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  1. Wow, texture's good but it looks like it will need some smooth groups to fix up those faced round edges. Where did you get this ?
  2. Hehe Bergerkiller, i see that you have gained some insight about game engines from your VB game project
  3. Cool, it works with many pictures. As a feature, it changes the background when logging in as well . Though, having 1 last issue with the news ticker. Here's an example... As you can see here, there is an unwanted newsticker. Getting very frustrating as I can't find the code in flash, just a sprite that is a grey colour. Also, as stated before, I am using the sandbox menu here: http://sandboxmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=510
  4. Wow, cheers!<br><br>It loads "Strokes_small.png" for the menu, after login it would occasionally change between "Bokeh4_small.png" and "Dirty2_small.png". I guess your code works, but how would i change this if I had 7 images? How would that affect the code?<div><br></div><div>EDIT: Unrelated problem, but still annoying lol. Everytime I login, even with internet disconnected, it loads a newsticker that says "go to sandbox to download latest version and avoid being disappointed" Now i'm finding it hard to find the line of code that even raises that in flash, but it must be somewhere. If I run the SWF directly it says<br><br>where the ticker is "http://sandboxmod.com/ingame/newsticker .1.0.0.png". Now I find this strange, as the newsticker image is not even in the flash images folder, and if it is loading from online, i wonder how it does that even when i switch off the internet </div>
  5. Trying to get the sandbox menu for my mod, and after finding the source files and spending a long time getting the fonts working, i now have a working flash menu for my mod. But, that's not enough . I've been working together to try implement a feature that should be do-able. A Randomised background, that changes each time the mod is loaded. With plenty of background images, it should add a nice variety within the mod. The problem, however, is the code. h = ["Strokes_small.png", "Dirty2_small.png", "Bokeh4_small.png"]; i = 3 //Catches the number of values inside the "h" array j = Math.floor(Math.random()*i); //A random value, with a ceiling equal to the length of the "h" array k = h[j] //Defines the path for the background to be used. this.background_img.loadImg(k) Now, if i change "this.background_img.loadImg(k)" to the image filename, which is located at the root of the mainmenu, to simplify things, it does actually work, but it only loads 1 image, which defeats the purpose of this code.
  6. Haha i love all these ingenious solutions! Will post results.
  7. I'm finding it hard to get it working at all, please post your code for that weapon. I'm guessing the soldier throws the cd on the X axis
  8. Ah sounds cool, btw what is "AOL_CD_07_ver6_goldLions?" is it a projectile?
  9. Hmm i have tried that, but (at least in bfeditor), it doesn't spin (using continous rotation speed), please explain about the materials, don't know much about that, thanks. Basically this is how it should work: "Fire" the knife. Knife projectile comes out spinning vertically, hits player, kills them. If it hits a wall then it sticks. Doesn't work ingame either, just tested - unrotating... Knife part of it ObjectTemplate.create GenericProjectile kni_knife_Projectile ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Rhys" ObjectTemplate.createNotInGrid 1 ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1 rem ---BeginComp:DefaultCollisionComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultCollisionComp ObjectTemplate.collision.hasCollisionEffect 1 ObjectTemplate.collision.bouncing 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultDetonationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultDetonationComp ObjectTemplate.detonation.detectionRadius 1.5 ObjectTemplate.detonation.maxDepthForExplosion 2 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultProjSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultProjSoundComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultPenetrateComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultPenetrateComp ObjectTemplate.penetrate.allowSolidPenetration 0 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Point ObjectTemplate.collisionGroups 8 ObjectTemplate.material 48 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_kni_knife_Projectile_Looping ObjectTemplate.addTemplate kni_knife_Spin rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/90/0/0 ObjectTemplate.material 48 ObjectTemplate.hasOnTimeEffect 1 ObjectTemplate.damage 30 Rotate part ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle kni_knife_Spin ObjectTemplate.creator Unknown ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser Unknown ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.geometry KNI_Knife ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 0.5 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_kni_knife_Spin_RotationRpm rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/0/0 ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/0 ObjectTemplate.setMaxSpeed 0/900/0 ObjectTemplate.setContinousRotationSpeed 0/900/0 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_kni_knife_Spin_RotationRpm ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser Unknown
  10. Now that would be a cool feature , Just like BadCo 2, or CoD.
  11. Is this PR specific? Can't you always go though 3rd person with "C"?
  12. Downloaded latest python from the website, UAC control completely off - bar down all the way. Didn't run any compatibility options (except for bf editor which won't work unless you run in winXP).
  13. Yes! Got new computer with Windows 7 (64-bit). Any CMD-based program on my Windows Vista (32-bit) CTD the moment it was commanded to do something. Glad I can finally follow this tutorial again
  14. SAW has more than 10 parts, figured out a solution when i made red dot sight M249 SAW. If a weapon has more than 10 parts, it should be named "001" instead of "1", so 3p meshes are allright, just 1p ones aren't. USLMG_M249SAW 001 002 003 004 005 007 008 009 010 ect...
  15. I've been pulling my hair at a recent problem i have created, rotating projectiles. I have been wanting to do a nice "Thowing Knife". Added a force object, but found that constant force works, but there is not "rotational-constant force". I managed to make the projectile, slowed it down so i can tinker it (quite eerie, heaps of knifes moving very slowly at a constant speed). But could only get it to curve like "bullet-drop". Anybody no of a solution to making a nice rotating knife effect?
  16. Hmmmm i can only get this tutorial to work on WinXP, shame that I have the vista computer now When I run the "CreateNavmesh.bat", it says "Modname", "LevelName", then I enter in those names (CoRrEcTCaSe as well), and the cmd window crashes instantly. I tried running "Navmesh.exe" instead, however when i did run it it said "This application has failed to start because gts.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Anybody got any spare gts.dll files?
  17. Here's my list of Firstnames, some may sound a bit weird for China or MEC, eg: Paul, Kyle ect. but meh aiSettings.addBotName Rhys aiSettings.addBotName Rory aiSettings.addBotName Dominique aiSettings.addBotName Devyn aiSettings.addBotName Rowan aiSettings.addBotName Kamari aiSettings.addBotName Quinn aiSettings.addBotName Jordan aiSettings.addBotName Michael aiSettings.addBotName Jacob aiSettings.addBotName Joshua aiSettings.addBotName Matthew aiSettings.addBotName Tyler aiSettings.addBotName Nicholas aiSettings.addBotName Aaron aiSettings.addBotName Caleb aiSettings.addBotName Brandon aiSettings.addBotName David aiSettings.addBotName John aiSettings.addBotName James aiSettings.addBotName Zachary aiSettings.addBotName Justin aiSettings.addBotName Kyle aiSettings.addBotName Jonathan aiSettings.addBotName Robert aiSettings.addBotName William aiSettings.addBotName Alexander aiSettings.addBotName Thomas aiSettings.addBotName Samuel aiSettings.addBotName Timothy aiSettings.addBotName Sean aiSettings.addBotName Lewis aiSettings.addBotName Daniel aiSettings.addBotName Stephen aiSettings.addBotName Jeremey aiSettings.addBotName Ralph aiSettings.addBotName Alex aiSettings.addBotName Jared aiSettings.addBotName Ian aiSettings.addBotName Erick aiSettings.addBotName Tony aiSettings.addBotName Dennis aiSettings.addBotName Owen aiSettings.addBotName Levi aiSettings.addBotName Tristan aiSettings.addBotName Frank aiSettings.addBotName Isiah aiSettings.addBotName Roberto aiSettings.addBotName Roni aiSettings.addBotName Roy aiSettings.addBotName Collin aiSettings.addBotName Bryce aiSettings.addBotName Martin aiSettings.addBotName Grant aiSettings.addBotName Mario aiSettings.addBotName Luigi aiSettings.addBotName Phillip aiSettings.addBotName Keith aiSettings.addBotName Isaiah aiSettings.addBotName Jack aiSettings.addBotName Bill aiSettings.addBotName Joel aiSettings.addBotName Brett aiSettings.addBotName Cory aiSettings.addBotName Lucas aiSettings.addBotName Isaac aiSettings.addBotName George aiSettings.addBotName Max aiSettings.addBotName Seth aiSettings.addBotName Luke aiSettings.addBotName Shane aiSettings.addBotName Noah aiSettings.addBotName Mitchell aiSettings.addBotName Miguel aiSettings.addBotName Peter aiSettings.addBotName Marcus aiSettings.addBotName Victor aiSettings.addBotName Bradley aiSettings.addBotName Nathaniel aiSettings.addBotName Scott aiSettings.addBotName Corey aiSettings.addBotName Devin aiSettings.addBotName Ethan aiSettings.addBotName Paul aiSettings.addBotName Jay aiSettings.addBotName Gabriel aiSettings.addBotName Kenneth aiSettings.addBotName Brian aiSettings.addBotName Bruce aiSettings.addBotName Jesse aiSettings.addBotName Mark aiSettings.addBotName Jason aiSettings.addBotName Patrick aiSettings.addBotName Nathan aiSettings.addBotName Adam aiSettings.addBotName Benjamin aiSettings.addBotName Kyle aiSettings.addBotName Joseph aiSettings.addBotName Andrew aiSettings.addBotName Liam
  18. Not as awesome as the real deal...
  19. I was going around Google Sketchup looking for Models for GoogleEarth when i saw the Statue of Liberty. I thought it was pretty cool, however it was very low-poly. After a while i found one available for free on shareGC, i think it was. It came in a .max file with the "Meshsmooth" modifier on, so thankfully I could turn that off and use it as a bf2 staticmesh After some optimisations and reconstructions around some of the areas (particularly the base), I was able to start the UVW mapping. I mostly used bf2 textures apart from the green rusted copper. The textures look a little Low-Quality, but that's because the Object is full scale! The soldier col mesh was made very basically. I plan on using it on a sort of "Liberty Island" map, where MEC invades US in New York. I need to make the Statue of Liberty base now, that is that star looking thing underneath. You will see by the screenshots, it may need a new texture (Not very good at UVW mapping)
  20. Woah woah woah woah!!Nice!! Can't wait to see how it looks with detail on the texture.
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