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  1. Download camobox from modjive and check out the bike they have there!
  2. No as in I'm importing it into 3ds max but it has no textures because of stupid vista. Could someone please upload the model with another file format because dds doen't work with vista.
  3. I've always wanted to make some invisible vehicles since my modding in BF1942 and Vietnam (I only modded weapons though) and I thought it would be cool if you just saw soldiers sitting on invisible seats and running someone over. Or flying soldiers. Is it possible to take the transparency level of an object and decreese it to zero Note: You still will be able to find them on the minimap!
  4. I've imported this humvee of mine but I texturizing is off target. I've tried UVW but some of the pieces are missing like the grills and the backlight and headlight. Could someone upload a hummve for me that's texturized? Thanks if someone does upload it
  5. Thanks okay I'll finish the windows and ask how it's done later! Also do I do the texturing before adding the tools or after?
  6. Ok I see now. But how would I make the lambo have a glass texture rather than my first method which was standard colour than an opacity level change.
  7. As you know from the objects thread, I'm making a new mod with supercars As a part of my mod I need to ajust the c4 explosion and damage. When I try, the c4 model goes away and stuffs up so how would I ajust ammo, damage and explosion radius? The main reason why I can't get it to work is because of my program 7-zip which doen't zip up correctly because of compresion ratios and all that. What program do I use to zip up the objects_client/sever?
  8. Ok Is 26 the limit? I have only like 6 objects - 4 wheels, 1 body, 1 steering wheel. with the tools for the car it gave me like 33 objects including helpers but 18 objects not including Hiechery Materials Object's list Render Channel Info (Remember I tried to clear it, maybe it's just vista)
  9. Yes I've tried pressing the clear button but nothing happened. Could someone take a look at the problem please. After this, I could probably make a supercar mod for bf2!!!!
  10. No in my XP computer, when I select a dds file for a texture it shows up but when I go to do it in vista, it says error creating direct 3d device or something and how do I set all objects to one chanel. I believe that's my problem though
  11. Battlefield 2: Australian Forces has an Anti Air Gun as the anti-tank class but it only has one ammo which you con't get anymore of
  12. I finished the model completely but when I export it, It gives it a folder but no .con file. It one meshes folder with nothing inside aswell. So this texture is located at C:\Program Files\Ea Games\Battlefield 2\Mods\MyMod\Objects\Vehicles\Land\Lambo_Murci\Textures\ Lambo_Murci_c.png\ I could only make it a png because vista doen't support .dds Could someone download my model, put the texture in the right spot, make the "Whole thing" texture the dds file instead? Here is the dds file http://www.sendspace.com/file/w46psr
  13. Update: I have completetly UV unwrapped the vehicle on one texure style sheet of 1024 x 1024. Now I am using Poe's utilities and I want to know how do I generate lods, cols and all that with this Finished model It looks almost identicle to the other one You can download it here if you want (.max 7 not .zip) http://www.sendspace.com/file/nskqvt And the style sheet is here
  14. I have 99 bots on wake island 32 easily!!!! it's fun i am making a teamkilling movie and I ran over nearly all of my mates!
  15. So how exactly would I make a rotational bund. It would be easier if someone posted a video tutorial using a recorder like Camtasia studio because it is kinda confusing. Update: I have practically uv unwrapped the whole thing. Only the wheels and misc parts are left!!!
  16. Yep so download battledirector play with bots then watch your self and record using video recorder like fraps! and it's the game console ` next to the number 1 usually. Or if you want to you can give me the mod!! I would like it. And I will record the demos for you or you can give me the demos and tell me what to do
  17. No as in if I have BF2SP64 on one computer and I playing someone else on another, would I have to copy the sever.zip onto that computer?? As in I modified it so I have an F-35 (IT WORKS!!!!) instead of an F18. But they have the F18, would it work if we played each other?
  18. I have no experience but i'm pretty sure it's in the con scripting or there pictures but i can't find them
  19. Battlerecorder is in game. You start a demo by `demo.recordDemo [demoname] Do some fun stuff then press `demo.stoprecording Then download Battledirector from the sir community (better than ingame battlerecorder because Battlerecorder has name tags and HUD) Find your demo located under the mod drop list (oh and if your using vista download battledirector 1.6 so you can use fraps because 1.7 runs on Administrator) Then hit F9 to start recording wasd plus z and control are the controls z anf control make you go up and down. and 1234567890 are speed control 1 is pause, 2 is normal, 6 is normal without sound, 2345 are slower 7890 are faster. and if playing with bots (AI) use the `renderer.drawHUD 0 to take off hud and to turn it back on just change the 0 to a 1 So just start the game, press 1 to pause. find a spot with the camera then hit 2 for normal speed than f9 and just do something else or watch yourself play!
  20. Would this effect local and online play?
  21. I have BF2SP64 mod which allows you to play 16,32,64 maps with bots but at wake island the jet isn't an F-35. How could I edit it so I can place an F35 there instead?
  22. Make your movie using battlerecorder or battledirector then use a video program and edit it with vegas or movie maker, done!!!. I think the Ea and dice used like flash or some other program to make there logos
  23. How do I convert the mod first strike from 2142 to battlefield 2 so I can play it?
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