't they want to let us import if they encourage us to) couldn't I just right like a Legal saying that this isn't my model it's 1942's model if using models from another source is 'illigal', than mschoeldgen is using 'illigal' models for his seafury Anyway I found my problem. I sourced the dds texture to the wrong folder but I still can't get the rest of the car material id's to show the texture.
  10. It's not illigal if I don't release it as a mod isn't it?
  11. I've made a texture in bmp format so my computer can read it than i convert it using Image converter to dds and move over to my xp but when I load it into the editor it has that Uncle Sam, 'I need you!' and only on the one part of the object. Not the interior or the windows. It's 1024x1024 and the texture name is Willy_1024.dds or Willy_1024.bmp for vista just until I put it on Xp
  12. How do you put in frames into dds textures? That's my problem
  13. Good I finally got it in with all four wheels using that dodge picture. The texture is the still brown one which I will soon fix later anyway Im happy I got it in!
  14. I imported it from the 1942 editor tools for max and deleted all the helpers it already had which are the cameras and things. I then sub/multied it and added the Car_material||colourmapgloss for the exterior and since there was two textures (one exterior, one interior/wheels) I uses to materials and changed the wheels and interior to that material I than did the win screen and made that the Alpha_cockpit_material||AlphaEnvmap. I uses some car tools and utilized it and when I exported it after some changes I exported it and imported it into bf2editor and Yay it worked But The two backwheels were missing (I think because I took away the navigation (not in the screenshot sorry) and the texture was a weird brown colour Here's the one big picture of everything
  15. Thanks for the download but the program doen't work, VISTA SUX, and I can't seem to get it working
  16. COOL at the moment im stuffing the lambo for now and moving on to bf1942 - bf2
  17. Could I get the US anti tank gun and shoot like a cluster of 10 c4's at people??? It be like the Anti tank missle but not guided and it has gravity What do you think?
  18. I am basically going to convert everything from 1942 to bf2 to make it more realistics and have also have better graphics! So want to join???
  19. Cool I wanted to download this mod like a week ago but I coudn't find the download link!
  20. DDS texturing doesn't work and this is what happens everytime I click the dds file for a texture in max Download the video here - http://www.sendspace.com/file/30c6n9 Watch the video here - Youtube link If I convert the dds to another file using image converter than it's not coodinated to that file because it's coodinated to the .dds
  21. The BF2materials.exe goes comes up with the command prompt and then goes away in less than a second as in I can only see it for less than a second and then it goes away
  22. Could I have that bike to check out (if you are making a mod with a mod folder)
  23. Take a look at how tactical advancing mod did their nuke (it's probebly the coolest mod other than sandbox) check out their site http://bf2ccre8or_94.gratishp.com/SiteHome.html
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    Take a look at this thread http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9817
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