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  1. Accu Trans 3d is a small program that can convert most 3d files. I used it to flatten the layers. Cool, so that's how you detach. The steering wheel is a seperate layer as in you have body, steering, tires that's what I mean. How do I ajust it to the parent is that through the open sceptimic view and connect? How do I ajust the pivot, is that just rotating it in a steering wheel type way? Last question So where can I find UVW tutorials?? are they on the sight under a catogory?
  2. You export the objects with the 3d program and then for example an M4 you would make the model or find one on the internet, then you would export it to a folder and find that folder. foldername/weapons/Handheld/Usrif_M4/Usrif_M4.con then after the mod you've made go to C:\Program Files\Ea games\Battlefield 2\mods\MODNAME\Objects\Weapons\Handheld\ and paste the folder there.
  3. I thought the steering wheel had to be a seperate layer. I tried to make it myselft using the wizard for the car that generate lods but it only did three wheels so I had to make the rest myself. After constint editing, I made it but when I exported it (and turned all the textures into .dds and made a texture that was black so it could be a picture and used BF2 bundle mesh), It said error in BF2Editor and closed down. So I need a little help this is my first time. I followed the bf2 tutorials and I actually imported the car but i was wondering how could I import my car with windows and steering wheels. How do I smooth it??? And how do I detatch the brake disks for a rotational bundle? I found out how to attach By the way I used accu trans 3d to attach and used editible mesh and element when I found out you could attach it and leave the texture Wasted so much time using accu. One last thing, how do I put all the textures into one file and texurize it differently? I am a real noob so I need some help
  4. If I don't know can some one do all the naming and stuff??? I am a real noob at 3ds max and modding so can some one maybe teach specificly how to do it all? Here are the source files. SendSpace link 'Lambo_BF2_222' has the car with every body piece on one layer exept for the wheels and the windows using the modify elements so it can be different textures 'Lambo_BF2' has most of the files on different layers 'lamborghini murcielago "lp640_withoutdriver' is the original model without the driver The textures are in the folder. That's right textures not texture (does that make a differnece)
  5. wow thanks for the information, these forums rule, better than the mdt bf2 ones, they're deserted. Thanks so much and very nice tutorial, maybe you should do some video tutorials
  6. I want to import this lamborghini murcielago car model I found but it has differnet textures (not just one big one that does everything) and I want to make a supercar mod for battlefield 2. How would I do it??? Ps I'm new hello!
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