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    .mdl >>> .max

    If I remember correctly .mdl is Quake models? I think Jedi Knight Jedi Academy has it for their models. I have managed to get clone troopers into 3ds max before from one of the modders. The program you're after is Milkshape. I might have used that to convert those over.
  2. I have a similar system in my mod (laser designator). Only differnece is it's not as cool (no laser or box around vehicles). It also uses overheat and the message "fox1, fox1". But it works in multiplayer so i'm happy.
  3. Im thinking, MEC Insurgents?
  4. Thanks BEEX, I did get despereate and tried renaming it to A_Steeringwheel or A_Navwheel or something like that. But I'm not sure that was the problem. The wheel didn't have a backface so i converted it to editable poly and copied the front and welded it onto the back. I forgot to convert it back to Editable Mesh. Problem was solved by selecting all parts that aren't helpers and converting to editable mesh.
  5. Im not sure what is wrong, but for some reason the IK is not working for my custom dirt buggy I converted. This is very strange because when I pressed Rightclick>Enter for the passenger seat, it worked no problem whatsoever (Passenger has mounted SAW). However, the driver animation is stuck with his hands near the wheel (not touching). When I move the wheel with either "A" or "D", it turns the wheel finely but the soldiers arms stay in the static position, if I move the hands in IK mode of the steering wheel it does nothing in editor, and nothing ingame as well. It doesn't state an error in the output either (apart from the usual). It is using the same animation as the jeep_faav, and if I open up that vehicle, I can move the hands just as usual. Somehow the mesh of this vehicle is not allowing movement. Very strange and annoying bug The tweak file looks almost identical to the FAAV because it will act just the same.
  6. Ok cool, it is at least good refrence pic
  7. Im going to take a wild guess here. BAF - Battlefield Animation File? (1942 also had .baf) INC - Include as it Includes .baf files?, InnerConnection? i don't know about this one
  8. Fantastic, i will post some images once I get a good image working. Thanks for the tips
  9. Nice find! Thanks for the tips, i just downloaded the whole video tutorials Would love to see the outcome of this
  10. So I finally got geocontrol 2 and am loving the program already But I really want to find out how to make small crators like on the moon, that would really make the moon map have some nice details. What sort of tools/presets would be best for this?
  11. Thanks for these tips on groundhemi, i don't even know what that does lol. Um, size is 256x1 or 256x2, i think it is x2 but its pretty small. Shopping trolley tips over if you drive to fast lol, gotta fix that. Thanks for the tips i will do!
  12. Just downloaded it and its pretty cool, though sort of laggy for some reason and i know it is beta. Things i noted: Strike at Karkand: Mounted bipods looks cool but why the ironsight? (looks like Mp5 ironsight) Awesome idea of making the interior of the Hotel, but bed model and texture are of low quality, like the many storeys though Do I detect a new reload animation for the enginneer SMG? Nice blown up petrol station, its cool. Traffic lights and signs should be destoryable There should be destructable fences near the Hotel PAC base, like in BF2 strike at karkand Snow looks good ontop of some objects, but silly on other stuff like the hole in the square base. APC has no pods? Can't eject from APC Turret (TOW missile thingey) shoots 3-4 shots i think, thats a cool feature Menu gamemode images aren't that good yet, just a screenshot lol
  13. I think its a great idea, i recently found a 3d mod package that could hopefully be converted into bf2 and I thought that was excellent. It could be a cool thing for modders and for this section (when it exsists). Although, it would mean many mods will have this content but that could be a good thing. What i would like to see mostly is, say a 3d modeler makes this epic static mesh for bf2 and uploads his .3ds/.max/.staticmesh onto the Community resources page. Then he says, could someone please help me out for the texture? So texture wizards appear and say I can do it, Abracadabra!!, Zing!! and suddenly there is an epic model with an epic texture. Would be cool
  14. Hmmm do you mind sending me that skybox Looks excellent for space situations!
  15. Man! That is one lovely looking skybox!! How did u do it so good? And the moon map already looks tonnes better than mine, (Was there already a moon map available?)
  16. Hmmm skybox looks excellent! But Im not entirely sure how a skybox works and how it should be moddeled. Those planets look really awesome though.
  17. Excellent work! Though the sky could be slightly more darker (I could try doing that in photoshop) Stars don't look distorted ingame SCREENS!
  18. Haven't decided on a fog colour, but I can always base it off the bottom pixel of your sky, whatever suits the skydome
  19. Here's a screen update Can't wait to see your skydome!
  20. Wow brilliant work! I don't know how you just "made" a sky lol. Here is a sceenshot Um sorry if I wasn't clear enough though, the sky is on the moon. Having an image of the earth Infact if there could be a Sun and an Earth in space that would work as a skydome (without distortation) it would be excellent. Here are some refrence images (although more stars would be nice:) )
  21. I'm having difficulty splitting it into the crossmap. The sky texture is just a space texture i found on google as you can see, the earth is a globe i also found on google with a subtle atmospheric glow You can see my texture below the screenshot to give you an example.
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