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  1. I now see this is quite and old post, but does anybody still have the download link? Both pages give me and error
  2. I was wondering, due to the ussni_m82a1's animations that are slightly glitched up, has anybody managed to fix them? The main fail animations are stand (which you can't see a hand, just the gun), walk (which can keep shifting animations between stand and walk, forcing the hand to move up and down), and zoom (of coarse) For 3p i can only think of one fail animations and that is deploy. The soldiers leg's don't move when you deploy it in 3p, just slide accross the ground. Has anybody been able to fix/re-animate the m82 to a working gun? I have seen Wookie Sniper mod's M82 which is workable, but the animations are still the same (except for zoom of coarse). Is there a re-animated m82 lurking around?
  3. Thats a nice idea! It doesn't look as defaulty.
  4. The Object Editor Help File says that a fire rate is "How fast the weapon can be fired Value must be a factor of 1800." So "300, 360, 450, 600, 900, 1200, 1800" are the only fire rates you can have. BUT.... to make it appear fire faster, you can increase the firerate of the sound using UberWazuSoldier's sound looper then you can A ) increase the damage of the bullets B ) add a batch size of 2 (so it shoots two bullets at a time, automatic) Sorry, not sure about altitude
  5. If you look carefully at the video, (especially 3p test in action) you can see other bots's aimers, just like sandbox. So, it must be a 3rd person effect or a 3d model added to the weapon. Not sure which one, but sandbox uses a similar method.
  6. Epic models. LOVE the UMP, But, ????? where is my post gone? I did ask for some gold camos. They look really nice, do you know how to bump up the reflectivity (ENV MAPS) of textures? Is it adding alpha to the normal map or standard texture?
  7. They use the same concept. Besides other than walkers, Titans, weather and destroyable children, 2142 has massive Hardcoded stuff. Um i think arcita used a 3d object attached to all the weapons of the gun in that kit. Similar to sandbox's construction. If not, then i have no idea how he did it! It looks nice none the less!
  8. Okay.. flat is good. Of coarse i will place gameplay objects and whatever. Okay i have a solution for helis and thats delete/replace the pod launcher code. Thats why APC's and helis don't work. I also have my editor set up for 2142 and made static walkers using the bundlemesh as gemoetry(for mapping)
  9. Nice job on the map i will get to work on it on the weekend. Um... i just got to say any terrain suggestions as in should the heli spawn be in the mountains? or flat?. Stuff like that, I will make the map ingame, although i havne't made 2142 maps before, i would like to get them working though. Um as for szie i think 512x2 would be good enough. Um would you like me to generate the terrain? using l3dt? it is pretty good at all that stuff. But how do u place meshes ingame? Do u have sandbox-like features? Um, other then that i can do some lightmapping but this computer overheats a ton so they could take a while. No problem its good to be in a team lol. I can never get teams so may as well join one.
  10. I reckon a section on all the hardcoded objects, and physics and everything for bf2 and bf2142 should be on these forums. It would help people stop asking quesitons, such as Soldier physics in 2142, adjusting killmessages, squad sizes and everthing else. What do you think?
  11. Nice work on those statics, that should make it a heap easier. But no, i didn't make 2142 shipment. Just Bf2 shipment (in my 1on1 mod), they are very different as mine is accurate to COD4's one, 2142 shipment is a little big , at least compared to COD4. As for navmeshing, i think it was a fluke for me to do shipment. I followed the tutorial, but there is not much coding for shipment it is a massive bot frag fest, which works . But for me, 2142 shipment doesn't work. The bots just switch between weapons and run at you to knife lol. I like your ideas, very good to have planning.
  12. I know how to do these ones: &-Deny EU/human spawning on the captured CP (to force reinforcements to come via copters) &-Slowly drain the armour of the helicopter (simulating copter fuel draining) &-Simulating hunger by bleeding the Human soldier slowly. (Player only) &-Forcing zombie side to spawn light_armored versions of itself (to give more variance of the horde) &-Deny EU/human spawning, wouldn't you just delete all spawn points of the captured CP? &-Slowy drain the armour. Just make the drain damage more higher (u know how it flashes red and slowly drains health if to damaged) &-Simulate hunger by bleeding - This can be done with supply objects, make the damage pretty low. &-Forcing zombie side to spawn light_armored. Simply in the Init.con of every map, delete all other kits except for your one. and make it PAC_light_soldier instead of PAC_heavy_soldier. &-Add special kits around the map - I can do that. I did it in my mod (make secret Overpowered kits that you can pickup) As for they python scripts, you could look at Gungamemod. They have unlocks depending on your kills, but i don't understand python that well. Xfire: RHYSMCG (no _ cause you can't have _)
  13. I just got to say, nice mod, but HOW DID YOU GET 3p WORKING!? i have tried ages to get the aimer but how is it possible for u to do it? BTW, i can make decent maps, nothing that good but i am pretty busy. here are some maps i made over the process of less then 3 days. Here is an example of some of my maps. Im not used to massive maps btw. Because my mod is focused on deathmatch arean style can lightmap carriers and i made this one (shipment), 3ds max lightmap + terrain lightmap was my first lightmapped map. It also had custom containers, so i can do a little modeling (need blueprints though).
  14. Im thinking of all these new ideas for my 1on1 mod, ideas such as a house where u can actually go inside the door and shoot each other (as well as find some secret weapons). Other ideas such as an underground car park and such. Unfortunetly, i don't have much skills with 3ds max without sufficient blueprints (i don't know why but i just need side, front, top view to succesfully build something). I reckon a car park would be a fantastic level (with hidden real cars of coarse). Basic refrence images Anyone out there with these skills would be fantastic, and i can 3ds max lightmap so don't worry about lighting it
  15. Yes i have used paint.net once. I wouldn't say its better than photoshop, but its better than Gimp and paint i think. Anyway, what are you methods for uncamo'ing something in paint.net? What settings do u aim for in crazy bump?
  16. Great, I wanded all the lighter colours and filled them with the MEC brown. Looped my camo (using my camo tutorial) which was suprisingly seamless, and overlay it. A couple of brightness/contrast and Hue/Saturation were made and it made an alright looking camo. Oh wow, i desaturated the original image as a lighten blend mode and it turned out REALLY nice, at least compared to full camo and barely any details! Heavy Light Images taken using BFMeshViewer (very handy for texturing models)
  17. Well desaturate doesn't do it. Making a bump map sounds intresting, it keeps the details, and converts it to a single colour. I will test it out
  18. Yes, but how do you repaint the texture, if it already has a texture there? Woudln't you have to remove the original camo?
  19. I want to remove the colour from a texture yet still keep the detail from it. I want to make a woodland MEC camo. But, i can not do it because it already has the MEC desert style texture. So, I openend 3p_B_OS and removed the saturation (it was rainbow coloured lol). I can overlay my woodland camo over that because it has no pattern, just white. But it looks horrible because its not the real texture. Any tips on removing the pattern with, say, white? So that you can still have all the things like Buckles, straps, and zips and still have no pattern? Another example is with the vodnik, I wanted to convert it into a delivery Van by making it white with a logo, BUT i got stuck because of the pattern and couldn't do it. Is there some photoshop filter or something that can remove the pattern but keep all the detail beneath?
  20. Oh wow thats great refrence thank you very much. But his map is so much better lol. I could put just palms in, as oppose to the plants. As for ground textures, well that map is epic with the textures as mine look all pixely and stuff. I plan to make a hut, hidden in the map so I will post more progress. One thing in noticed about my maps when i try islands, is that the terrain dramatically drops in the ocean. like sand>Deep deep water. Any tricks to prevent this?
  21. Well now the lag is fixed, thank you very much Mschoeldgen, the view distance was set really high (accidently must have added a new 0). Does anybody think the jungle is to much? Before i edit the value and have to redo the lightmaps?
  22. I tried looking all in the bf2 files for standalone server launcher and dedicated server launcher. But, i can't seem to find where to add in a new game mode. I tried launching the map (which oddly showed up in gpm_cq) but it just crashed without any message. Is this a problem with the server launcher then? I have added my new game mode into the .desc and placed appropriate gameplayobjects.con there. It works when i create a local game, but no one can join the new game mode. Edit: I managed to launch my new game mode though target commands on the stand alone server. I made mulitple maps in the maplist.con but none of my gamemode work when i look for local games. It only works if i change the game mode to gpm_cq. Note: The ONLY way i can join the current gamemode is to start a gamemode as CQ and then change it using the server launcher via admin.runnext level, there seems to be no other way to start it in my new gamemode.
  23. I rendered terrain lightmaps yesterday, but I think i went overboard with the overgrowth lol, should have fixed that before lightmapping, it is intensly laggy. Im guessing N. Carolina trees are found in XPAK2. Does undergrowth get lightmapped? I didn't notice any shadows from the grass i put in
  24. Testing jungle like overgrowth. At the moment it is all the palm trees (1,2,3 cluster) and the short palm trees with tropical plants as one. But... I can't seem to get the deep dense jungle look found in this picture. Im not sure what plants those are, or where they are found (overgrowth or undergrowth?) I tried looking at undergrowth, but appart from rubish, grass kelp and seeweed i couldn't find anything good. Any good overgrowth suggestions?
  25. IE wall hax . But will the 2142 weapons work in bf2? Some parts of the code, especially sentry guns and walkers don't seem to work
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